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Shitbags and Kooks and Poseurs OH MY!

I have been reading LT SMASH’s reports (thanks to him providing updates via MilBlogs) from his experience infiltrating the “anti-war” protest on March 17th, 2007 in Washington, D.C. and have been looking forward to his latest report telling of how the “March to the Pentagon” went. It is definitely a must-read. It had me laughing on numerous occassions. The title of his post alone had me smiling and laughing right off the bat: Part IV: A Tsunami of Stupid

Check out all four of his reports here (thanks to Gathering of Eagles website for posting links to them all):

Marching With Moonbats

Posted: 23 Mar 2007 08:23 AM CDT

LT Smash infiltrated the March on the Pentagon. This is one of the funniest accounts I’ve read yet of the schizophrenic peace movement. No doubt this inside scoop will wound tender Moonbat Pride.


Marching with Moonbats, Part I: The Radicals

Part II: Eagles Up!

Part III: Infiltration

Part IV: A Tsunami of Stupid


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  1. Interesting posts by Smash. The moonbats lived up to their moniker on this day. Not surprisingly, the photojournalists I chatted up all but ignored the Eagles. Their attention was always focused on the moonbats, even when explaining to me the intricacies of aperture settings.

    I look forward to GOE 2 this coming May.

    Comment by Skye | April 7, 2007 , 7:42PM

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