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Dreaming of You…

Dreaming of you…

Standing at your front door
Waiting for you to answer
Anticipation builds in the cloudy air
Gazing through the screen as you come near
Creaking of the porch as I step aside
Swinging open for a clear view yet
Your figure remains a blur
Sharing pleasantries and a caring embrace
Years since our last seem not to have existed
Indifferent farewells and turning away
And I wake up alone and wondering
after dreaming of you.

Dreaming of you…
In the seats below the movie
Side by side as always
Hands embraced together, fingers intertwined
A glance aside; now a passionate gaze
Our lips no longer parted
A sweet kiss ignites passionate kissing
The atmosphere changes to love
Now laying with you our bodies mingle
The most passionate kisses that I can ever remember
Caressing your soft skin
Our tongues dance together
The passion of your mouth and heart
Encompasses me
And I wake up alone and wanting
after dreaming of you.

Dreaming of you…
Standing in my kitchen
Your sweet, loving smile has returned
You bring notes of lost love and cherished moments
What you have missed and always held dear
What I ached to hear for years
Your heart spilled out before me
I pray my eyes do not deceive my refilling heart
I turn to find my love renewed
Wishing to rejoin our separated hearts
Renew the fire that had always burned true
But you are gone
My heart is left longing
Now desperately searching for you
And I wake up alone and longing
Searching for the cherished notes and lost love
after dreaming of you.

Dreaming of you…
Clear yet cloudy
Tempting yet taunting
Together yet apart
Loving yet still longing
To be living and loving
Caring and embracing
Kissing and caressing
Yet still I go on
Missing and longing
Wishing and yearning
Wanting and searching
And waking up alone
after dreaming of you.

~~~ Michael J. Yore – September 1999 ~~~

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