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17-Acre Catholic Cathedral to be Built in Saudi Arabia

Hah, yeah right. You silly infidels. Don’t you know that no Muslim nation allows any non-Muslim religions to exist equally, especially Saudi Arabia, in which it is illegal to possess a Bible?

Here is the real story, via Charles Johnson at LGF: Mega Mosque London 2012

Here’s a good video report on the enormous 17-acre Mega Mosque project planned to open during the 2012 Olympics in London, acting as a forward base for the Al Qaeda-linked Islamist group Tablighi Jamaat.

Oh and guess who is supporting this Mega Mosque? Muslims’ favorite dhimmi mayor of London, “Red Ken” Livingstone.

And if that were not enough, the Muslims are already seething and whining and bitching and moaning about the Olympics happening during their so-called holy month of Ramadan: 10/15/06 08:41 AM: Muslims Seething About Olympics

UK, Britain, London? You have a BIG problem. And it has only been growing while you ignore it with your heads in the sand.

It is only a matter of time before the UK, Britain and London are Islamic. No one there is standing up to the radical Muslim groups who are hell-bent on making Europe Islamic. They do not call it “Londonistan” for nothing.

Here is the description from the YouTube posting:

London Mega Mosque at the 2012 Olympic Site.

A massive mosque that will hold 40,000 worshippers is being proposed beside the Olympic complex in London to be opened in time for the 2012 Games.

The project’s backers hope the mosque and its surrounding buildings would hold a total of 70,000 people, only 10,000 fewer than the Olympic stadium.

Its futuristic design features wind turbines instead of the traditional minarets, while a translucent latticed roof would replace the domes seen on most mosques. The complex is designed to become the “Muslim quarter” for the Games, acting as a hub for Islamic competitors and spectators.

“It will be something never seen before in this country. It is a mosque for the future as part of the British landscape,” said Abdul Khalique, a senior member of Tablighi Jamaat, a worldwide Islamic missionary group that is proposing the mosque as its new UK headquarters.

Tablighi Jamaat has come under scrutiny from western security agencies since 9/11. Two years ago, according to The New York Times, a senior FBI anti-terrorism official claimed it was a recruiting ground for Al-Qaeda. British police investigated a report that Mohammad Sidique Khan, leader of the July 7 London bombers, had attended its present headquarters in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. In August, Bavaria expelled three members of the organisation on the grounds that it promoted Islamic extremism.

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The Double-Speak of Muslims

Charles Johnson at LGF posts about the Muslim Students’ Association at UC Davis and their attack on former terrorist Muslim and convert to Christianity, Walid Shoebat. They are calling on the FBI to investigate and deport him. While that is not something too radical, as I would like places like the MSA itself along with C.A.I.R. and its members investigated, convicted and deported, this is what struck me: the blatant lies and double-speak from these Muslim groups which is typical. And this is how they get away with having ignorant, foolish, naive dhimmi liberals/progressives/leftists fall for their lies and defend them.

First, here is the statement given by the UC Davis MSA:

In a statement, the MSA at UC Davis said:

“We repudiate and unequivocally condemn terrorism, as a grave and serious crime that should be punished in the strictest means possible. We are concerned that a self-confessed ‘ex-terrorist’ is walking freely in the country, simply because he has converted to Christianity and supports this country’s policies towards Israel. We call upon the FBI and DHW to investigate the claims regarding Shoebat’s violent past and to see whether he disclosed this information when applying for his citizenship.

We also condemn the intentionally Islamophobic and erroneous association of Islam and violence that will result from the fear-mongering employed in the event’s advertisements. We ask fellow students and community members to study the facts about Islam and reject hate-speech and propaganda.”

Sounds nice right? They “condemn terrorism”! Well, not so fast. Here are the facts about the Muslim Students’ Association, which has groups at college campuses all across America and Canada:

Established in January 1963 at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, the Muslim Students’ Association of the United States and Canada, or MSA (also known as MSA National) currently has chapters on some 150 college campuses across North America. (The relationship between MSA National and the individual university chapters is not a fixed hierarchy, but rather a loose connection. Thus the policies and views of the national organization may differ from those of some of the local chapters.)

MSA’s mission is “to serve the best interest of Islam and Muslims in the United States and Canada so as to enable them to practice Islam as a complete way of life.” Offshoots of MSA include the Islamic Medical Association, the Muslim Arab Youth Association, the Association of Muslim Social Scientists, the Islamic Circle of North America, and the Islamic Society of North America. According to author and Islam expert Stephen Schwartz, MSA is a key lobbying organization for the Wahhabi sect of Islam. From its inception, MSA had close links with the extremist Muslim World League, whose chapters’ websites have featured not only Osama bin Laden’s propaganda, but also publicity-recruiting campaigns for Wahhabi subversion of the Chechen struggle in Russia. MSA solicited donations for the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, whose assets the U.S. government seized in December 2001 because that organization was giving financial support to the terrorist group Hamas. MSA also has strong ties to the World Assembly of Muslim Youth.

