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Why Europe Will Fall to Islamofascism

If this guy represents the mindset of most Europeans (which, from everything I have read recently about Europe and Europeans, it is pretty accurate), then they will not put up much of a fight against the Islamofascists when they get enough immigrants in their countries and decide the time is right to take over.

I came across this blog from looking at the U.S. Army tags on WordPress [where I have my public blog]. Apparently, Europeans find it ‘unChristian’ to give a gun as a Christmas present. He also has a tough time figuring out what guns have to do with peace. Hmmm, could it be that guns in the hands of good people keep relative peace in the world against bad people who would like to end the peace? Of course, I don’t expect the Europeans to understand that concept. They apparently do not understand that the only reason they even get to have some semblance of peace in Europe is because of the sacrifice of past Americans who used guns. Of course, he also can’t understand the basic concepts from his friend’s uncle’s blog (which he calls “radical ideas” by “an American neocon right-wing military blogger”):

Basically, I guess Europeans like myself have a completely different cultural background when it comes to guns. Guns are a no-no. Belgians don’t buy or carry handguns. Most of us (liberal or conservative) feel that gun ownership the way America approaches it is just plain madness. That’s not only my personal opinion, that’s the opinion of virtually all W-Europeans.

And putting a gun in a Christmas tree [sigh]: these people must have a set of distorted believes (religious, but a gun in their tree, etc) that we cannot begin to understand.

When Belgians read the the statements on the blog of Pam her “Christmas gun” uncle:

“You will see everything from flowers to firearms depicted on this weblog”

“We support the War on Terror and believe that we must win in Iraq and Afghanistan. We believe that we must win the propaganda war”

“We believe that the ACLU and “progressive thinkers” undermine the law and endanger everyone.”

“We believe that the mainstream media regularly abuse their first amendment privilege by “engineering the news” to favor their political positions – generally to the left of clear-thinking Americans”

“We believe that global climate change is a consequence of natural forces and that humans only have a limited effect in locales inhabited by them.”

“We love sport shooting and owning firearms. You will find articles and commentary on guns here. We believe in the militia”

our first impression is one of disbelief. But when we realize that half of this great nation harbours these radical ideas, we no longer laugh at a gun in a Christmas tree.

We get the creeps and wonder what on earth happened to the land of the brave and the free.

Stacy, when you post

“what’s the big deal about giving a gun as a Christmas gift? It’s not myrhh or frankencense, but it is a loving gift – to those who choose that lifestyle. Keep CHRIST in CHRISTmas!” most European Christians feel you’re raping the concept of Christianity, along with the spirit of Christmas.

Go ahead, unwrap your “loving gift” and kill someone. Or have one of your own children accidentally kill some of your loved ones.

Handguns are made for killing. Full stop.

Comment by Peter — December 13, 2007 @ 7:45 pm

And there you have the European mindset. And why America will have to come to Europe’s aid in the near future when Islamofascism decides to take it over. It is already happening in Britain/UK/London, which is to Belgium’s Northwest, and in France, which is to Belgium’s Southwest. It is only a matter of time.

Europeans can continue to get “the creeps” about Americans. We’ll just go on protecting their asses and spilling our blood for their unappreciative asses. Because that is what it means to be an American in “the land of the free and [the home of] the brave.” And that is what makes America different than Europe.


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  1. michaelinmi,

    can you elaborate on what you mean by
    “We’ll just go on protecting their asses and spilling our blood for their unappreciative asses”?

    I’m quite curious from what imaginary danger the US is protecting me and my compatriots from, over here in Belgium, Europe. As far as we can gather, the US is protecting Belgium from nothing at all.

    And I’m even more curious how our European “no handguns” policy, saving countless of lives by not having the insane murder figures of Washington DC (62 handgun related civilian casualties/100.000 versus only 2 for Brussels, Belgium), is anything but a true blessing.

    Although a coalition liberated Europe from Nazi Germany back in 1944 (and the Americans were not leading this effort, just participating), a fact most Europeans are still grateful for, what is your point, right now in 2007?

