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The Sin of Don Imus: He is Not a Black Rapper or Muslim

The NYTimes considers what Don Imus said “deplorable, despicable and unconscionable”.  Hmmm, so an irrelevant old white guy on an unpopular and irrelevent radio show calls some black women “nappy headed hos” and he is demonized and there are calls for him to be fired from Black “civil rights leaders” and women’s groups.

Yet, when the leader of Hezb’Allah (“Party of Allah”, the “god” of Muslims) states that Jews should die and Israel should be wiped off the map, the Left and the media state that we should try to understand their grievances, get to know why they feel this way. 

When Muslims the world over are killing homosexuals, forcing their women to wear bags on their heads before they may leave the house, stoning women for adultery, committing “honor killings” of women for dating “infidels”, not allowing women to educate themselves, etc, the Left and the media state that we should try to understand the grievances of Muslims, get to know why they feel this way, multiculturalism donchaknow.  No outrage from women’s groups. 

When Iran states they want to wipe Israel off the map along with the rest of the Zionists of the world (ie the United States) and are working to obtain a nuclear weapon in order to do so, the Left and the media state that we need to try to understand their grievances, get to know why they feel this way, and send Nancy Pelosi to talk to them

And when the Black Entertainment community degrades women and calls them “bitches” and “hos” and the Black “civil rights leadership” tells Blacks not to better themselves, because that would be selling out and “becoming White”, the Left and the media state we must understand their grievances with evil White man, get to know why they feel this way, and celebrate Black misogynistic culture.

Interesting standards.

As Jason Whitlock states, Imus is Not the Real Bad Guy.

And as Michelle Malkin notes, White people are not the ones who started “The Culture of Bitches, Niggas and Hos”.

Meanwhile, in a true case of blatant racism, in which people actually had their lives and reputations destroyed, the race-baiters are silent after contributing to destroying innocent men’s lives for the past year.

Sorry, the only thing that I find “deplorable, despicable and unconscionable” in this whole “controversy” are those hypocrits and attention-whores (or should I say attention-hos?  or is it attention-bitches?  or attention-niggas?) in the Black community, and others on the Left of all backgrounds, making this into a racist controversy and benefitting from the attention, while Black culture remains decadent and self-oppressive.

Why isn’t anyone saying that we need to try to understand the grievances of Don Imus and get to know why he feels this way?  Maybe when the nappy-headed attention-hos at Rutgers meet with Mr. Imus, they will discuss this.

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April 12, 2007 , 4:32PM - Posted by | Al Sharpton, Don Imus, Islam, Jesse Jackson, Liberalism, Media Bias, Muslims, Racism


  1. Great post. I just did an update about MSNBC. I have no problem with them pulling the plug on Imus, but their lame justification is silly.


    Comment by joe leonardi | April 12, 2007 , 4:42PM

  2. I have no problem with Don Imus facing the consequences of his comments, however the fabricated “outrage” from all the usual suspects is laughable. Mr. Imus has been doing his equal opportunity offensive schtick for years and those who are now claiming to be offended were the same ones who laughed and giggled when he made the same type of crass and insensitive comments in the past. The whole “controversy” stinks of bigotry and hypocrisy… not from Mr. Imus, but from most of those who are criticising him and calling for his ouster.

    Comment by michaelinmi | April 12, 2007 , 9:29PM

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