Charging that U.S. foreign policy is driven by militaristic imperialism, MSA steadfastly
opposes the American military incursions into both Afghanistan and Iraq. The organization is also harshly critical of Israel’s allegedly oppressive policies vis a vis the Palestinian people residing in the West Bank and Gaza. In MSA’s view, for example, the anti-terrorist security fence that Israel has built in the West Bank is an illegal “apartheid wall” that violates the civil and human rights of Palestinians.

An influential member of International ANSWER’s steering committee, MSA maintains a large presence at ANSWER-sponsored demonstrations. By supporting ANSWER, MSA tacitly endorses the agendas of the Marxist-Leninist Workers World Party which dominates ANSWER. At a March 15, 2003 anti-war rally in San Francisco, MSA representatives manned several booths where they displayed and distributed anti-Israel publications, banners, and placards. Many of these items contained the word “Israel” with the “s” replaced by a swastika; others likened a swastika to the Star of David.

Local chapters of MSA were signatories to a February 20, 2002 document, composed by the radical group Refuse & Resist (a creation of the Revolutionary Communist Party‘s C. Clark Kissinger), condemning military tribunals and the detention of immigrants apprehended in connection with post-9/11 terrorism investigations. The document read, in part: “[T]hey [the U.S. government] are coming for the Arab, Muslim and South Asian immigrants. … The recent ‘disappearances,’ indefinite detention, the round-ups, the secret military tribunals, the denial of legal representation, evidence kept a secret from the accused, the denial of any due process for Arab, Muslim, South Asians and others, have chilling similarities to a police state.”

MSA strongly opposes the Patriot Act, which it describes as an infamous piece of legislation. The organization’s chapters across the United States have similarly denounced virtually every other national security initiative implemented by the U.S. government since the 9/11 attacks.

MSA chose not to endorse or participate in the May 14, 2005 Free Muslims March Against Terror,” an event whose stated purpose was to “send a message to the terrorists and extremists that their days are numbered … [and to send] a message to the people of the Middle East, the Muslim world and all people who seek freedom, democracy and peaceful coexistence that we support them.”

MSA’s President as of September 2006 was Mohamed Sheibani, a fourth-year student attending the University of Ottawa; from 2003-2004, he served as President of the Muslim Youth of Ottawa.

Noteworthy news items related to MSA include the following:

  • On October 22, 2000, Ahmed Shama, President of the UCLA Muslim Students’ Association, led a crowd of demonstrators at the Israeli consulate in chants of “Death to Israel!” and “Death to the Jews!” One guest speaker at the event was Hamid Ayloush, a member of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which co-sponsored the rally. In his speech, Ayloush solicited contributions for the aforementioned Holy Land Foundation.
  • At a January 21, 2001 MSA event, guest speaker Imam Musa declared: “If you were to say that the Soviet Union [would be] wiped off the face of the earth … people would have thought you were crazy, right? The people of Afghanistan didn’t have the intellect or historical knowledge to know that they wasn’t supposed to wipe out the Soviet Union, is that right? … We saw the fall of one so-called superpower; Old Sam [the U.S.] is next.”
  • MSA members at UCLA raised money for Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists at their annual “Anti-Zionist Week.”
  • In March 2003, speaker Muammad Faheed told an MSA meeting at Queensborough Community College in New York, “The only relationship you should have with America is to topple it!”
  • At its Annual Conference in 2003, the Iowa Muslim Student Association invited, as a guest speaker, CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad, who had told a college audience in 1994, “I am a supporter of the Hamas movement.”
  • The University of Southern California MSA invited Taliban ambassador Sayyid Hashimi to speak on campus six months before 9/11.
  • MSA at California State University Northridge held a fundraiser for Islamic Relief, an organization that received a $50,000 contribution from a front group run by Osama bin Laden.
  • In 2002, James Madison University’s MSA sponsored a “Jihad” panel that included Dr. Abdulrahman Hijazi, who had once extolled an Islamic suicide bomber as a “martyr” whose “hope of having the mercy of Allah … by one of the greatest good deeds, which is jihad, was more attractive to him than by being happy with his wife at home.”
  • In 2003, University of Idaho MSA President Sami Omar Al-Hussayen was ordered deported because he worked for the Islamic Assembly of North America, which has ties to al Qaeda. While on campus, he had sought access to a chemical lab containing nuclear material.
  • In October 2003, MSA invited Bill Baker, the onetime chairman of the neo-Nazi Populist Party, to speak at the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University on the similarities between Christianity and Islam. According to MSA, Baker’s racist affiliations were “irrelevant.”

