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ABC News Finds Religion!

I find it amusing when the anti-religion (read:  anti-Christianity and anti-Judaism) mass media try to use religions they hate to support their ideology.  Such as here:  ABC’s Roberts to Laura Bush: Export Generosity, Not Bombs?

America should export generosity and hope instead of bombs and fear. Host Robin Roberts quoted these sentiments from Archbishop Desmond Tutu and columnist Thomas Friedman to Laura Bush on Monday’s “Good Morning America.” Roberts was traveling with the First Lady through the United Arab Emirates and other Middle Eastern countries as part of a tour to increase breast cancer awareness in that region. And while the ABC host mostly stuck to discussing the honorable nature of the trip, she couldn’t resist a few pointed barbs.

The GMA anchor first cited New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman’s suggestion that the U.S. “should export hope instead of fear.” Roberts then regurgitated another bumper sticker slogan by mentioning a discussion with Archbishop Desmond Tutu. She recounted, “Desmond Tutu went even farther, saying the generosity of Americans, that’s what we should export instead of our bombs.” In a follow-up interview with Middle Eastern women who survived breast cancer, Roberts awkwardly asked, “Does it help with Mrs. Bush and the United States coming here?…Or is it seen as, ‘Okay, the Americans are, again, trying to force something on us?‘”

Wow, such ignorance.  Obviously the mass media does not read military blogs or they would read about the hope and generosity we Americans, led by our military, are exporting all throughout the world, especially in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Has Ms. Roberts heard of Spirit of America?  How about Operation Iraqi Children?  Or how about Operation Give?  Yeah, I bet not.  Even though these operations have been ongoing for YEARS. 

Then again, I can’t blame her.  It must be difficult to read and investigate such things with her head up her ass.

But I’m getting away from my main point for writing this…

Like I said, it amuses me to see the secular, anti-Christianity, anti-Judaism mass media actually using religion to support its ideological views.  Just once, I would like to see an interviewee snap back saying that religions also call for no abortions and saving sex for marriage.  What do YOU say Ms. Roberts about that decree from religious leaders HMMMMM???

Watching her sit there umm-ing and ahh-ing and shifting uncomfortably in her seat would be worth paying to see on Pay-per-View.

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