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Longing for Another Kiss


I haven’t seen her precious, smiling face in such a very long while.
Because of that I set out and drive the long and winding miles.

To be with her once again and hold her in my arms.
To lay with her tonight, protecting her from harm.

We turn off the lights and then give our kiss good night.
She then turns away and snuggles in my arms and I wonder if we just might…

Kiss again this night and make it last for hours.
God knows I’ve missed her soft, sweet lips, kissing the air is just so sour.

The longing, wanting passion grows deep as I hold her lovingly.
As I feel her heartbeat through me, she then slowly turns toward me suddenly.

My eyes in hers, her eyes in mine, yet I wonder what she is thinking.
We make love in each other’s eyes, so passionate neither of us is blinking.

Our noses so close they touch and our lips not far away.
As we lay there gently embracing, I wonder if I may

Kiss those lips ever so softly, tenderly and gently.
I rub my nose to the side of hers, I wonder if she’ll let me.

Our lips are ever so close now, open and wet with anticipation.
We then come together and our lips passionately embrace, no longer any hesitation.

As in a hug, our lips do not move, just embrace and enjoy the others’ touch.
No matter how many times I kiss, my lips always miss this so much.

~~~by Michael J. Yore — February 27th, 1998~~~

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[Published in the Purdue University Exponent (school paper) Spring 1999 Literary Edition]

Cherish their first glance, first smile, first warm hug, first innocent kiss.
Cherish being apart for the first time, when it’s just seeing and being with them that you miss.

Cherish that feeling you get inside every time you see their smiling face.
Cherish every touch, every kiss and every caring embrace.

Cherish the touch and comfort of your hand in theirs.
Cherish the glances, the ‘looks’ and the long, loving stares.

Cherish the cuddling, the hugs and the tender kisses goodnight.
Cherish missing them already as you watch them until they are out of sight.

Cherish that smile you see when you first meet again.
Cherish that feeling in your heart, the one that never seems to end.

Cherish the laughter, the tears, the joy and even the pain.
Cherish the excited anticipation of knowing you will see them soon again.

Cherish that look in their eyes, that look only meant for you.
Cherish being nervous around them, never knowing what to say or do.

Cherish being there when they’re in pain, being the one they come to when they need someone most.
Cherish being their shoulder to cry on, being able to hold them close.

Cherish opening your eyes to the morning and they’re the first thing you see, sleeping so soundly.
Cherish the moment they finally awaken and open their eyes and look back at you fondly.

Cherish falling asleep holding them with the feelings of warmth, safety and contentness.
Cherish their early morning ‘grogginess,’ their first stretch, and their ‘morning breath’ from the day’s good morning kiss.

Cherish every opportunity to kiss them, any place or time of the day.
Cherish the cuddling, the making out, the sweet little surprises, and the ‘foreplay.’

Cherish the nights alone cuddling, watching movies, just the two of you.
Cherish slow dancing in candlelight, making love to sweet music, a passionate midnight rendezvous.

Cherish long passionate kisses, nibbles on the ear and neck.
Cherish touching, rubbing, massaging and even kissing every inch of their back.

Cherish long walks, holding hands, through the park or long peaceful drives together in the country.
Cherish just staring deeply into their eyes, all the while ‘loving you loving me.’

Cherish all the good times when you both act so silly.
When you laughed, played, tickled and gave playfull kisses on their belly.

Cherish telling them you love them and knowing it has so much more meaning than that.
Cherish the feeling you get knowing they truly, deeply mean it when they say it back.

Cherish playing in the leaves, making angels in the snow and acting like kids again in the playground.
All the things that make you appreciate the loving friend you have found.

Cherish this now as these times and emotions are so very true and real.
Cherish them deeply or they will soon turn to just distant memories that you feel.

~~~by Michael J. Yore — February 26th, 1998~~~

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