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I was Just a Witness to Sports History

No matter what anyone thinks about the New England Patriots, everyone who watched them defeat the New York Giants tonight, 38-35, was just a witness to NFL History. Not only did they complete the first ever 16-0 NFL regular season, they set the NFL scoring mark, Tom Brady set the NFL mark for most touchdown passes in a season (50) and Randy Moss set the NFL mark for most touchdown receptions in a season (23).

That is simply amazing and I can say that I witnessed it. I was a witness to sports history in the making. The first ever 16-0 regular season in the NFL.


That said, I have to say that I have become a huge Patriots fan over the course of this season solely because of the irrational hatred and vitriol people have been spewing about the Patriots team and Bill Belichick the past couple months. I cannot believe how hateful people get over a football game. A football game! People are expressing hatred for Tom Brady, hatred for Bill Belichick, hatred for Patriots’ fans. It is utterly ridiculous. It reminds me of the irrational hatred and vitriol people spew about President Bush. Get a life people. To hate people solely because of different politics or because they root for a different sports team? Come on.

Again, we all just witnessed history. Congratulations to the Patriots and finding a way to win 16 NFL regular season games under huge pressure, every single game. That’s simply amazing.

(Granted, had that coach on the Baltimore Ravens not called that timeout on that 4th down play, history would not have been made. Amazing the little things that need to happen for records like this to occur)

Now, let’s see if they can win the Super Bowl. I know I will be rooting for them. If for nothing else than to piss off the people who hate them so much. Sheesh.

UPDATE at 23:51 EST on 29 DEC 2007:  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention another reason I am rooting big time for the Patriots to go 16-0:  the 1972 Dolphins players.  Gawd, can they be any more condescending and annoying?  Geez.  For crying out loud, SHUT THE HELL UP.  I’m so sick of their champaign popping parties and whatnot.  If for no other reason, Patriots, PLEASE, go 17-0 to shut those guys up already!

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We’re Not Dealing with a Rational Mindset Here. We’re Dealing with Madmen.

I wrote this in response to a bulletin posted about this story (also posted in the Headlines at HotAir) regarding one of Rudy Giuliani’s aides: RUDY OFFICIAL RESIGNS AFTER MUSLIM COMMENT

CLIVE, Iowa — The New Hampshire co-chair of Veterans for Rudy resigned Saturday amid video remarks in which he suggested Giuliani would deal with the “rise of the Muslims” and that the United States should “defeat or chase them back to their caves”.

John Deady made the comments in a video interview to The Guardian newspaper last weekend, while attending a Giuliani house party at the home of Manchester, N.H., Mayor Frank Guinta.

“He has got, I believe, the knowledge and the judgment to attack one of the most difficult problems in current history, and that is the rise of the Muslims,” Deady said in the video interview, posted Dec. 27. “Make no mistake about it, this hasn’t happened for a thousand years. These people are very, very dedicated. They’re also very smart in their own way, and we need to keep the feet to the fire and keep pressing these people until we defeat them or chase them back to their caves, or, in other words, get rid of them.”

Deady later confirmed he made those comments in an interview to Talking Points Memo, adding that he did not believe there were good and bad Muslims. “They’re all Muslims,” he said.

Reached at his Bedford, N.H. home Saturday, Deady would not say whether he was pressured to resign. “This is not going to go any further with me,” he said. “I’m way beyond my depth with you people,” before suggesting reporters contact the campaign’s press office.

State Chairman Wayne Semprini said in a campaign statement Saturday that Deady resigned from his volunteer position.

The comments come at an interesting time for Giuliani, who has been actively courting support from veterans in recent days. He held three events for veterans in earlier this week in Florida before traveling to Iowa Friday.

Deady told TPM his comment to “get rid” of Muslims did not refer to genocide. “What I was referring to is, stand up to them every time they stick up their heads and attack us,” he said. “We can’t afford to say, `We’ll try diplomacy.’ They don’t respond to it. If you look into Islamic tradition, a treaty is only good for five years. We’re not dealing with a rational mindset here. We’re dealing with madmen.”

