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Mitt Romney 2003: Not Endorsing President Bush’s Tax Cuts

So he raises taxes in Massachusetts while governor and in a moment of courageous leadership, decides neither to endorse nor denounce President Bush’s tax cuts in 2003. Brilliant leadership, Mitt. One of the many reasons you are NOT getting my vote.

Via NRO The Corner

Romney Takes on McCain Over Taxes

Governor Mitt Romney refused yesterday to endorse tax cuts at the heart of President Bush’s economic program, but he told members of the state’s congressional delegation during a private meeting he also would not oppose the cuts because he has to maintain “a solid relationship” with the White House.

Meeting with the all-Democratic group of House and Senate members for the first time in Washington, D.C., the Republican governor found himself challenged as the group talked about the state’s $3 billion budget gap for its coming fiscal year, as well as the Bush administration’s recent decision not to include Massachusetts in a $100 million round of federal antiterrorism funding.

Representative Barney Frank of Newton asked the governor whether he had spoken against the $726 billion worth of tax cuts the president is currently pushing at the federal level. Coming on top of $1.6 trillion worth of tax cuts in 2001, Democrats argue that the next round will expand the budget deficit, drain the US Treasury of money for social programs, and prevent the federal government from assisting states facing revenue losses caused by the downturn in the economy.

Romney said he had not publicly opposed the cuts, according to one observer at the meeting, prompting Frank to ask, “Will you?” Romney replied that he probably would not. The answer triggered laughter in what both sides described as an otherwise bipartisan session.

“I was very pleased,” Frank said afterward. “Here you have a freshman governor refusing to endorse a tax cut presented by a Republican president at the height of his wartime popularity.”

According to the observer, who spoke on condition of anonymity, Romney told the delegation that he “won’t be a cheerleader” for proposals he doesn’t agree with, “but I have to keep a solid relationship with the White House.”

Shawn Feddeman, Romney’s spokeswoman, said the governor has neither endorsed nor opposed the tax cut plan because “it’s just not a state matter.”

The AP describes the scene when someone brought the matter up to Romney yesterday in New Hampshire:

Turning back to 2003, Romney told the man: “You see, I wasn’t a U.S. senator. I didn’t have to vote on this, didn’t get a choice to. I was running my state, so I didn’t have a comment on their position. And I said, `I’m not weighing in on federal issues.’ But Senator McCain was a senator. He had to vote. He had to decide, `Am I in favor of pursuing these tax cuts or not?’ and he voted against the tax cuts — twice. That’s a very different position.”

While I disagree with Senator McCain on his votes, at least he had the courage of his convictions, Mr. Romney. While you’re just a weasily policitian, not wanting to take one side or the other, for fear of making yourself look bad if you get it wrong. Great leadership there. Jackass.

While I disagree with Senator McCain, at least I can respect a man who votes his convictions. You, Mr. Romney, apparently have no convictions. In case you have forgotten, people weigh in on “federal issues” all the time, regardless of the positions they hold in government. Even Ronald Reagan wrote many papers and gave many speeches on foreign policy before and while he was governor of California. So your answer is a complete copout.

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Operation Send-a-Box

Send a care package box to a deployed soldier, that is.

Go here to read the details of sending “care packages to soldiers serving in a key unit in Iraq”:  Operation Send-a-Box

Found via NRO The Corner.

Here’s how you can help the effort:

How you can help:

Operation Send-a-Box aspires to send a care package to every soldier in the Sabre squadron over a one month period — ambitious since there are over a thousand soldiers serving in this strategic location. The squadron’s chaplain has agreed to distribute packages to soldiers who have not yet received mail from home, beginning with the lowest ranked soldiers.

If you’d like to send a care package to a soldier on the front line, please go to the post office to get a “flat rate” box, which ships to APO addresses for $8.95 per package. (The postage is the same regardless of weight or destination, but only USPS-produced flat-rate boxes are eligible for the rate.)

