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U.S. Marine Needs Legal Help Against Jackass Lawyer, Jay R. Grodner

This is just despicable.

Read the whole story at Blackfive of this jackass Chicago lawyer Jay R. Grodner, who first keyed the car of Marine Sgt Mike McNulty, home on leave from Iraq until 02 JAN 2008, causing $2400 damage to the car (a felony) and now is trying to eff him over after offering only $100 to cover his deductible, forcing his insurance to cover the rest.

And he keyed his car deliberately, because he knew it belonged to a United States Marine.

If you are able to offer any legal advice, please contact Matt Burden at

UPDATE at 14:08 EST on 31 DEC 2007: Another interesting post I found in my trackbacks was this one at MorseHellHole: * Rogers Park Lawyer Goes Up Against Military Man (And Bloggers)

Interesting that this happened in a district that has an anti-military Alderman.

Blognotes: One of our Anti-war Alderman’s constituents damages a military man’s vehicle. This should really be interesting. Jay Grodner, living in a ward under the control of Joe Moore, a known anti-military politician, defaces a military mans vehicle. Is this what all military personal can expect when venturing into Joe Moore country? Has Joe Moore created a hate in Rogers Park towards military personal?

Also, I liked this guy’s response to someone who was trying to say this was BS and that Blackfive was a “propaganda” site:

While I do want to hear both sides, we do have a keyed car, a police report and an apparent dispute, sufficient for a hearing.

Alleged offending party is an attorney whose legal violations started about a month after he passed the bar (which is typical for IL, but I digress).

In response to the publicity, instead of posting a position on his site, or issuing any press release, he’s simply SHUT DOWN HIS SITE and DISCONNECTED ALL HIS NUMBERS. That’s costing him a lot of business.

And as someone who’s been in the “news” and in assorted locations to be part of stories about the military firsthand (meaning I was there, on duty, when a reporter or his paid lackey showed up), Black Five is far less a “propaganda organ” than say, the professional lying $!+bags at CNN, ABC, SeeBS or AP.

It doesn’t affect me directly yet, so I’m waiting to see.

But I hardly think some Marine keyed his own car, identified an innocent civilian as a perp and started all this just for fun or sympathy.

There is also this YouTube video about Alderman Joe Moore:

On July 31, 2007, Chicago City Alderman Joe Moore attempted to present over 300 Resolutions, adopted by cities, towns and states across the country, which demanded an end to the war in Iraq, to an official at a White House gate on Pennsylvania Ave. The request was denied by a White House functionary on dubious security grounds. Moore, along with John Cavanagh, the Director of the Institute for Policy Studies, (IPS), insisted to the White House bureaucrat that the Resolutions, which weren’t in any of kind of package, did not pose any kind of security risks whatsoever.

For a list of cities, towns and states that have passed anti-Iraqi War Resolutions, go to:

For background on the IPS, see:

Cities for Peace is a project of the IPS. The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees the “Right of the People to Petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

A 51 min, 11 sec video of the press conference of the IPS at the National Press Club, along with the march to and confrontation at the White House, can be found on Google…


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