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Obvious Instance of Blatant Anti-War, Agenda Driven Journalism

The trend in Iraq is completely positive with pretty much 7 straight months of declining U.S. military fatalities (126, 101, 78, 84, 65, 38, 37, 21), the lowest since the war began in 2003, yet what is the media headline?

“2007 becomes deadliest yet for U.S. in Iraq”

You will also notice that the left-wing Huffington Post, a favorite of Leftists, Democrats and “Progressives” for their war effort news, also pushes the storyline of the mass media.

Now you know why I don’t watch the mass media and never read the mass media and have gotten my news from places such as NRO THE TANK and Gateway Pundit and other military blogs who report the facts more objectively than the mass media, whose stories are always slanted with a hoping-the-terrorists-win agenda.

I imagine Leftists like those at Huffington Post and those in the mass media to tell their kids when they get their report cards at the end of the year, after they have improved to achieve all A’s and B’s by the end of the year, “yeah, well, so what, overall this year, you did horribly, don’t you remember struggling in the beginning of the year and getting all D’s and then improving to all C’s? When you average it all out, this was still a very bad year for you, child”.


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