Every package must include:

1. Twin size sheet set.
2. At least one new DVD (movie or TV series released since November 1, 2007)
3. Personal hygiene items (shampoo, soap, toothpaste, shaving cream, deodorant, toothbrush)
4. Reading material (car and motorcycle magazines, Sports Illustrated, paperback book)
5. Gum, beef jerky, energy bars, Pringles, Powerbars, etc. (nothing that could melt in the desert)

You’ll find the box fills up quite quickly, but please stuff it up with whatever else you think might be fun to receive.

Mail to:

CPT Benjamin Ellington, Chaplain
ATTN: Operation Send-a-Box
Forward Operating Base Caldwell
APO AE 09324

All packages should be sent between January 1st and February 15th.

They have this update on the page:

UPDATE: As of Day 2 of Operation Send-A-Box, we’ve already had 575 commitments! Still half the Squadron to go – keep those boxes surging!

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My Big Fat Green Reason for Not Voting for John McCain

Well, this is one of many reasons I eliminated John McCain from my vote a long time ago, but it is a big reason nonetheless: he’s a Goracle disciple.

Mandate McCain – Detroit’s in the red; McCain mandates green.

Also, you come to Michigan and brag about buying Toyotas, especially when I work for one of the Big 3 American automakers… yeah, not gonna win my vote. Jackass.

Detroit — Living up to his reputation as the anti-pander candidate, John McCain dropped into Detroit on Thursday, and dumped all over the U.S. auto industry just a month before Michigan’s January 15 primary. In a meeting with The Detroit News editorial board, the GOP field’s greenest candidate lectured Detroit’s Big Three on what they should build, championed new federal fuel mileage mandates that will severely tax U.S. automakers at a time that they are struggling to regain profitability, and even bragged about his family driving Toyotas.

“I think they (Detroit automakers) can adjust to the new mandate,” he said of the 35 mpg standard which the industry estimates will cost them $85 billion to comply. “And frankly, I think it’s overdue.”

Whether advocating good policy or bad, McCain reinforced the notion that, above all else, he wants be an “honorable” public servant. It is his sense of honor — of personal duty — that girds his political decisions. For McCain, all politics is personal. Driven by a sense of duty to his U.S. soldiers, he is determined that their blood in Iraq not have been spilled in vain. Shamed by his role in the Keating Five, he was determined to resurrect his reputation as the reformer of McCain-Feingold.

And racked by guilt over U.S. consumption of goods and Mideast oil, he is determined to “do something” about global warming.

Make no mistake; John McCain is a climate-change true believer. In the heart of a Motor City that is in the cross-hairs of car-hating Washington regulators — McCain was not shy about his determination to go green.

“Greenland is the most outstanding example of what’s been happening,” says the senator who, in 2000, co-sponsored a fuel mileage mandate bill with Democrat John Kerry that was an early draft of the onerous regulations President Bush just signed into law last Wednesday. The bill strengthens so-called CAFÉ regulations that, for 30 years, have discriminated against the Big Three’s product strength — big sedans and trucks — while doing nothing to limit America’s dependence on foreign oil.

“In Detroit, I am convinced that a plug-in electric car would sell like hotcakes,” he says. So he’s determined to mandate it whether automakers see the demand or not. “The young people I meet on the campaign trail demand it,” he says. “We owe it to them to leave a world worth living in.” It’s the honorable thing.

When asked about climatologist John Christy’s recent study finding that the fuel economy mandate would have no discernable effect on global temperatures, McCain was dismissive. “With all due respect to (him),” says McCain, “we’ve got to do everything. We’ve got to do nuclear power; we’ve got to do hydrogen.”

Well, maybe not everything. McCain admits to driving a much-less-than-35 mpg Cadillac CTS (EPA mpg: 22). His wife? A similarly thirsty Lexus. But, ever aware that his honor is at stake, McCain is quick to reassure his questioners that “my daughter, Megan, drives a (hybrid) Toyota Prius, so at least one of us is trying to make a difference. And my wife and I have moved out of our house and into an apartment and we’ve equipped it with solar panels.”

Alas, he then admits to the sin of (ahem) owning a second home in northern Arizona. Perhaps, one day, Washington can save him the moral anguish and mandate only one home per family.

