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Take Your Utopic F***ing BS and Stuff It

With the exception of the tool calling himself “Dan of Steele”, there are some great comments being left in the blog post to which I linked at Blackfive by Mr. Wolf, “I Hate to Say I Told You So…”

The following are two of my favorites by Huntress and devildog6771.

Dan of Steele – as some one who speaks fluent arabic, and whose parents were both born in Egypt your utopian perspective on the arab man on the street speaks volumes to how little you truly understand both the arab mentality, and existential struggle we face.

CNN ran a frightening investigative report on Londonistan.. how London has become a breeding ground for radical islam. This enemy doesn’t care how long it takes and what means are employed to turn the UK and the entire West into a muslim theocracy. FULL STOP.

In the months I spent in the M.E, the arabs I overheard speaking in cafes — unsuspecting that a non arab white chick could understand them — didn’t speak of families and children and education — they spoke of hating their leaders who are in bed with American Presidents and of hating democracy — of hating Israel, all jews, coptic christians who lived among them, hating american arrogance and american liberals who they considered to be cowards and who they despised for their liberal attitudes about gays, sex, drugs, music, and their rampant secularism. They spoke of how American pretended to be strong yet did nothing when their embassies were bombed and when the USS Cole, and the barracks in Beirut were attacked… they believed America and Americans to be feckless.

That, Dan, is what the average arab on the street spoke about in Egypt.. in Saudi Arabia… and in Jordan. All countries friendly to Israel and to America. They spoke of the day when America would come to its knees, and when whatever brand of Islam they practiced would rise to take over the west.

By the way.. while my parents lived in Egypt — the arabs said the same thing about the British… once the arabs emerged from the madrasas every Friday nite… they’d start rioting in the streets… no doubt inspired by the same rhetoric and hatred that the mullahs preached then as they do now..

So take your fucking utopic bullshit… and stuff it.

As for The Catholic Workers group they campaign for non violence, actively protest wars, and the unequal distribution of wealth globally.

The NCC is a left wing organization that has lent support to Marxist regimes and harbour a biased policy towards Cuba, they support Fidel Castro, while they remain completely silent towards political and religious prisoners in countries with left-leaning and totalitarian leadership.  In the 50s and 60’s they were exposed for funding Marxist guerilla movements responsible for killing non-combatants, including Christian missionaries.

Veterans for Peace have provided support to Cindy Sheehan – and sent letters to the House and Senate asking for the Impeachment of President Bush based on “this administration’s war on Iraq, in addition to being increasingly unpopular among Americans, is an unmistakable violation of our Constitution and federal law which you have sworn to uphold.  In our system, the remedy for such high crimes is clear: this administration must be impeached.”

Just like the rest of those fools protesting today, they ignored that fact that the military actions in Iraq were approved by both houses …something to do with violations of UN resolutions… a point they can’t seem to grasp.  Basically they have opposed US military action anywhere in the world …but seem to have no problem with terrorists beheading americans, innocent civilians, blowing up kids, and called for restraint in the aftermath of 9/11.

I have to wonder if they would have called for restraint in the aftermath of the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

And as for your comment about the concern that my fellow Hollywood denizens harbour towards wounded soldiers and towards VietNam vets — one Thanksgiving weekend, when I didn’t return home to be with my family, I ended up serving lunch to the homeless.  After several hours I was allowed to wander about and do as I please.  I ended up at a table where four guys sat alone.  I asked if I could join them.  They smiled, stood up, and said yes.  (Such gentlemen, blew me away, no one stands up anymore for a lady) I joined them, and started with the usual introductions and pleasantries.  I noticed one guy had a baseball cap that had the unit and platoon ensignia on it, and asked about it.  It was then that I found out that ALL FOUR of these guys had served in Nam!  I was blown away.  Four vets serve our country…. albeit in a war that perhaps should never have happened ….and they are homeless?!!!!????

Politics aside… that ANYONE who served for our country should now be desititute in a country as rich as ours sickened me!  Hell it ANGERED me!!!  I asked if we could talk about their experiences in Nam, and their experiences upon returning.  And they were cool about that… offering up alot of details.

Not only did I pay for them to visit DC and see the Vietnam Memorial.  They were homeless because they could not find employment upon returning from Nam, they couldn’t get the medical attention they needed, they couldn’t find help to deal with their PTS, they were spat on, tormented, called baby killers, and treated with contempt.

The ACLU today demands that terrorists receive the consideration american citizens receive under the constitution… even though these terrorists want to destroy America and do not want to abide by any of our liberities granted to us in the Constitution…  but the ACLU never came the aid of these vets!

When I tried to rally support among the Hollywood community to aid these guys and all Vietnam vets….. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE – not Hanoi Jane, not Oliver Stone, not Donald Sutherland, not Susan, and Sean, Tim, and George… none of these people gave a rats ass!

As for people who drink from the kool aid – the only ones who do so are those marching on the Hill today.  I have to wonder when those terrorist supporting, jihad loving, communists will start to march in the streets of Tehran asking the Mullahs and President IMAJIHADIST to allow the Iranians the same freedoms the members of these organisations marching on the Hill today are priviliged to enjoy.  I wonder what day the will apologise to those Vets who served in Nam for the shit they put them through, I wonder what day they will march into Cuba and demand the release of all those jailed for speaking against Castro, and I wonder what day they will march in the streets of the arab theocracies and demand that they stop kidnapping, torturing and beheading American soldiers, innocent civilian and children.

They only embrace American freedoms as a means to spew hatred about this country, and demean and devalue the very country they live in, while embracing the communist and totalarian gov’ts that deny freedom to every one else.

