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I Remember…

~~~~~”I REMEMBER…”~~~~~

I remember that night laying in the field
Under the stars just the two of us together
So relaxing and peaceful
Seemed like it was just us and the universe above

I remember that evening we spent together
We just walked and talked as she showed me a world I never knew
She showed me her world, her campus and life
And we enjoyed each other’s company

I remember us both smiling and laughing
Nothin mattered this night as we were both so comfortable
There were no parents, no bills, no homework, no worries
It was just the two of us

I remember when she first put her arm in mine
She made fun of my ‘small elbows’ and smiled
My heart and body tingled and brought a smile to my face
She was totally comfortable with me and for the first time, I was as well

I remember then laying in the grassy field
The blades feeling more like soft feathers
The sky so clear and bright
And her laying just a few inches away

I remember feeling so relaxed, calm, and peaceful
Nothin mattered this night
It didn’t matter that I could not dance or that my hair was not perfect
Only thing that mattered was I was here with her, and she with me

I remember seeing her out of the corner of my eye
She was looking at me with a smile as I looked at the sky
I felt so amazing as she chose to gaze at my face and my eyes
As they were so comfortable gazing off into the night sky

I remember not needing any words
The light that shown in her eyes and the warm smile on her face
Nothing could or needed to be said to make the night any more beautiful
Just the two of us sharing nature

I remember the laughter and the happiness
Her keychain alarm going off as she moved in the grass
I kidded her that she was trying to get the Purdue man jumped on Hoosier campus
She laughed, turned it off, set it aside, and assured me I was safe with her.

I remember the look in her eyes, of happiness and comfort
Never had I been able to put that look in a girl’s eyes
She was so happy to be with me
And I was so happy to be able to make her feel that way

I remember my happiness, peacefulness, and comfort
For the first time I didn’t feel I needed to impress the girl
She was happy with me, the real me
For one night I felt as bright and beautiful and important as the stars above

I remember her eyes, that sparkled just like the stars
I remember her smile, that was as bright as the moon
I remember a night without worry and full of magic
I remember a sight so amazing to see and one equally as beautiful laying next to me

I remember this night as the night I first fell in love
I remember it as the night when the angels first smiled on me from above
I remember the months to follow, the great happiness but leading to enduring pain
But I will remember this night always, and long for it once again.

~~~by Michael J. Yore — June 28th, 1998~~~

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