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Senator Clinton Tough on Saddam in 2003 with CODE PINK

She actually told the CODE PINK women, on March 6, 2003, that they were wrong and she was right in her assessment of Saddam and that it was necessary to force him out of power. She completely takes responsibility for her vote and bases it on her experience during the Bill Clinton Presidency and 10 years of intelligence information.

Now of course, she has gone back on everything she said then. She is pathetic. As are all the Democrats who came out strongly in favor of taking out Saddam in 2002 and 2003 and now have decided to go back on what they said for solely political purposes. These people are not leaders, they are treasonous scum.

Hillary Clinton’s views on going to war, Saddam, and WMD

Embedding has been disabled so you will have to click on the above link to listen to her strong statements to CODE PINK in 2003.


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