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Liberal/Progressive/Left Americans Support Military-Hating William Arkin


UPDATE I: Matt at Blackfive calls a douchebag a douchebag: A Bigger Dumbass Than Arkin

Did you actually have mental reservations about your oathes?

I really wonder what the men and women that served in your command would think that you consider them mercenaries. You and Kos should know better than most people that some of our soldiers survive below the poverty level. Do you REALLY believe that Corporal Snuffy is a merc?!

So, why the attack as mercenaries?

Because you are a political mercenary, that’s why.

Sell out.


I have posted twice about military-hating Washington Post journalist William Arkin. You can read those posts here:

It’s Official: Liberals Have Gone to War… Against the U.S. Military (UPDATED!)

Arkin to U.S. Soldiers: You’re Arrogant and Ignorant

I also posted about the Communist-group-led protest held in Washington D.C. last weekend.

Protestors for Peace? My Ass (VIDEO)

In that post, I used a broad brush in declaring that the views of those at the protest were held by most, if not all, liberals/progressives/leftists in America. I was challenged on that by someone in the comments section, saying that I could not say that was a representation of all liberals/leftists/progressives, but just a fringe group.

Well, the most popular leftist/progressive/liberal blog on the internet, which also

(1) raises the most money for the Democrat Party,

(2) has hosted posts by Democrat Congressmen,

(3) has given advice to Democrat Congressmen on campaigns as well as legislation and

(4) said “screw ’em” about American contractors killed by terrorists in Iraq in 2004

…well it has now come out in full support of military-hating William Arkin.

So I stand by my declaration that most, if not all, liberals/progressives/leftists/Democrats/Democrat-voters in America hate the U.S. military and are represented by the Communist, anti-America, anti-military scum that protested in Washington D.C. as well as the military-hating William Arkin. Until I see these people get behind the military and their mission, my opinion of them will not change: they are anti-American and they are anti-military and simply do not have the courage of their convictions to be honest about it like the Communist protestors in D.C. and the scumbag William Arkin.

Via Charles Johnson at LGF: Daily Kos: Arkin Was Right, The Military Owes Us

The mask is off at the Daily Kos, and the Kidz are cheering on William Arkin for his slam at the military: Daily Kos: Arkin Was Right – We Do Have a Mercenary Army and They Do Owe Us! (Hat tip: Killgore Trout.)

All hell has broken loose on the right wing Milblogs concerning an article William Arkin wrote at the Washington Post. In this article, Arkin dared to cross the line and say that the Military is out of line when it criticizes the American Public for being against the war. The military’s place is to do the bidding of the United States citizenry .. period! It is not for them to criticize the American population for deciding they no longer want to fund a war.

This, of course, is a point I have brought up many times and the Milblogs when crazy then. You, the military, are the servants of the people. That is what you signed up for. We send you to war and we bring you home. We tell you when to wake up and when to go to bed. If you do not like that, GET OUT. But, that is the life you chose.

The next thing the milblog right wingers were upset about was when Arkin called our Military a mercenary force. Well, guess what, it is!! To get people to fight this war we have had to add all sorts of additional benefits, bonuses, insurance etc. The only way to get people to go was to pay them a lot more – the definition of a mercenary. Also, if you count the 100,000 or so “contractors” over there, that is even more evidence of a mercenary force. I called it at this post last year.

If the military is going to “take on” the American public by saying we have no right to change how we want to deploy them then they have joined the fight. I have said all along, and in the book, The New American Militarism: How Americans Are Seduced by War the idea that the American military has lost contact with the United States Citizens has been proven. They have. Arkin called it right.

P.S. – For those who have still not read what the military thinks about William Arkin and those who support him. Here’s a hint: if you support William Arkin and his statements, you do not support the military.

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