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Mitt Romney to Ban Selling of Violent Video Games?

Hmmm. I would like to hear his explanation of what he means by this:

Q2: Violent Video Game Legislation

To date, nearly 10 states have considered legislation to keep violent video games out of kids’ hands. Would you support this type of legislation at the federal level? What other strategies would you support to keep the video game industry and other media companies from marketing and selling inappropriate content to children?

MITT ROMNEY: I want to restore values so children are protected from a societal cesspool of filth, pornography, violence, sex, and perversion. I’ve proposed that we enforce our obscenity laws again and that we get serious against those retailers that sell adult video games that are filled with violence and that we go after those retailers.

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This sounds like nanny-statism to me. There is no way to keep these games out of the hands of kids, if parents just go to the stores and buy them for them. Or if their older friends just go to the stores to buy them for them.

But the real issue is that violent video games are not the cause of bad behaviored/violent children. In my opinion, bad parenting is the cause. I played violent video games as a kid and loved it. Yet, I have never gotten into a fight in my life and never hit anyone in my life (well, except for wrestling around with my younger brothers). In my opinion, those who want to blame video games for kids’ behavior are wanting to pass the buck from who has the ultimate responsibility for kids: THE PARENTS.

That said, I would like to see other Republican candidates’ opinions on this issue. The only Republican who gave an answer on this site is Mitt Romney. And his answer sounds as nanny-statish as Mike Huckabee.

Mitt, I have news for you. The government cannot protect children “from a societal cesspool of filth, pornography, violence, sex, and perversion”. Only parents can do that. And even they can’t always protect their kids from it, since it is all over TV, in the movies, in magazines and even in our grammar schools and high schools. The only thing that can change the societal cesspool is society itself. You can promote such a thing from government through encouragement and word, but you should know that you cannot legislate such things.


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