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I was Just a Witness to Sports History

No matter what anyone thinks about the New England Patriots, everyone who watched them defeat the New York Giants tonight, 38-35, was just a witness to NFL History. Not only did they complete the first ever 16-0 NFL regular season, they set the NFL scoring mark, Tom Brady set the NFL mark for most touchdown passes in a season (50) and Randy Moss set the NFL mark for most touchdown receptions in a season (23).

That is simply amazing and I can say that I witnessed it. I was a witness to sports history in the making. The first ever 16-0 regular season in the NFL.


That said, I have to say that I have become a huge Patriots fan over the course of this season solely because of the irrational hatred and vitriol people have been spewing about the Patriots team and Bill Belichick the past couple months. I cannot believe how hateful people get over a football game. A football game! People are expressing hatred for Tom Brady, hatred for Bill Belichick, hatred for Patriots’ fans. It is utterly ridiculous. It reminds me of the irrational hatred and vitriol people spew about President Bush. Get a life people. To hate people solely because of different politics or because they root for a different sports team? Come on.

Again, we all just witnessed history. Congratulations to the Patriots and finding a way to win 16 NFL regular season games under huge pressure, every single game. That’s simply amazing.

(Granted, had that coach on the Baltimore Ravens not called that timeout on that 4th down play, history would not have been made. Amazing the little things that need to happen for records like this to occur)

Now, let’s see if they can win the Super Bowl. I know I will be rooting for them. If for nothing else than to piss off the people who hate them so much. Sheesh.

UPDATE at 23:51 EST on 29 DEC 2007:  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention another reason I am rooting big time for the Patriots to go 16-0:  the 1972 Dolphins players.  Gawd, can they be any more condescending and annoying?  Geez.  For crying out loud, SHUT THE HELL UP.  I’m so sick of their champaign popping parties and whatnot.  If for no other reason, Patriots, PLEASE, go 17-0 to shut those guys up already!


December 29, 2007 , 11:58PM - Posted by | NFL

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