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Mitt Romney’s Christmas Present to Me

A political ad every 15 effing minutes while I try to watch my Sunday NFL games. AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!

Thanks a lot for ruining my politics-free NFL Sunday, Mitt.

This also reminds me of how effing annoying it was during the months leading up to the 2004 election, with a political ad from different Presidential and Congressional candidates seemingly every damn minute. Hearing Debbie Stabenow ads every day was enough to drive someone mad.


I can’t wait for Nov 2008 to get here and get this campaign season over.

By the way, who in their right mind expects an American citizen to determine their choice for President based on 30 second TV ads? What I would like to see on each of these ads is at least a link to their website. Even then, not everything is truthful as Mike Huckabee, for one, has stuff on his site about his stance on illegal immigration that is completely different than his actual stance.

I guess there really isn’t a good way. Well, other than we political junkies working to inform our family, coworkers and circle of friends of the facts we find about the candidates and then let people make up their own minds having ALL the facts, not just those pushed by the candidates and the biased mass media and partisan groups.

That said, I’m still annoyed with the Mitt Romney ads. Yeah, it’s actually a great political move, since lots of people are watching NFL games, so what better way to reach a big audience than to place ads during the games. But Sunday is my day to just relax and get away from everything for a while and not think too much about politics and just watch some football. But there during practically every commercial break was Mitt Romney reminding everyone about how the Michigan economy sucks and how he is going to fix it somehow. Well, sorry Mitt, but if the geniuses here in Michigan won’t kick out Jennifer Granholm for her disastrous stay as governor and vote in a successful business owner in Dick DeVos, then I doubt they will care to vote for you either. Apparently, the qualifications for earning the vote of Michiganders is to be a complete and utter failure at running a State and be a Democrat. For all the things on which I disagree with you, Mitt, you are (1) not a failure at running your State and, most importantly (2) not a Democrat.

Well, at least my Bears beat the Packers. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA That’s payback for 2001 when the Bears went 13-3, but 2 of the 3 losses were to the Packers. Have fun getting your butts kicked in Dallas in the NFC Championship, cheeseheads!


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Thank the Troops Message Form

America Supports You has an easy way to send messages of thanks to the deployed service members this Christmas:

America Supports You – Thank the Troops Message Form

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So You Hate ‘Single-Issue’ Voters, Huh?

In various discussions of the 2008 Presidential campaign, I see someone say/post “I hate single issue voters…” Well… I’m here to say that I ‘hate’ people who keep saying/posting “I hate single issue voters”.

Why don’t you all just say what you really mean: you hate people who vote based on single issues about which you do not care.

Because it is plainly obvious that this is the case.

If someone’s single issue was The Long War, the economy, taxes or gun control, I don’t hear/see this “single issue voter” nonsense being expressed.

No, I only see that line come out when the issue is a social conservative issue (i.e. abortion, homosexual marriage, etc).

The ironic thing is that I don’t see the Left criticizing anyone who who solely votes FOR homosexual marriage or FOR abortion. However, the Right seems to demonize and put down anyone who will vote solely based on protecting traditional marriage or wanting to see the abortion laws turned over to the States to decide.

However, the Right doesn’t come out and say they hate people who vote on abortion or hate people who vote on traditional marriage. Nooooo, they bravely say “I hate single-issue voters”.

Well, I’m tired of it. All of you who hate people who actually have a problem with our country killing 40+ million unborn babies since 1971, just come out and say it. Stop with this ‘single-issue voter’ nonsense. Because we all know you are fine with voters who vote on single issues on which you agree.

[rant over]

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