— Henry Payne is a writer and editorial cartoonist for the Detroit News.

Yeah, sorry, no Presidential candidate is getting my vote who subscribes to the idea that government regulations will save the planet from climate change. Anyone who has that ridiculous idea has no business being in a position of leadership.

Sorry, Senator McCain. If I was even thinking about giving you a second look, in case Fred Thompson was eliminated from the Primaries, you just lost my vote for good with this nonsense.

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We Need to Take the Fight to All of Them

I wrote this back in 2005, but I did not have a blog back then. So I’m just posting it now.


Okay, so I read on Captain’s Quarters that the AP has a story telling about one of the London terrorist bombers who was pissed off about the War in Iraq and that, along with his obsession with Islam and reading the Koran, led him to blow himself up in the London subway system.

The media just laps this up, because they want to blame everything on President Bush and the War on Terror. However, did anyone ever stop and think about the differences between Pre-2003 Iraq and Post-2003 Iraq?

Pre-2003 Iraq, Saddam was mass murdering Muslims (men, women and children) in his own country. He was also torturing Muslims in his own country for disagreeing with his dictatorship. Yet, did we hear of anyone getting so pissed off about this and deciding to attack Iraq after converting to Islam?

Now we get to post-2003 Iraq and the Coalition forces have liberated millions of innocent Muslims, given them the freedom to form their own government, allowed women and children to go to school and get jobs and have set Iraq on the path to a healthy democracy. Yet, this is a bad thing?

So we have mass murder of Muslims by Saddam: GOOD. Liberating Muslims by America and the Coalition: BAD.

2 + 2 = 4, yet the media can’t figure this out. They just continue on their anti-America, anti-War on Terror, pro-Terrorist mantras.

All other obvious facts aside, someone should ask the Media and the Democrats why terrorists were not suicide bombing Saddam’s Iraq all the years he was mass murdering Muslims and putting them in mass graves all around Iraq as well as torturing Muslims in his torture chambers. I would like to hear the spin they try to put on that, especially since this was mainly happening during the 1990s (Clinton Administration).

Also, the media has a bit of amnesia as it was the African nation of Mogadishu, Somalia (“Blackhawk Down” or Battle of the Black Sea) which was one of the starting points of this War on Terror. Terrorist warlords had control of Somalia. Muhammed Farah Aidid was in control of the capital, Mogadishu. He was controlling the humanitarian aid (UN led “Operation Provide Relief”) being sent there and taking all the food for himself and starving the people of Somalia. 300,000 starved to death. When the world heard about this, they didn’t hear about warlords and terrorist controlled governments (just like no one hears about that concerning Africa even today, 12 years later), they just saw pictures of starving people and children, so the UN and America send aid (Operation Restore Hope). Well, the warlords waited patiently until the American troops left and then declared war on the remaining UN “peacekeepers”. They then massacred about 2 dozen Pakistani soldiers.

Upon hearing about how well the “peacekeeping” mission was going, President Bill Clinton decided to send US Special Forces in to find Muhammed Farah Aidid and take him out. US Army Task Force Rangers, Delta Force and 160th SOAR (“Nightstalkers”) teams were sent in. Clinton expected the mission to take 3 weeks. 6 weeks later they still had not been able to find and capture Aidid.

Eventually, the now infamous “Blackhawk Down” mission occurred. The mission itself was successful. They found and captured a couple of Aidid’s top aides. Only problem was, during the extraction, 2 Blackhawk Helicoptors were shot down. The Special Forces now had to divide their attention between the extraction and 2 different Blackhawk crash sites to try to save the wounded and retrieve the dead. (“No one gets left behind!” God Bless the military for caring for and respecting their brave men and women this way.) There were only about 50 or so Special Forces troops against hundreds of armed Somalis. As it turned out, we have found out that these Somalis and Aidid were being supported by bin Laden.

After the Somalis killed many of our Special Forces soldiers, including the now infamous pictures of the soldiers’ mangled and torn apart bodies, Clinton pulled the Special Forces team out. Without ever having completed their mission of capturing Aidid. It was that pullout that led bin Laden to label America a “paper tiger” and led him to believe that Americans were not willing to deal with seeing their soldiers get killed, especially in such a gruesome manner.

