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USMC 03 Curt: American Ignorance of History

I posted this in an update to my blog post about the anti-war blogger not knowing about Jane Fonda.  USMC 03 Curt originally posted this to Caroline’s blog as a comment.  I felt it was too good to get lost in the abyss of a liberal blog and I wanted to give it more prominent attention. 

We need to listen more to people such as Curt who don’t look at war and history through partisan political glasses or through politically correct glasses.  The majority of people who have served in the military and have no political aspirations are some of our greatest resources of understanding history and past wars, as well as understanding the life of people in other countries.  I personally believe that comments like these from military veterans such as Curt are priceless.  Just plain priceless.  If every one of us could simply turn off the TVs, turn off the politicians and sit down for a day with a group of military veterans and get their no-bullshit take on things, I can imagine the support for this war effort would double instantaneously.

Curt, thank you for taking the time to pen (well, type) this.  As I said about the MilBlogs and those who post there, you all are simply an invaluable resource to we civilians trying our best to understand the military, military history and past combats.

I was sent to Iraq the first time during Desert Storm, Then again in 98/99 under Clinton and then OIF, I was even assigned to the Security detail of the Weapons Inspectors in 2003/04. So when I speak of the country I do so as one that has been there more than once, Lived with the people, been to the torture prisons, seen the mass graves, looked at the effects of chemical weapons in the Kurdish north, and got to see the new weapons labs built while under UN sanctions that no one speaks of. So I am not one speaking from my chair without any knowledge of the things that have occured over the last 20 years in that country.When I watch these protest and listen to the people I wonder where they get there information? Granted there may be a smart 8 year old there that is smarter than I am, but does he know what is really occuring over there to form an accurate opinion? Cindy Shehan was so torn up over her sons death that she used his death benifits on a shopping spree for herself, I am sure her new car helped make up for his loss. Jane Fonda didnt learn from her first go around that her actions lead to people getting tortured and killed and yet people believe we should listen to her?  Even if you put young men up there that served a tour in this conflict they are speaking out without knowledge of the occurences there while they where still in grade school. There is so much more that occured over the years that led up to this than what is released to the media or the public.

How many people that go to these things after watching CNN know that there is an abandoned town in Northern Saudi Arabia that they can take a story that an informant has told them and they can go to the lot and use actors to film the story and brodcast it back here as factual news?  I have sat in Kabul and watched American Media brodcast a story of a bombing that killed 35 people and wounded 50 more in Kabul while knowing full well it didnt occur because I was there. I have seen photographers stage pictures, I have seen news agencies bring in actors to create a story and yet the people here buy it all as if the movie mission impossible where factual news.

I am not a Bush fan and I think we went into this war the wrong way, but I do know what has and does occur there in reality so I support the conflict. I wasnt a Clinton fan either but I still went to Somalia and Kosovo and fought when he said even though they wherent approved by the UN or agreed with by the international communty. I just dont remember any of these protestors speaking out against them or even mentioning that we are still in Bosnia 11 years later without anyone screaming for a pull out. I hear them bringing up the Inspectors reports all the time mentioning the findings of no WMD’s but they never say that the reports find he had managed to rebuild his labs even under sanctions. That they found documented proof that he planned to supply terrorist with weapons to attack the US after sanctions where lifted and that the final statement given to Congress by the inspectors is that “After the findings of the comitee it is believed that Iraq posed a greater threat to America that what led to the conflict.”

When it comes to this war it is like people are given the first encyclopidia and speaking like they know what information is contained in all of them. If you want to know what the problem is with this conflict then I will tell you. We are not fighting a War, We are dying for political correctness. After the World Wars there was a General guidlines to warfighting that was established. Anyone crossing those lines could be charged with war crimes. So we go to fight by those rules, yet we dont want to offend anyone, so there are a ton more rules tacked onto us. This is a superbowl game that your home team has to play by the rules with the refs watching them while the other team has free reign. Although if it really occured like that in football then all of you would be screaming your team is being cheated by having to play by all those rules when the other team doesnt and it makes it impossible for your home team to win. But this isnt football, its real life where people die in the game and yet our home fans dont back us like they would if it was football.

You want to protest? Then protest that our Military got sent to play chess and our political correct ways put us in the game without our queen to play with. We all want peace, and no one wants it more than a person thats willing to die for it. But the world isnt one that if we just keep to ourselves then everyone will leave us alone and be nice to us. I have spent 20 years as a Marine, I didnt get shot, stabbed and blown up because I am a warmonger, I did it because I would like those living here to enjoy a peaceful existance. But I am a realist that has seen the world and knows not everyone in it wants the people here to have that. They say Americans have become fat and lazy with lack of excercise and eating habits, but it has also occured in our way of thinking. We have become so complacent in our way of life that we dont realize most of the world doesnt live like we do. I spent a little over 12 of the last 20 years living outside the U.S. and all I can say is I am ashamed of the people here in alot of ways.

WW I was the war that changed the world the most in a historical perspective. It saw the unification of more nations, the downfall of monarchies and the coming of peaceful nations. The Americans didnt want to fight in it, we wherent attacked. It took any excuse Wilson could come up with to get us into it because we where the deciding factor to which side won it. We lost an average of 55 men a day, a day! In a war no one wanted, yet supported once we where in it, and yet it has proven to be what led to most of the peacefull nations of today. Washington was a General that led the Military to crush his Protestors, His Generals spoke out against his Decissions, Congress said he made his Decissions for his own gain and even tried to have him removed from his post. But how do we remember him now? Isnt it funny how history plays out when we support our Home team rather than fight it all the time compared to what has occured since the 50’s when we quit rooting for our own?


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