A notable former member of MSA is Asan Akbar, an American Muslim extremist who attended the MSA-controlled student mosque at the University of California, Davis. After college, Akbar joined the U.S. Army. In the early hours of March 23, 2003, he intentionally detonated a grenade amidst sleeping members of his 1st Brigade of the 101st Airborne Division stationed in Kuwait — killing two and wounding fifteen. Not long before this incident, Akbar, who had been reprimanded for insubordination, reportedly had told his mother that he felt the military was persecuting him because he was a Muslim.

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What Does it Mean to Call a U.S. Soldier a Mercenary?

I have made a few posts about the American leftists/liberals/progressives deciding to declare “war” on the members of the U.S. military. Those posts are here:

Liberal/Progressive/Left Americans Support Military-Hating William Arkin

It’s Official: Liberals Have Gone to War… Against the U.S. Military (UPDATED!)

Arkin to U.S. Soldiers: You’re Arrogant and Ignorant

A common practice of liberals, leftists and progressives (and some on the “right” as well) is to use rhetoric to describe that which they do not like, or with which they do not agree, which is very inflammatory and plays on the emotions of the ignorant. Examples of this would be using the terms fascists, fascism, Nazis, Nazism, Hitler, torturers, genocide, etc. When an audience, whether a reader of an article or a person listening to a speech or news broadcast, hears these terms, they immediately think of very bad and evil things from history. The natural reaction is to think “oh my gosh, what they’re doing is like Hitler/Nazis?!” And that is exactly the reaction the people who throw out these terms and use this rhetoric want you to have.

The problem is that rarely, if ever, is this rhetoric used properly and rarely, if ever, do the people using this rhetoric even understand the terms themselves! Almost always it is used in order to prey upon the ignorant, uninformed and easily fooled.

A prime example of that was recently when William Arkin called our U.S. soldiers “mercenaries”. I doubt many Americans even know what is a “mercenary” and why it is such an inflammatory insult to the members of the military. As Grim at Blackfive notes, it is the equivalent of saying that the members of the U.S. military are terrorists. As I noted in my posts to which I linked above, the most popular “mainstream” liberal/progressive/leftist blog on the internet agrees with William Arkin’s assessment of the U.S. military. This tells me that a majority of the American Left truely believe that members of the U.S. military are terrorists or just as bad as the terrorists.

If you want to know why we are struggling in the war effort, it is because half of our country sees moral equivalency between what the terrorists do and what our U.S. military does and thinks that we are no better than the terrorists.

To learn the facts about what is a “mercenary” and why our soldiers are not mercenaries, read Grim’s post at Blackfive: “Mercenaries”

What does it mean to say that a US soldier is a “mercenary”?

Mercenary isn’t just an adjective. In the context of war, it has a specific legal meaning. That meaning is established in the Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 1949:

A mercenary is any person who:

(a) Is specially recruited locally or abroad in order to fight in an armed conflict;

(b) Does, in fact, take a direct part in the hostilities;

(c) Is motivated to take part in the hostilities essentially by the desire for private gain and, in fact, is promised, by or on behalf of a Party to the conflict, material compensation substantially in excess of that promised or paid to combatants of similar ranks and functions in the armed forces of that Party;

(d) Is neither a national of a Party to the conflict nor a resident of territory controlled by a Party to the conflict;

(e) Is not a member of the armed forces of a Party to the conflict; and

(f) Has not been sent by a State which is not a Party to the conflict on official duty as a member of its armed forces.

So, the first thing to say about Arkin and the Kos kids is that they’re just wrong.

The second thing to say is this: the Conventions provide consequences to being a mercenary. A mercenary is a form of unlawful combatant, like a terrorist who fights without uniform.

The consequences are spelled out:

A mercenary shall not have the right to be a combatant or a prisoner of war.

So, to say that US soldiers are “mercenaries” is to make a moral as well as a legal claim. The moral claim is that they are no better than the terrorists. It is to claim that the insurgent is right simply to shoot a US soldier if he should capture one. It is to claim that our soldiers deserve no better.

“Screw them,” more or less.

The legal claim is flatly wrong. The moral claim is worse. The Coalition soldiers and the Iraqi forces they’ve trained are the only parties in the conflict who uphold the Geneva Conventions. They are the one side who has sought to defend the idea that there is an honorable way to conduct a war, and that morality isn’t to be set aside just because you take up arms.