    That the few radicalized Islamic migrants are taking over Belgium and we all most start carrying handguns? 😛

    Comment by Peter | December 30, 2007 , 4:28PM

  2. Peter – Americans believe that we are all responsible for our own protection. We do not believe nor expect that our governments or police will protect us. We understand that there are bad people who exist in the world and that no matter how good intentioned the government and the police are, they cannot be around at all times to protect us from bad people. Thus, we are given the right to protect ourselves by carrying handguns. The fact that bad people get their hands on guns and kill people is more reason to have the right to protect ourselves, not less reason.

    Also, our 2nd Amendment is put in place to protect us from corrupt government. A country that does not allow its citizens to have guns is also a country which is helpless to protect itself from a corrupt government. This is how corrupt dictatorships survive. They take away their citizens’ ability to protect themselves and then can do whatever they want.

    Coincidentally, I believe Washington, D.C. forbids the right of citizens carrying guns. Which then allows criminals to flourish, because they know their victims have no way to fight back.

    Also, most Belgians may be grateful for the United States’ efforts in World War II, but there are plenty of Europeans who are not.

    Comment by michaelinmi | December 30, 2007 , 4:39PM

  3. Also, Peter, I am not quite sure why you feel safe from Islamization in Belgium. You have France to your southwest and London to your Northwest. Both are slowly falling to Islamization. Granted, Sarkozy seems to be doing his best to stop this, but the Paris car fires the last two years show he has a lot of work to do.

    The reason we don’t have that kind of thing happening with our own Muslim population here in America is because they know we won’t put up with that nonsense.

    Comment by michaelinmi | December 30, 2007 , 4:43PM

  4. Thanks for your thoughts on the handgun issue. Guess we can only agree to disagree. We do not have anything resembling the US 2nd Amendment over here in Belgium, but our handgun casualty rate is as low as it can get.

    We believe and see that our “no handgun” laws save lives, and the Belgian figures prove we made the right choices.

    Do you mean by “Islamization” a radicalization of the (less than 5% of the total Belgian population) Islamic migrants in this country? Belgian Homeland security noted that only a handful of Muslims were on there watch list.

    Belgium (unlike France) has no major issues with its small Islamic community, as the numbers are low and most 2nd generation Antwerp Muslims behave, sound and feel like you and I, quietly living a peaceful life.

    Comment by Peter | December 30, 2007 , 5:08PM

  5. Yes, we can agree to disagree. My post here was mainly, unfortunately, an emotional reaction to your post. I deal with too many people here in the United States on a daily basis who are less rational than yourself, so I have gotten into the bad habit of reacting like this sometimes. I apologize for that.

    It sounds like Belgium is a fairly peaceful place. That probably has more to do with the mindset of the citizens rather than the handgun laws, though that could play a part. Granted, the United States is a much larger, more populated place with many different types of people who come from many different backgrounds. And the unfortunate reality is that not everyone gets along all the time.

    As far as Islamization, people tend to always point to the idea that there seems to only be a small minority of ‘radicals’. But even taking 1% of 1 billion Muslims (I know the number of Muslims worldwide is greater, but for the simplification of the calculation…) is 1 million people. Considering it only took a few radicals to carry out large bombings throughout the 1990s across the world, here in the United States on 9/11/2001, in London on 7/7/2005, in Bali and other places throughout the last 10 years or so, it is not the number that worries me, but the cowtowing to the ideology.

    When I say Islamization I am referring to things such as the Mohammad Cartoon situation. There was absolutely no excuse for the reaction to those cartoons, yet it seemed every mass media outlet in the world and every Western government condemned the printing of those cartoons, thus cowtowing to the beliefs of a religious group. That is what I mean by Islamization and dhimmitude of people and governments.

    I am glad Belgium does not have any issues with radicalization as we have here in America in mosques and with groups such as CAIR and the MSA and MAS, or like they have in Britain/UK/London with radical Imams and radical mosques or as they do in Australia with radical Imams. I hope Belgium never has to deal with it. I just have seen too much of it, and the tolerance of it, in the West that I get aggravated when I feel others do not understand the threat. The analogy used a lot is the frog in boiling water. That is how I feel Islamization is occuring in the West.

    Again, I apologize for my emotional ranting comments in the post. And I thank you for your calm response, even when you would have been warranted to respond with an emotional rant yourself. 🙂

    Comment by michaelinmi | December 30, 2007 , 5:37PM

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