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Please Trust Me, This Love is Worth Our Love

We’ve been through a lot together
You and I
There have been many up and downs
Many joys and many pains

I have filled you with such love during times of joy
But I have filled you with so much hurt during the times of pain

I have asked you to trust me so many times
I have asked you to be strong for me so many times
And each time you did… and you were

Even after all the hurt I put you through
You still were strong
Your trust was always there

I gave your love away, but you never ceased to love

I let others hurt you
and beat you
and crush you
and stab you
and break you

But you stayed with me through it all

Only asking me to build the walls

Please protect me from the pain, you pleaded
Please, I am strong, but I need time to recover

And so I did

After each time I hurt you
I made sure to protect you
From the hurt
From the pain
From them or
From me?

Each time I built them

I did not want anything to hurt you
For you are my most valued
You are my most cherished
You are my most trusted and loved

I took down the walls when I thought you had recovered
I think so much of you
Your strength
Your resilience
Your endurance
Your unending love

You asked me not to
Not again, you pleaded
You are strong, but the scars still burn
Some pain never goes away
Some will never heal

I told you this time it would be different
This time it is different

You trust me and love me like no other
You muster your strength once again

The walls come down
No longer safe
But it is the only way to experience the miracle
Another’s love

Please take the chance with me, I say
I’m scared, you cry
I tell you that I am too
We can do it together
You and I

But again, I have failed you
Again, I have hurt you
You break once again
You bleed once again
You struggle for strength
for joy
for happiness
for Love
Once again

I hurry to care for you
Cradle you to me
Gently, carefully
try to heal you
and put you back behind your walls to proect you
Once again

And the cycle continues

Each time you grow more weary
Each time you have more scars
Each time you lose more love
Each time you take more time to recover
Part of you never completely recovers

Yet here you are again, safe behind your walls
Safe from the pain and the hurt
But prohibited from another’s love
to make you whole again

And here I am again
Asking you
To trust me

You beg me not to take down the walls
You cannot bear the aching
The burning
The longing
The crying
The breaking
The scars from each

You don’t think it is worth it

But it is, I say
Can you not feel it?
Around you
Through the walls
Can you taste it?
Can you dream it?
Can you imagine it?

It is there
It is real

That part of you that you can never seem to fill
This will fill it
This is what it was meant for

It will make you whole
It will make you


Trust me, I plead

Oh my heart, please trust me
This Love is worth
Our Love

~~~By Michael J. Yore – August 23, 2006~~~

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Today I needed
Today I longed for
Today I wanted
Today I craved
Today I desired
Today I yearned for
Today I just wanted to be near


The emotions of the day
The stresses of the day
The expectations of the day

All served to drain me
All served to weaken me
All served to make me think of


The thought of

Your arms around me
Your hands relieving the tension
Up and down my back

My arms around you
Pulling you to me
To feel
Your Love
Your Heartbeat
Your Tenderness

I feel

Your arms console me
Your hands tenderly calm me
Your hair along your back
Between my fingers
Your shoulder underneath my chin
Your cheek next to mine

Your embrace

It is just a moment
A small moment
After a long day

But during this moment
I get lost
In you

Your Embrace
Your Hair
Your Heartbeat
For me

And everything else goes away

This moment was meant for


~~~By Michael J. Yore – August 23, 2006~~~

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