And no, I don’t want to hear about how ‘Bush has blah-blah-blah with the rule of law.’ The President is not the military. Whatever your opinion of the Bush administration, it should be noted that LCDR Charles Swift was the man who went to the Supreme Court in defense of the expansive reading of the Conventions, and in defiance of the administration, and who won there.

The Geneva Conventions have no greater defender than the US Military. Those who care about limiting the horrors of war owe that military their thanks and friendship, as well as their support. There is no excuse for slandering them in this way.

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Islamic Terrorists Plan Beheadings and Beslan-Style Siege for Britain

The more the Brits bend over and grab the ankles to every demand by Muslim groups in Britain/UK/London, the more the Muslim terrorists decide to attack them and make Britain/UK/London ruled by Islamic law. If people do not wake up, it is just a matter of time before Britain/UK/London and the rest of Europe fall to Islam.

Oh yeah, and keep in mind while reading this that liberals/leftists/progressives/Democrats/Democrat-voters only care to criticize President Bush, Christians, Conservatives and the U.S. Military. They have no criticism for Muslims, Islam or Islamic terrorists. They also say that these warnings about terrorist attacks are simply scare-tactics by the government to gin up support of a failed war effort. The same people who said we failed to connect the dots, now cry foul when we are connecting the dots of the Islamic worldwide jihad. But hey! They “support the troops”! And we shouldn’t dare question their patriotism! Uh huh.

Via AllahPundit at HotAir: Good news: UK commandos preparing for British Beslan

For those of you who don’t remember the 2004 Beslan massacre of school children by Islamic terrorists, you can view the horrible details here. Also see here:

Remembering the Beslan Massacre

Russia’s 9/11
Yet another reason not to trust the NYTimes
Progress at the NYTimes

Update: The victims of Beslan
Beslan: Never forget
The children of Beslan

Islamist terrorism in Russia

The butcher of Beslan is dead

The word’s come down from AQ management to its blue collars in Britain: start cutting off heads.

Islamic terror cells in Britain have been instructed to carry out a series of kidnappings and beheadings of the kind allegedly planned by the nine terrorist suspects arrested in Birmingham last week.

The “strategic” assassination instruction was issued by Al-Qaeda’s leaders in Pakistan and Iraq to dozens of their followers in this country. It was uncovered by MI5 last autumn, senior security sources say…

The revelation explains the recent deployment of a permanent SAS unit to London. The unit has been placed on 24-hour standby to respond to a terrorist attack in the capital.

SAS is Britain’s special forces. And it’s not just beheadings for which they’re on standby:

The intelligence services fear that Britain could be subject to a Beslan-style siege, with multiple hostages forced to plead for their lives on camera.

Whitehall sources have said that the threat is considered so credible that MI5, the police and the SAS have conducted at least two mock counter-terrorism exercises to work out how to deal with such an eventuality.

The last exercise, shortly before Christmas, took place at an RAF base near Chester. Five police forces were involved in an operation that envisaged an international conference being stormed by terrorists, who then held a group of children hostage in a creche wired with explosives.

The Times of London has new details about the alleged cell that was pinched earlier this week; apparently the cops moved in after one of the suspects was spotted buying a video camera. More than one of them has been linked to a mosque in Birmingham which, by the admission of one of its own officials, is a center for Tablighi Jamaat — a group linked to two of the London bombers and regarded by western intel as a “conveyor belt to Al Qaeda.” Can you guess which group is spearheading the drive to build that mega-mosque in the east end that would seat up to 70,000 Muslims? Oh hells yeah.

All in all, says the Telegraph, MI5 has disrupted 12 separate terrorist plots in the past year and a half — twice as many as was previously thought before, for an average of one every six weeks. Total arrests made in the heretofore undisclosed plots: zero.

The Telegraph’s also got tasty heart-ache fodder tonight in a story about the Joint Support Group, a team of British military superspies that cut its teeth turning IRA agents into British informants in ulster and is now busy reprogramming jihadis in Baghdad. I’m a wee bit suspicious that we’re only first hearing about them now, as Blair considers withdrawing part of the country’s forces from Basra, but it’s a good read even if it’s not technically, you know, true.