Lost in all of this is the fact that America went into Somalia to HELP MUSLIMS. Meanwhile terrorist warlords starved 300,000 Muslims to death. Where was the outrage from Islamic converts to that? Why didn’t Islamic terrorists bomb Somalia at the murder of 300,000 Muslims?

The hypocrisy is outrageous, yet the media ignores it and continues on with their mantra that the Iraq War causes terrorism. This is simply atrocious. Anyone with just the basic facts of history knows that this is not true. And knowing history, it is clearly obvious that the media is complicit with the terrorists in this War on Terror. The Democrats and liberals and leftists as well. As such, they are all traitors not just to America, but the entire world, as terrorism is not just aimed at America, but the entire civilized world that does not agree with radical Islam.

Instead of providing basic facts as I have provided here, the media continues to spout propaganda. Simply appalling. The blogosphere needs to continue to get out the facts and to educate people about history, because we know the media will not do it and we know the liberals are controlling the educational system and are rewriting history, so our children will not be learning it in schools or universities. We are in a fight for our survival and the enemy is much more than just radical Islam. It is the media. It is leftists and liberals. It is Democrats. We need to take the fight to all of them.

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A Christmas Story of Love Courtesy of Maj. Scott Southworth, US Army

Found via Gateway Pundit, who links to Jules Crittenden:

Christmas Story

While the Left and the Democrats and the mass media do their best to smear our U.S. military members as deranged, torturing baby-killers comparable to the suicide bombers of Hamas, this is the kind of story that exemplifies the vast majority of the men and women serving in the U.S. military. And it should be the story that is spread worldwide.

MAUSTON, Wis. (AP) — Capt. Scott Southworth knew he’d face violence, political strife and blistering heat when he was deployed to one of Baghdad’s most dangerous areas. But he didn’t expect Ala’a Eddeen.

Ala’a was 9 years old, strong of will but weak of body — he suffered from cerebral palsy and weighed just 55 pounds. He lived among about 20 kids with physical or mental disabilities at the Mother Teresa orphanage, under the care of nuns who preserved this small oasis in a dangerous place.

On Sept. 6, 2003, halfway through his 13-month deployment, Southworth and his military police unit paid a visit to the orphanage. They played and chatted with the children; Southworth was talking with one little girl when Ala’a dragged his body to the soldier’s side.

Black haired and brown eyed, Ala’a spoke to the 31-year-old American in the limited English he had learned from the sisters. He recalled the bombs that struck government buildings across the Tigris River.

“Bomb-Bing! Bomb-Bing!” Ala’a said, raising and lowering his fist.

“I’m here now. You’re fine,” the captain said.

Over the next 10 months, the unit returned to the orphanage again and again. The soldiers would race kids in their wheelchairs, sit them in Humvees and help the sisters feed them.

To Southworth, Ala’a was like a little brother. But Ala’a — who had longed for a soldier to rescue him — secretly began referring to Southworth as “Baba,” Arabic for “Daddy.”

Read the rest. There’s a happy ending. Then, there’s this part:

MILWAUKEE (AP) — Having overcome great obstacles to adopt an Iraqi orphan with cerebral palsy, Scott Southworth is spearheading an effort to find families to care for another 21 disabled children from that unhappy land.

Soldiers found the boys in June in a government-run Baghdad orphanage, naked and emaciated on cement floors in their urine and feces. Swarms of flies covered some. Others were tied to the outside of their cribs.

“It was just gut wrenching,” Southworth said.

A soldier in the military police unit Southworth led in Iraq, Sgt. Kerry Otwaska, saw a television clip on the orphanage in June. Devastated, he called Southworth, who contacted another comrade, Lt. Sheree Gunderson.

All three had spent time visiting children at the Mother Teresa orphanage in Baghdad, and they recognized some of those boys in the television report — they had been moved to the government facility. Three of them have since died.

“Feeling sorry for them on our end isn’t enough,” Southworth said. “We need some action.”

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