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Don Imus Manufactured Controversy Put in Proper Perspective

I encourage everyone to go read (and, if you are so inclined, comment on and leave kudos for) the blog of Beverly aka Whitney Blogston, a Black woman who puts the Don Imus manufactured “controversy” in proper perspective. Kudos to you, Beverly.

Here is her blog post: Imus is ousted, but rappers are allowed to stay? WHATEVER! (Updated)

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The Sin of Don Imus: He is Not a Black Rapper or Muslim

The NYTimes considers what Don Imus said “deplorable, despicable and unconscionable”.  Hmmm, so an irrelevant old white guy on an unpopular and irrelevent radio show calls some black women “nappy headed hos” and he is demonized and there are calls for him to be fired from Black “civil rights leaders” and women’s groups.

Yet, when the leader of Hezb’Allah (“Party of Allah”, the “god” of Muslims) states that Jews should die and Israel should be wiped off the map, the Left and the media state that we should try to understand their grievances, get to know why they feel this way. 

When Muslims the world over are killing homosexuals, forcing their women to wear bags on their heads before they may leave the house, stoning women for adultery, committing “honor killings” of women for dating “infidels”, not allowing women to educate themselves, etc, the Left and the media state that we should try to understand the grievances of Muslims, get to know why they feel this way, multiculturalism donchaknow.  No outrage from women’s groups. 

When Iran states they want to wipe Israel off the map along with the rest of the Zionists of the world (ie the United States) and are working to obtain a nuclear weapon in order to do so, the Left and the media state that we need to try to understand their grievances, get to know why they feel this way, and send Nancy Pelosi to talk to them

And when the Black Entertainment community degrades women and calls them “bitches” and “hos” and the Black “civil rights leadership” tells Blacks not to better themselves, because that would be selling out and “becoming White”, the Left and the media state we must understand their grievances with evil White man, get to know why they feel this way, and celebrate Black misogynistic culture.

Interesting standards.

As Jason Whitlock states, Imus is Not the Real Bad Guy.

And as Michelle Malkin notes, White people are not the ones who started “The Culture of Bitches, Niggas and Hos”.

Meanwhile, in a true case of blatant racism, in which people actually had their lives and reputations destroyed, the race-baiters are silent after contributing to destroying innocent men’s lives for the past year.

Sorry, the only thing that I find “deplorable, despicable and unconscionable” in this whole “controversy” are those hypocrits and attention-whores (or should I say attention-hos?  or is it attention-bitches?  or attention-niggas?) in the Black community, and others on the Left of all backgrounds, making this into a racist controversy and benefitting from the attention, while Black culture remains decadent and self-oppressive.

Why isn’t anyone saying that we need to try to understand the grievances of Don Imus and get to know why he feels this way?  Maybe when the nappy-headed attention-hos at Rutgers meet with Mr. Imus, they will discuss this.

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The US Marines Speak from Fallujah

Michelle Malkin at HotAir posts video interviews that embedded blogger Bill Ardolino at InDC Journal did with US Marines in Fallujah.

Check it out here: The Troops in Fallujah Speak Also check out Bill’s blog, INDC Journal.

Also see much, much more background of Bill’s embed in Fallujah here at HotAir’s The Vent: A Citizen Journalist in Fallujah

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Democrats to Pass Legislation to Provide Nuclear Fuel to Entire World, Including Iran

I echo the statements of Charles Johnson: are these people completely insane? And what does this also say about Democrat-voters. If modern liberals, leftists, so-called “progressives” and Democrat-voters all support this, they are clinically insane, in my opinion, as well.Also, keep in mind the Left is completely against the United States using nuclear power to ween us off oil. Yet, they are all for letting everyone else, including the world’s enemies and fanatical Islamic countries hell-bent on destroying Israel and the United States, having access to it. At least they are consistent. They are also against the United States drilling in its own Gulf (or in ANWR), yet have no problem with China and Venezuela doing it.

Via Charles Johnson at LGF: Et Tu, Lantos?

I have to admit, I’m stunned at these statements from Tom Lantos. I thought he was one of the few remaining principled Democrats; but now it’s clear that he’s just as willing as any of them to sacrifice everything he stands for to achieve political power — even if it means the most craven, suicidal appeasement of the sworn enemies of America: Pelosi, Lantos may be interested in diplomatic trip to Iran.

Lantos said that for more than a decade, he has been trying to obtain a visa to visit Tehran with the help of former U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan — and to date neither he nor any other member of Congress has been successful.Pelosi said that throughout the congressional delegation’s recent Middle East trip, “every place we went we had a constant message: the safety and security of Israel, fighting terrorism.”

“There was, of course, a shadow over all of it, Iran: Iran’s support of terrorist groups is something that must be stopped,” she said. “Iran’s quest for a nuclear weapon is something that must not happen and we must stop them with the strongest of diplomatic measures.”

Lantos noted that “with the speaker’s support,” he has co-sponsored legislation in the House that calls for making available to all countries — including Iran — nuclear fuel for peaceful purposes under international oversight by establishing a “nuclear fuel bank.”

“So if the Iranian president says that he is developing (nuclear material) for peaceful purposes, we are assisting him in that process,” said Lantos, who anticipated the legislation could pass as early as May.

Are these people completely insane?

Also, keep in mind how well it worked out for us when we gave nuclear fuel to North Korea for “peaceful purposes”. Apparently, the Democrats have not learned the lesson from the mistakes made by the Clinton Administration.

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