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News from Iraq Media Deemed Unworthy to Report

This is from the blog of La Reina: What wasn’t in the news about Iraq last week

Just checking out the urls, all of these stories are from one source: Operation Iraqi Freedom – The Official Website of Multi-National Force – Iraq. Click that link right there and you will see hundreds of press releases of stories of all the progress and success from Iraq. None of which is highlighted in any “mainstream” media outlet.

And many of these stories are reported on the MilBlogs every day. I have links to this site as well as numerous MilBlogs on my site here: Click here to read Milblogs. There is also a big banner at the top of my blog which says “MILBLOGS”, which you can click to send you to the links for the MilBlogs. I hope by now that you are reading at least some of them on a daily basis, after I have been referencing them in almost all of my blog posts about the military.

Go to these links and read the stories and you determine for yourself whether or not these stories were newsworthy:

Iraqi Army and US Army complete another renovation of a rural school

Iraqi ERU unit discovers another weapons cache: 500 more in training.

Iraqi Army troops seize a larqe cache in Baghdad.

Special Iraqi Army Forces capture death squad leader.

Coalition force Soldiers capture insurgent IED leader.

Central Criminal Court of Iraq convicts security detainees.

Iraqi Soldier foiled a VBIED attack preventing a devistating loss.

Baqubah citizen leads Soldiers to anti-tank mine.

Soldiers evacuate 5 y/o Iraqi girl wounded during insurgent attack.


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