And they say smoking pot doesnt harm the brain?


I have repeatedly written about this on my blog.  I have shown the organizational charts, the relationships to communists organizations in America, the activities abroad with the commmunists leaders and groups, and, worse yet, the take over of the Democratic Party by these same people.  That is all the progressive caucus is all about.  They are affiliated with DSA.  In the late 90’s they changed their website because a Washington reporter caught the connection and did an exposee the was quietly moved to a back page.  They each set up their own site as a result and removed all signs of affiliation.

George Soros, Ickes and Hillary formed the Shadow party with the seven sisters.  MoveOn.Org is one of them.  Jane Fonda is the third highest contributor.  Most of this was set up as the McCain-Fiengold Act was being pushed through Congress.  They knew the 527 loophole would exist.  They control the Democratic party because their 527’s have the money.  One member of even got quoted saying we paid for the party now it is ours!

It is and has been their goal to have a candidate in the 2008 race since the fall of the old USSR.  It is their stated goal to establish a new “mother Russia” right here in America.  But they want to make sure it succeeds by “fixing” what made the USSR fail.

So, how do they plan to do this?  First alter their ideology and doctrine by changing the word usage to words like progressive and politically correct.  Their ideology itself hasn’t changed, just how they verbalize it. The reason for that is after they got the VietNam pullout they quickly lost momemtum.  People paid more attention to what they were really proposing.  They use a two point approach.  They form groups locally like “friends of families [an example only], get involved in churches, unions, community activities, etc. to draw in the middle class.  At the same time have those capable become judges, lawyers, politicians so that when you get the middle class infiltration set and the “churn” begins, the middle class begins to feel someone is fighting for them.  The minorities have already been garnered but they know that even with all the minority votes they have to have the middle America on board.

But this started before VietNam when the ACLU got the Smith Act declared un-constitutional.  You can google the top most important ACLU SupremeCourt cases and see what others they got changed or put aside.  ANSWER, NION, and UFPJ are the three main umbrella groups under the old Communist party which has changed its name several times, splintered, etc. and the CPUSA.  Many of Bush’s most outspoken Democratic critics are members of these groups.  Do a little research and you will find they all have the same address at the top.  I believe they in the same office with Ramsey Clark.

Locally these activists go out and door to door especially at election time.  The politicians, the Progressive caucus, and supporting politicians harp on what is wrong until we believe it, true or not.  Say it often enough and people believe it.  Organize rallies all over the country.  Bus in your people and soon it looks like the whole country supports them.

It worked during Viet Nam. The SDS was nothing more than a communist org. of college students.  They were the lead up to the weather underground.  There was also the Black Panthers.  I remember all these people mentioned here, except maybe the hollywood types whose names have changed.  Their goal is “revolution” and the destruction of our way of life and our Constitution, Cagen is in the most hard nosed group with Tom Hayden, Danial Barrigan, Chomsky, Medina Jane Fonda, John Kerry.  I remember them all.  Now the shocker.  Hillary is in the next lower tier.

Her mentor as a beginning lay student was a hard nosed leftist.  She was on the committeee that gathered the material for the Special Prosecutor who impeached Nixon.  She illegally obtained documents which was kept quiet.  The man who served in that capacity was a close friend of Kennedy and a former business colleague as were “all” the members of his team.  Kennedy selected, or hand picked from former staffers and collegues the members of that team.  Kennedy single handedly engineered that whole scandlal, the break in but the following sequence of events.  He made sure it was kept alive.  He built it up to be far more than it really was.  It was part of his goal to pull the troops from Vietnam and cut the funds to Vietnam and Cambodia.  2-3 million were massecered as a result of his actions.

The anit-war movement was organized by the same people or organizations, plus their new front groups as the ones protesting now.  By going all over the country they apply a principle that was used in one of the old communist countries to overthrow the government.  The principile was based on using a small minority of people to start a revolution to overthrow a government by making it look like the whole country supported them.  They believed that small group could go around the country spreading complaining about the government and its leader and then telling them what “was wrong” and then spreading their ideas of how to fix it over and over all over the country, they would finally begin to draw people in because they stopped believing what they saw and started believing whst they heard.  It WORKED!

The same principle was used to get troops out of Vietnam.  It isn’t that they are against the war.  It is a tool.  Capitolizing on people’s emotions.  In the 60’s and 70’s they also used the civil rights movement, the women’s movement, and the war and what other big issues were on the table then.  Their people joined all these groups, which were, by the way, worthy causes.

Whenever I mention this to people they look at me like I am crazy.  But all the supporting proof is out there in plain site on the internet for anyone who takes the time to look.  Problem is some people will never change their minds no matter what, others just like to be against something.  The rest just can’t accept that all people can’t be tken at face value.  They also hate to be duped.  So they ignore the truth.

I know, because I used to be like them.  Then one day I came across the story about the Progressive Caucus.  I didn’t believe it.  I thought is was politics.  But when I started checking it out I found I was wrong.  I lost a lot of heroes that day.  You might say it was like losing my innocence.  I was angry and felt betrayed.  Then I began to realize I couldn’t be the only dupe.  I wasn’t.  Now, Republican, Demcrat, whatever, I check it all out.  I no longer blindly follow a cause.  I first have to verify facts.

They created a form of mass hysteria, a lot like when you see two people fighting.  Someone else started the fight in the sense that they spread the rumors that led to the confrontation.  Then, when the two go at it, they stood off to the side and stirred up the onlookers.  In a matter of minutes there is a whole scale riot.

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