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Are you an AmeriCAN or an AmeriCAN'T?

What are You?

I am beginning to realize that, with respect to the war effort, we can no longer separate people into groups of liberals vs conservatives.  Not all liberals are against the war effort and not all conservatives support the war effort.

So I think a good way to classify people now is AmeriCANs vs AmeriCANTs.

Granted, this does not include people who are anti-American and are actively rooting for the American military to lose, such as the Communists at CODE PINK and International A.N.S.W.E.R.  And this also does not include people who do not even debate seriously about whether or not the war effort can be won, they simply debate based on their hatred for President George W. Bush and their ignorant dhimmitude.

However, there are many people who seriously debate the war effort, military strategy, troop levels, mistakes made, etc.  I have seen many comments on Military Blogs such as “Bush screwed the pooch and we have no chance now, no matter what we do it’s too late”.  Or something to that effect.

Well, I look back at military history and the history of American involvement in wars, specifically World War II.  The Allies won that war, but it had nothing to do with flawless plans and/or flawless execution or superior talent or superior military equipment.  It had everything to do with effort, determination to win and persistence through setbacks.  The main reason we won those wars is that we were prepared to win at all costs.

The same cannot be said for half the nation, and half of Western Society, today.

The fact is that, with the Rules of Engagement that have been put on our soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the orders to do everything they can, even sacrifice their lives, in order to save innocent civilians, this war has been the most successful in history.  Hell, if we can even call it a war.  Our enemies are sure fighting a war.  We are not.  But even despite that, in 3 years 10 months, we have only lost approximately 3050 soldiers.  That is simply amazing if one puts that in perspective of past wars, the type of “insurgency” war we are fighting and the completely restrictive Rules of Engagement put upon our soldiers.  Despite all this, in almost 4 years time, our soldiers have overthrown Saddam’s dictatorship, captured Saddam, trained tens of thousands of Iraqi soldiers, stabilized 75 percent of the country for civilians, rebuilt hundreds of schools, improved much of the country to better standing than it ever was under the oppression of Saddam Hussein’s rule and made friends with tens of thousands of children who will be the future of Iraq.

That is simply amazing.

Yet, there are people who say we can’t win.

Sorry, this is not “24” where the world’s terrorist problems are solved in 24 hours.  This is not a video game.  This is not a TV series.  This is not a movie in which all problems are solved in 2+ hours.  This is reality.

Those who are honest will see all we have accomplished in almost 4 years and will put it in perspective with the history of the Islamic world and the history of past wars and will know that we can and will succeed.  They are AmeriCANs.

The rest of you who keep griping that we can’t do this and it’s too late for that and no matter what we do we can’t blah blah blah.  Well, you my friends are AmeriCANTs and our ancestors who built this country with the CAN-DO attitude would be ashamed of you.

I am an AmeriCAN.  Are you?

P.S. – For those who are still simply dumbfounded about why I am an AmeriCAN and have so much faith in our military men and women and completely support them and believe they will succeed, just start reading MilBlogs on a daily basis.  THAT is where I get my faith in the military and their success in their mission.  If every American worked even half as hard as they do each and every day, most of this country’s problems would be solved.  We need more AmeriCANs and less AmeriCANTs.

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