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Why Didn’t Radical Islam Terrorize Muslim-killer Saddam?

Okay, so I read on Ed Morrisey’s Captain’s Quarters that the AP has a story telling about one of the London terrorist bombers, who was pissed off about the War in Iraq and that, along with his obsession with Islam and reading the Koran, this led him to blow himself up in the London subway system.

The media just laps this up, because they want to blame everything on President Bush and the War on Terror. However, did anyone ever stop and think about the differences between Pre-2003 Iraq and Post-2003 Iraq?

Pre-2003 Iraq, Saddam was mass murdering Muslims (men, women and children) in his own country. He was also torturing Muslims in his own country for disagreeing with his dictatorship. Yet, did we hear of anyone getting so pissed off about this and deciding to attack Iraq after converting to Islam? Answer: No.

Now we get to post-2003 Iraq and the Coalition forces have liberated millions of innocent Muslims, given them the freedom to form their own government, allowed women and children to go to school and get jobs and have set Iraq on the path to a healthy democracy. Yet, this is a bad thing?

So we have mass murder of Muslims by Saddam: GOOD. Liberating Muslims by America and the Coalition: BAD.

2 + 2 = 4, yet the media can’t figure this out. They just continue on their anti-America, anti-War on Terror, pro-Terrorist mantras.

All other obvious facts aside, someone should ask the Media and the Democrats why terrorists were not suicide bombing Saddam’s Iraq all the years he was mass murdering Muslims and putting them in mass graves all around Iraq as well as torturing Muslims in his torture chambers. I would like to hear the spin they try to put on that, especially since this was mainly happening during the 1990s (Clinton Administration).

Also, the media has a bit of amnesia as it was Mogadishu, Somalia (“Blackhawk Down”) which was one of the starting points of this War on Terror. Terrorist warlords had control of Somalia. Muhammed Farah Aidid was in control of the capital, Mogadishu. He was controlling the humanitarian aid being sent there and taking all the food for himself and starving the people of Somalia. 300,000 starved to death. When the world heard about this, they didn’t hear about warlords and terrorist controlled governments (just like no one hears about that concerning Africa) — they just saw pictures of starving people and children — so the U.N. and America sent aid. Well, the warlords waited patiently until the American troops left and then declared war on the remaining UN “peacekeepers”. They then massacred about 2 dozen Pakistani soldiers.

Upon hearing about how well the “peacekeeping” mission was going, President Bill Clinton decided to send U.S. Special Forces in to find Muhammed Farah Aidid and take him out. U.S. Army Rangers, Delta Force and SOAR teams were sent in. Clinton expected the mission to take 3 weeks. 6 weeks later they still had not been able to find and capture Aidid.

Eventually, the now infamous “Blackhawk Down” mission ocurred. The mission itself was successful. They found and captured a couple of Aidid’s top aides. Only problem was during the extraction, 2 Blackhawk Helicoptors were shot down. The Special Forces now had to divide their attention between the extraction and 2 different Blackhawk crash sites to try to save the wounded and retrieve the dead. (“No one is left behind!” God Bless the military for caring for and respecting their brave men and women this way.) There were only about 50 or so Special Forces troops against hundreds of armed Somalis. As it turned out, we have found out that these Somalis and Aidid were being supported by bin Laden.

After the Somalis killed many of our Special Forces soldiers — including the now infamous pictures of the soldiers’ mangled and torn apart bodies strung up from bridges in Somalia — Clinton pulled the Special Forces team out. Without ever having completed their mission of capturing Aidid. It was that pullout that led bin Laden to label America a “paper tiger” and led him to believe that Americans were not willing to deal with seeing their soldiers get killed, especially in such a gruesome manner.

Lost in all of this is the fact that America went into Somalia to HELP MUSLIMS. Meanwhile terrorist warlords starved 300,000 Muslims to death. Where was the outrage from Islamic converts about that? Why didn’t Islamic terrorists bomb Somalia at the murder of 300,000 Muslims?

The hypocrisy is outrageous, yet the media ignores it and continues on with their mantra that the Iraq War causes terrorism. This is simply atrocious. Anyone with just the basic facts of history knows that this is not true. And knowing history, it is clearly obvious that the media is complicit with the terrorists in this War on Terror. The Democrats and liberals and leftists as well. As such, they are all traitors not just to America, but the entire world, as terrorism is not just aimed at America, but the entire civilized world that does not agree with radical Islam.

Instead of providing basic facts as I have provided here, the media continues to spout propaganda. Simply appalling. The blogosphere needs to continue to get out the facts and to educate people about history, because we know the media will not do it and we know the liberals are controlling the educational system and are rewriting history, so our children will not be learning it in schools or universities. We are in a fight for our survival and the enemy is much more than just radical Islam. It is the media. It is leftists and liberals. It is Democrats. We need to take the fight to all of them.

One more thing. Did we have similar glowing articles written about the people who blew up abortion facilities and killed abortion doctors in the name of Christianity? Talking about how they were so devoted to Christ and how reading the Bible taught them that killing innocent babies was wrong and they became so angry the more they would read about abortion facilities killing more and more innocent babies, that it led them to bomb the facilities and murder abortion doctors? … … … I didn’t think so. I guess the people involved in the Culture of Death all stick together.

DISCLAIMER:  My point is not to approve of people murdering abortion doctors or blowing up abortion facilities (of which I do not approve), but to note the utter hypocrisy and obvious agenda of the media in regards to Islam over Christianity. When people kill in the name of Islam, we must understand their anger and tolerate them. When people want to ban abortion and homosexual marriage because of Christian beliefs, we must call them right-wing Bible thumpers and shout loudly “Separation of Church and State!”. Anyone… ANYONE see the hypocrisy here? Is this annoying anyone else but me? What the f*** is going through the minds of liberals/leftists/media/Democrats that we have gotten to this point where we make excuses for Islam, but demonize Christians?

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