Here are my comments:

The guy is pretty much correct, only he didn’t express the opinion correctly. As Ibn Warraq and Robert Spencer have stated, this is pretty much what I have come to understand regarding Islam/Muslims:

“There may be moderate Muslims, but Islam itself is not moderate”

This is what I believe. There are many Muslims who really aren’t practicing Islam according to the tenets of Islam. Because Islam itself is not moderate at all, then all Muslims should be radical. But, since we know they’re not, this means that most Muslims are ‘moderate’.

Kinda like there are people who claim to be Catholics, but who have promiscuous pre-marital sex, support homosexuality and support/have abortions. Those views are in direct opposition to Catholic teaching and the Catholic stance. In my opinion, you cannot be a part of a religion, if you live your life in direct opposition to the teachings of that religion. Just find a different religion if you want to live a different way.

I was raised Catholic, but I don’t call myself a Catholic anymore, since I don’t live my life by Catholic teachings. I have had pre-marital sex, I have used ‘birth control’ methods and I have stopped going to church. In short, I don’t believe in many of the teachings of the Catholic Church. As such, I cannot call myself Catholic anymore, since I am not. I am still a Christian, however, since I believe in Jesus and God, etc.

Getting back to Muslims, I see the same thing. Moderate/Westernized Muslims are not really following the tenets of the Koran, Hadith and teachings of Mohammad. Thus, they aren’t really Muslims following Islam, they are basically following a reformed version of Islam, selectively choosing what they want to follow and what they want to dismiss.

The problem is, no leader wants to come out and say this, because we all saw what happened when the Pope recently stated some truths like this. There was rioting, deaths and Muslim groups all over the world denounced him as attacking Islam. Well, yeah, he was, but he was not attacking all Muslims, just the ones who were following Islam, not the ones following the ‘reformed Islam’.

I was not going to vote for Rudy anyway, so this incident does not really affect my vote. However, it would have been nice to have Rudy, or any candidate for that matter, come forth with some kind of leadership on the issue of Islam. We were not this weak and stupid on the issue of Naziism and Shintoism.

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Abortion Supporter Attacks Pro-Lifer, Media/Police Uninterested

As Warner Todd Huston at Newsbusters notes, imagine if this situation were reversed. Imagine if a pro-life advocate attacked a 69-year old abortion supporter, knocking them unconscious. And then imagine if, when interviewed, the pro-life advocate stated that the person got what they deserved. Do you think the media would ignore that? Neither do I.

But have you heard anything about this story? Neither had I, until I read Newsbusters this afternoon: Abortion Supporter Knocks 69 Yr. Old Pro-Lifer Unconscious, MSM Silent

On December 22nd a 69 year-old pro-life activist who was standing atop his automobile and protesting in front of the Hillcrest Abortion Clinic in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania was physically attacked by an abortion supporter and thrown to the ground with enough force to knock him unconscious. Doctors even worried for a time that the elderly man might perish from the attack. And here, nearly 7 days out from this attack, there aren’t any accounts of the attack in the MSM. As I searched for the story myself, I found two and only two Internet hits for it. Why the silence from the MSM? Can you imagine the MSM swarm that would have occurred if it had been a pro-lifer that attacked an abortion supporter? The cacophony would have been deafening if a pro-lifer had been the one to get violent.

The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property issued the first story to hit the net a few days ago. Also, a Catholic PRWire and media advisory from Catholic Online was released on the 28th. But the MSM has remained silent on the matter.

Here is the account from the TFP:

When Mr. Snell tried to counsel the woman, his words were cut short when the man became furious, jumped the fence and, in the words of Mr. McTernan, “leaped on the vehicle with Ed and catapulted him off of the vehicle and onto the ground.” Mr. Snell hit his back and head on the pavement and was knocked unconscious.

