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Gathering of Posts of Gathering of Eagles

The following is a list of Conservative, Military and Anti-Idiotarian blogs which have reports, pictures and video of the Gathering of Eagles that took place in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, March 17, 2007.

Blog Reports with LOTS of Pictures: – Mission Accomplished – Mainstream Media Misreporting on GOE – Gallery is Up! – The Age of the Eagle – The Gathering of Eagles, photos and videos.
Michelle Malkin – Blogburst: Gathering of Eagles — 30,000 strong

Michelle Malkin – What They Didn’t Show You on TV – Flickr Photo Album
Flopping Aces – The March of the Moonbats
Flopping Aces – The Gathering of Eagles Report
Flopping Aces – March 17th was a Great Day for the Real Peace Activists: Those Who are Pro-Victory!
Flopping Aces – 1,2,3,4 What In The World Are They Protesting For?
A Soldier’s Perspective – The Chemtrails Are Coming, The Chemtrails Are Coming
A Soldier’s Perspective – Reflections on the Gathering of Eagles (Pt. I)
Reflections on the Gathering of Eagles (Pt. II)
The City Troll – The Day in Pictures
Sweetness & Light – Photos From Today’s Rent-A-Mob For Terrorism Rally
Sweetness & Light – Ramsey Clark’s Remarks In Support Of Terrorism
Sweetness & Light – Tiny Anti-War Wall Street Protest Gets Full Coverage
Atlas Shrugs – The Gathering of Eagles
Old War Dogs – Eagles Up!
Old War Dogs – The Day We Took Our Country Back
Old War Dogs – The Day We Took Our Country Back Part II
Gateway Pundit – Antiwar Socialist Hacks Outclassed By Gathering of Eagles
The Chatterbox Chronicles – The Gathering of Eagles!!
HotAir – Gathering of Eagles
HotAir – Gathering of Eagles photo essay; Update: Fox News interviews Kristinn Taylor about GoE
The Redhunter – A Gathering of Patriots
An Ol’ Broad’s Ramblings – Media Bias?
Wake Up America – Peace Activists Arrested: Eagles All Day Updates
Mike’s America – The Eagles Have Landed
Mike’s America – Early Bird Eagles are on the Scene
Mike’s America – Eagles Rule the Roost
Mike’s America – Eagles Returning to the Nest: Mission Accomplished!!!
Mike’s America – A VICTORY for Eagles Today
Mike’s America – Winning the Propaganda War at Home: Lessons From the Gathering of Eagles
This Ain’t Hell – Gathering of Eagles
Gates of Vienna – Gathering with the Eagles – After Action: Gathering of Eagles Counter-Protest in Washington DC – PHOTOS
Conservative Propaganda – Vets vs Moonbats, Part 4
Gathering of Eagles, Miracle in Washington
Free Republic – Gathering of Eagles Report
SCSU Scholars – Update from Washington, D.C.
Lifelike Pundits – At the Gathering of Eagles
Right on the Right – Gathering of Eagles Picture Update ..1
Michael Fumento – Protest Rally Photos
Robert C. Sampson – I Was at Gathering of Eagles I
Semper Gratus – Moonbat Monkey Stomp on the Mall
Ms Underestimated – Protestors Spit on FOX News Microphone
Mark Levin Fan – Levinites were at the Gathering of Eagles Rally!
Jack Langer – Power to the People

YouTube Videos: – The Gathering of Eagles at Gathering of Eagles at Gathering of Eagles 2 at Gathering of Eagles 3 at Gathering of Eagles 5 at Gathering of Eagles 5 at Gathering of Eagles 6 at Gathering of Eagles 7 at Gathering of Eagles 8 at Gathering of Eagles 9 at Gathering of Eagles 10 at Gathering of Eagles 11 at Gathering of Eagles 12
Gathering Of Eagles March 17, 2007, Washington DC
Mary Katherine Ham – A Gathering of Eagles
Gathering of Eagles & War Protesters – 17 March 2007
Gathering of Eagles
Gathering of Eagles National Anthem
Protester vs. Vietnam Vets 3-17-07
Free Hugs for Vets
WWII veteran at Gathering of Eagles rally March 17, 2007
Age of Hooper – Gathering of Eagles – So Brave
Gathering of Eagles 1
Gathering of Eagles 2
Gathering of Eagles 3
Gathering of Eagles 4
Reporter tries to sucker Soldier in hit piece interview GOE
Inside the ANSWER rally part I

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  1. WOW this is the best list I have seen on this gathering! Thanks for compiling it!

    Comment by kathy | March 20, 2007 , 1:00AM

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  3. […] An AWESOME collection of pictures, videos and blogs reveling in the victory of 3/17/07!! […]

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