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Political New Year Resolution

So, apparently there is a poll out (wow, go figure, there seems to be a new poll every 5 freaking minutes, each showing a completely different freaking result) from Iowa showing for whom Iowans will vote in the Republican Primary this week. Here are the results:

Mike Huckabee – 32%
Mitt Romney – 26%
John McCain – 13%
Fred Thompson – 9%
Ron Paul – 9%

My reaction to this poll is the same as my reaction to all the gazillion other freaking polls that have been in the news for the past 2 freaking months: WHO.THE.HELL.CARES.

Last time I checked, my name was not Bill Clinton and I did not vote based on what polls stated. And since when did any of us care what anyone in Iowa thought about anything? Since when did any of us care about what anyone anywhere thought about anything? Before you make choices in life, do you first call up someone in Iowa or New Hampshire or South Carolina and ask them what they think? I know I sure as hell don’t. So why are some people doing that for their choice in President of the United States? Did you base your vote in 2004 on what people in Iowa or New Hampshire or South Carolina thought? So why are you doing it now?

You want a New Year resolution? How about deciding at midnight tonight for whom you are voting in your State’s Republican Primary. (Heck, Democrats can do this too.) And then barring your candidate drops dead before your Primary and is thus out of the Presidential Primary race (and, uh, dead), stick to your vote and vote for him/her on the date of your Primary.  Ignore the ridiculous polls, ignore the biased political pundits with hidden agendas, ignore the agenda-driven mass media, ignore the last minute pandering and just stick to what you know and vote for your candidate.

We all know everything we need to know about all the candidates by now. Who the hell cares what fancy, expensive ads they put out to try to put more lipstick on their pig campaigns.  Those of us who have been paying attention to politics for years, and who actually know what we stand for, already know all we need to know to choose a candidate. There is nothing that any of them can say that should be able to sway us, unless you are voting the Bill Clinton way instead of on principle.

So after you enjoy your midnight kiss and your New Year’s drink of choice, make your decision for your Party Candidate. You can then feel good that you will be able to have success in at least one New Year resolution.


December 31, 2007 , 11:23PM - Posted by | 2008 Presidential Election, Democrats, Republicans

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