Working alongside the Special Air Service and the American Delta Force as part of the Baghdad-based counter-terrorist unit known as Task Force Black, they have supplied intelligence that has saved hundreds of lives and resulted in some of the most notable successes against the myriad terror groups fighting in Iraq. Only last week, intelligence from the JSG is understood to have led to a series of successful operations against Sunni militia groups in southern Baghdad…

The killing of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq up until his death in June last year, followed intelligence obtained by the JSG, as did the rescue of the kidnapped peace campaigner, Norman Kember…

Candidates who get through pre-selection then spend the next four months at the Intelligence Corps headquarters at Chicksands, Bedfordshire, being taught driving and close-quarter battle skills – operators must be capable of using a wide variety of weapons but must be expert shots with a pistol…

With so many Iraqis entering the zone every day, those who want to pass on information can do so with a certain amount of anonymity. But a risk still remains. All potential agents are warned that anyone suspected of being a coalition spy will be tortured before being murdered. If he is married, his wife will be gang-raped in front of their children, who will in all probability also be murdered, they are told.

Sixty years ago, there’d already have been a movie made about them with Laurence Olivier in the starring role.

Exit question: What’ll destroy the UK first — terrorism, bird flu, Iranian nukes, or those dreadful melting glaciers?

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Liberal/Progressive/Left Americans Support Military-Hating William Arkin


UPDATE I: Matt at Blackfive calls a douchebag a douchebag: A Bigger Dumbass Than Arkin

Did you actually have mental reservations about your oathes?

I really wonder what the men and women that served in your command would think that you consider them mercenaries. You and Kos should know better than most people that some of our soldiers survive below the poverty level. Do you REALLY believe that Corporal Snuffy is a merc?!

So, why the attack as mercenaries?

Because you are a political mercenary, that’s why.

Sell out.


I have posted twice about military-hating Washington Post journalist William Arkin. You can read those posts here:

It’s Official: Liberals Have Gone to War… Against the U.S. Military (UPDATED!)

Arkin to U.S. Soldiers: You’re Arrogant and Ignorant

I also posted about the Communist-group-led protest held in Washington D.C. last weekend.

Protestors for Peace? My Ass (VIDEO)

In that post, I used a broad brush in declaring that the views of those at the protest were held by most, if not all, liberals/progressives/leftists in America. I was challenged on that by someone in the comments section, saying that I could not say that was a representation of all liberals/leftists/progressives, but just a fringe group.

Well, the most popular leftist/progressive/liberal blog on the internet, which also

(1) raises the most money for the Democrat Party,

(2) has hosted posts by Democrat Congressmen,

(3) has given advice to Democrat Congressmen on campaigns as well as legislation and

(4) said “screw ’em” about American contractors killed by terrorists in Iraq in 2004

…well it has now come out in full support of military-hating William Arkin.

So I stand by my declaration that most, if not all, liberals/progressives/leftists/Democrats/Democrat-voters in America hate the U.S. military and are represented by the Communist, anti-America, anti-military scum that protested in Washington D.C. as well as the military-hating William Arkin. Until I see these people get behind the military and their mission, my opinion of them will not change: they are anti-American and they are anti-military and simply do not have the courage of their convictions to be honest about it like the Communist protestors in D.C. and the scumbag William Arkin.

Via Charles Johnson at LGF: Daily Kos: Arkin Was Right, The Military Owes Us

The mask is off at the Daily Kos, and the Kidz are cheering on William Arkin for his slam at the military: Daily Kos: Arkin Was Right – We Do Have a Mercenary Army and They Do Owe Us! (Hat tip: Killgore Trout.)

All hell has broken loose on the right wing Milblogs concerning an article William Arkin wrote at the Washington Post. In this article, Arkin dared to cross the line and say that the Military is out of line when it criticizes the American Public for being against the war. The military’s place is to do the bidding of the United States citizenry .. period! It is not for them to criticize the American population for deciding they no longer want to fund a war.

This, of course, is a point I have brought up many times and the Milblogs when crazy then. You, the military, are the servants of the people. That is what you signed up for. We send you to war and we bring you home. We tell you when to wake up and when to go to bed. If you do not like that, GET OUT. But, that is the life you chose.

The next thing the milblog right wingers were upset about was when Arkin called our Military a mercenary force. Well, guess what, it is!! To get people to fight this war we have had to add all sorts of additional benefits, bonuses, insurance etc. The only way to get people to go was to pay them a lot more – the definition of a mercenary. Also, if you count the 100,000 or so “contractors” over there, that is even more evidence of a mercenary force. I called it at this post last year.

If the military is going to “take on” the American public by saying we have no right to change how we want to deploy them then they have joined the fight. I have said all along, and in the book, The New American Militarism: How Americans Are Seduced by War the idea that the American military has lost contact with the United States Citizens has been proven. They have. Arkin called it right.

P.S. – For those who have still not read what the military thinks about William Arkin and those who support him. Here’s a hint: if you support William Arkin and his statements, you do not support the military.

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Far East Cynic: Joining the Pile On

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