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The Million Moron March – Make Poop, Not War! (VIDEO)

Okay, well there wasn’t anywhere close to a million, but they are still all morons.  Don’t believe me?  Go here to listen to them speak and actually cheer for the American Taliban traitor John Walker Lindh. 

They “support the troops”, but cheer for our enemies trying to kill them!  Not to mention CODEPINK sending money to the terrorists in Fallujah.  But they “support the troops” remember!  (The enemy’s troops that is…)

Once again, ladies and gentlemen, this is the base of the Democrat Party.

Via Charles Johnson at LGF:  VIDEO: Best of the Moronic Convergence

Here’s a selection of rough clips from today’s tantrum at the National Mall, featuring “progressive” celebrities such as CODEPINK’s Medea Benjamin and a troop of harpies, a British Stop-The-War moonbat who advocates impeaching America’s president, a cheer from the crowd at the mention of American Taliban traitor John Walker Lindh, Sean Penn, Jane Fonda (you didn’t want to hear her talk, did you?), Tim Robbins (chewing up the scenery like a silky poodle on crack), a rapper named “Bedouin” who assures us that “Islam means peace,” and the new anti-war slogan that sums up the whole thing so beautifully, “Just Poop.”

Go Pundit Go has video of the moonbat festivities in San Diego.


January 27, 2007 , 10:37PM - Posted by | Anti-War Groups, Leftist Groups

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