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The Democrat Platform: Kill Babies, Save Bugs Bunny

The thought that hunters kill rabbits has NBC News chief foreign correspondent Andrea Mitchell “upset” and supposedly “squirming”. Yet, I don’t recall Ms. Mitchell (or any mass media journalist) “upset” over the idea of women killing their unborn babies for the convenience of it.

Later with his panel, an appalled Matthews noted how Huckabee “told a reporter that he loved to bag squirrels because he fried ’em up and ate ’em with biscuits and a Coca-Cola. What have we come to!”

Noticing how NBC News chief foreign correspondent Andrea Mitchell was squirming, Matthews asked her, “Are you upset by this Andrea? You must be!”

“Absolutely,” Mitchell confirmed, adding a unique sexist angle: “You don’t see any women out there with a gun.”

No, Andrea, most of you (liberal/leftist/”progressive”) women are not out there with guns shooting squirrels, because you are too busy laying with your legs wide open in abortion clinics getting babies sucked out of your body, at a rate of about 1 Million per year.

Excuse me if I prefer my President standing up for the rights of baby human beings rather than standing up for the rights of Bugs Bunny.


December 31, 2007 , 8:58PM - Posted by | 2008 Presidential Election, Abortion, Democrats, Liberalism, Media Bias

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