His medical report outlines the extent of his injuries: “multiple trauma, right subarachnoid hemorrhage (bleeding in the area between the brain and the tissues that cover the brain), compression fractures of four vertebrae (T3, T4, T5 and T10), right scapula fracture and fracture of the fourth and fifth ribs.” Before doctors were able to stop the bleeding in his head, they even feared Mr. Snell would die.

An elderly man almost dies from an attack by an abortion supporter and the MSM is mum.

But, the receptionist at the clinic sure wasn’t mum!

When asked on the phone about the vicious attack, the receptionist at Hillcrest Abortion Clinic refused to give a recorded statement and angrily shouted: “He got what he deserved! He earned what he got!” She then hung up the phone.

Again, can you imagine the high dudgeon with which the MSM would have reported this story if it was the pro-lifer saying that an abortion supporter “got what he deserved” should one had been attacked like this?

And, on top of this indignity, the Harrisburg police didn’t seem to want to do their duty and arrest the attacker at first, letting the man go home after witnesses pointed him out as the assailant.

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Anybody’s Presidential Race to Win, So Why Not Fred Thompson?

I posted this in response to Jake’s post, Anybody’s Race to Win.

Here is the Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll History numbers to which I was referring in my comment.

What is interesting is if you look at the shift in the last two weeks (since DEC 14), we have this:

Huckabee (-6%)
Romney (-2%)
Giuliani (N/C)
Thompson (+1%)
McCain (+4%)

I don’t really care about these polls, since I don’t decide my vote based on what some Idiots Out Walking Around in Iowa are deciding, but…

I’m no polling expert, but just looking at those shifts in the last two weeks, it seems like people are not liking the fighting going on with Romney and Huckabee, the more they each reveal about each other in the attack ads, and so are giving another look to McCain and then looking at Thompson, now that he has put more ads out there (since the mass media and most political blogs are ignoring him, except to say he’s ‘lazy’ and say ‘he has no shot’).

Rudy Giuliani has stayed pretty much the same, because people have known his pros and cons for months/years now, so there is really nothing new to discover about him. The Conservative base does not like him, since they know he is an unabashed liberal on many policies and they are probably hoping to find a Conservative alternative, so they don’t have to vote for Rudy in the general. The problem is that if the Conservative base does not find a candidate around whom to rally, this Primary may end up like the 1992 general election. Rudy may end up winning by default, as Bill Clinton did, since the Conservative vote is split among Fred, McCain and Romney.

It is really a shame that Conservatives are more concerned with beating Hillary rather than voting on Conservative principles. The onlyCconservatives in the race are Fred and McCain. But McCain betrayed Conservatives throughout the past 4 years with McCain-Feingold, the Gang of 14 and leading the charge for Amnesty (and completely insulting anyone who was against his Amnesty). Not to mention his position on “torture” is weak and in line with liberal Democrats. So that leaves Fred Thompson.

For me, the choice is easy. But for everyone else, it seems that they keep harping on this “whoever can beat Hillary” nonsense. I recall Republicans making fun of Democrats about their “Anybody but Bush” campaign in 2004, during which Democrats nominated John Kerry, not because he was whom they wanted, but because they felt he was “electable”. Well, golly gee, now the Republicans are doing the exact same thing. The sad truth is that the Republican voters have now become their worst enemies. They are now as unprincipled as Democrat voters were in 2004.

It’s sad and pathetic to me.

And I have lost a LOT of respect for people in politics such as political bloggers and such, because I have learned that they are not principled people at all, they simply are “the ends justify the means” people.

Sad state of affairs in our country right now and it has nothing to do with the Democrats. I see one of our greatest weaknesses coming from the Republican Party voters, who are more intersted in “electability” than principle.

I don’t mind people nominating Rudy or Romney or McCain or Huckabee or whomever. However, as Rush Limbaugh says, don’t redefine Conservatism in the process to try to say your candidate is a Conservative. Conservatism does not need redefining. The only true Conservative in the race is Fred Thompson. In addition to that, he has charm, is quick witted and is very knowledgeable about the role of Federalism in government. He could run rings around any Democrat in debates.

