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I am Not for a Republican President, I am for a Conservative President

I posted this comment to this post at HotAir: Video: Mitt Romney, detective?

We’re all for a Republican President so chill, and save your insults for the Liberals.

Hening on December 19, 2007 at 11:25 AM

Actually, *I* am not for a Republican President, *I* am for a Conservative President. Fiscal, social and The Long War (which includes illegal immmigration). If the Republican Party nominates a liberal policitian as its candidate, I will sit out the election and hope the Democrat candidate wins. If a liberal Republican wins the Presidency, it will end up moving the entire party to the left and the conservative movement will take a step backwards. Instead of having two parties, one mostly conservative and one mostly “progressive”/socialist, we will have two parties, one mostly liberal and the other mostly “progressive”/socialist. And the results of a liberal Republican winning would be played in the media as the death of conservatism.

Personally, I could care less about these stupid ads. I am not swayed one way or the other on these meaningless anecdotes. I only care about things that reflect how the candidates will be on the main policy issues:

* The Long War
* Illegal Immigration
* The Economy
* Social Issues (signing/vetoing legislation and nominating Supreme Court justices and other judges)
* “Global Warming”/Emmissions

In addition to that, I want a President who will not put up with the crap/lies/propaganda of the Left (which includes the Democrat Party and their propaganda arm of the mass media). I want a President who can communicate his/her ideas and who will stand up for those ideas, no matter the political fallout and not be politically correct. In short, I want a leader.

I am a conservative and believe this country flourishes best adhering to conservative principles. And I don’t see any good happening from allowing the Republican Party to move left on many issues. The way I see it, the only way to preserve the conservative movement is to adhere to conservative principles and values. That means voting for a conservative Republican in the primaries and then NOT voting for a liberal Republican in the general election if he is the nominee. It is better the Democrats take the country left and the conservative movement stay alive than to allow the conservative movement to die as the only Party which even allows conservatism to exist to move leftward.

What I believe we should all be doing is making a list of our main policy issues and what we want from our President on those issues. Then rate each candidate on the issues as either Good/Acceptable/No Good. If a candidate has “No Good”s for important policy issue(s), then he is eliminated from consideration. Once that candidate is eliminated based on policy issues, there is absolutely no reason to go back and consider them, no matter how many of their meaningless touchy feely ads they put out. If they aren’t right on the policy issues, nothing else matters. Not how they dress, not how charming they are, not how many times they go to church. A President is for enacting policy, for foreign and domestic. What does it matter if he dresses well, is charming and goes to church, yet is wrong on all the policies?

I know many here do not agree with my philosophy on this, but so be it. I am a Conservative first, Republican-voter second. I see no point staying loyal to the Republican Party, if they do not stay loyal to conservative principles.

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