I just don’t see why people are so reluctant to support him.

I will also add that another thing I am looking for in a President is someone who will defend himself from attacks by the Democrats and the media. I am sick of defending the President and Republicans from lies by Democrats, the mass media and the Left, only to have the Administration do nothing to defend themselves. The only two people among the Republican field that I can see being like that are Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson. However, Rudy also defends himself bodly when he is being rightfully attacked on his corruption and bad policies. I don’t want that either.

So that takes me back to Fred Thompson again. And the only criticism he gets is that he is ‘lazy’. Only this criticism is coming from Republican voters. Funny, Ronald Reagan was attacked with that label as well. This is not to say Fred Thompson is Ronald Reagan. No one will ever be Ronald Reagan. But it is interesting to see the attacks of the Left now becoming the attacks of the Right… on their own people.

Sad state of affairs… when the Republican base decides to vote “electability” over principle.

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Hold On to Your Moral Compass

Sometimes I can actually say something that I consider decent when I respond to others’ blog posts. I wish I could just come up with these thoughts on my own without having to read others’ writing first, but oh well.

Here is a comment I left at William’s New Year blog post.

[Here is the quote I reference:

“Regardless of what you do in your life, hold onto your moral compass. When you are emotionally least capable of defending yourself is when the biggest challenge will come. If you don’t have an idea of what you will let yourself do and what you will not let yourself do, you may find that you have done something that you would never believe yourself capable of doing.” —Gen Peter Pace, Sept 2007]

I really like that message from General Pace. Great advice. That is why it is very important to have something in which to believe. To have a foundation in life. Because when things get tough in life, we can always fall back on that to sustain ourselves and strengthen ourselves.

I have had a moral compass, since I was very young (well, grammar school seems “very young” to me now…), but I did not always follow it. It was during those times when I did not follow it that I felt the worst… about myself. I also went through a struggle in high school when I felt my moral compass was wrong. But, I refused to trade it in for an ‘immoral compass’, because it was just not whom I was. This was difficult for me and for the longest time, I felt my moral compass was wrong and everyone else’s was correct and I would ask God why he made me so ‘messed up’ and believing the way that I did.

It took a long time to come to realize that my moral compass was just fine and it was others who were ‘messed up’.

Later, when I was in college, people came to respect me when they got to know me, even when they did not agree with my moral compass. That really comforted me. Sure, it was still tough sometimes, but those same people would not have respected me if I proclaimed to believe in something and then acted against those beliefs just to try to be popular or fit in or whatever else. In the end, people respected my character and it helped me to go on to adulthood in the ‘real world’ (after college) having a sturdy foundation on which to live. And it has really helped me earn the respect of my peers at work as well. They know me as a man of character and integrity and someone in whom they can put their trust. And they know I don’t do it to get ahead, but I do it, because that is whom I am.

I have this quote on my cube at work that people have commented many times saying they like it:

Men of genius are admired,
men of wealth are envied,
men of power are feared;
but only men of character are trusted.

I have always known that I am no genius and have never aspired to be so. Neither have I aspired to be a man of wealth or a man of power. I have always remembered the words of my high school guidance counselor who asked me the simple question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I would give the answer I thought he was looking for such as accountant, engineer, etc. He would simply look at me and smile and ask the question again. Finally I got tired of this and told him, I don’t know, what? He just smiled and said:

“A good person”

I’ve always remembered that and have always aspired to be so. I’ve failed a lot, but that has always been my one goal in life. Just to be a good person. I figure that if I can do that, everything else will fall into place. I could fail in my job, fail in my health or fail in my sports activities and still recover. But if I fail at being a good person, that hurts the most. I could hurt other people and I know I will hurt myself inside.

At the end of the day, if I can look at myself in the mirror and know that I am a good person, I can rest easy.

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