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Mitt Romney Does Not Support the War Effort in Iraq?

I wonder if many people know about this?

Via David Freddoso at NRO The Corner: re: McCain and Iraq

If I can go back a few months to this piece, Mitt Romney and (of course) Ron Paul are the only Republican candidates who have not explicitly endorsed the invasion as something we were right to do in the first place.

…Romney supports the Iraq-war effort today, says he is glad to see Saddam Hussein gone, and opposes a withdrawal timetable. He says he will not second-guess President Bush (or Sen. Hillary Clinton) for going to war based on the intelligence then available in the risky post-9/11 world. Yet he is unique among the serious Republican presidential contenders because he has never said he would do it all over again, and they all have.

Asked in a June 7 debate whether it had been a mistake to invade Iraq “knowing everything you know right now,” he refused twice to answer. He called the question an “unreasonable hypothetical” and said that the issue was a “non-sequitur” and a “null set” (he meant to say “moot point”) because we’re already in Iraq… This has been a staple of his recent war rhetoric, in contrast to his more hawkish rivals…

UPDATE: Speaking of which, here is Romney today putting some daylight between himself and Bush on the handling of the war.

That’s great, Mitt. You know, at least Ron Paul has the courage of his convictions to say that he disagrees with the war effort. Meanwhile, you refuse to answer, ducking the question so as not to give a politically bad answer. Nice.

Here is an exerpt from the link above:

Romney says Bush mismanaged Iraq war

JOHNSTON, Iowa (Reuters) – Presidential candidate Mitt Romney said on Tuesday the Bush administration mismanaged the Iraq war, distancing himself from his party’s unpopular president two days before Iowa’s first-in-the-nation presidential contest.

“I think we did a less than effective job in managing the conflict following the collapse of Saddam Hussein,” the former Massachusetts governor said at a news conference. “I think we were under prepared for what occurred, understaffed, under planned, and, in some respects, under managed.”

That’s brilliant, Mitt. Got any original statements that have not already been made by every anti-The Long War (on terror) Leftist?

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Do I Really Want to Support a Candidate Who Lives to be President?

Excellent question. And a great post at NRO The Campaign Spot by the gentleman who is the person who asked Fred Thompson the question, which got the political pundits, mass media and political bloggers all hyperventilating (in a negative way) about Fred Thompson.

After watching the blogs and media coverage of the question, I think the question and answer were taken out of context. From the start I want to make one thing clear, I do not nor have I ever thought Sen. Thompson is lazy. No one can accomplish in a lifetime what he has accomplished and be lazy. The question really came from months of frustrations. I started looking around for a candidate early because I really wanted to be a part of a campaign. Gov. Allen from Virginia was a possibility until his election meltdown. I looked at Gov. Huckabee early, but wrote him off as not being a viable candidate this time around. Shows you what I know. I also saw some of the big government ideas the Romney camp is now pointing out.

Speaking of Gov. Romney, I looked at him as well. Something about Gov. Romney just does not feel right. There is something about him I just do not trust. He is a little to slick. His image is a little too perfect. I could care less he is a Mormon. Frankly, I think the press made too big of an issue of his faith. I can only remember one person who mentioned his Mormon faith as being an issue. Most Iowa Republicans I spoke with about Romney were more concerned about his flip-flopping on the issues, than him being a Mormon bishop.

A high school friend of mine is a lobbyist in Washington D.C. During a phone call he mentioned Fred Thompson was thinking of running for President. I remember asking “The guy from Law & Order?” I knew he had been a senator, but did not know much anything else about him. Then I started receiving emails from Lamar Alexander and his Volpac telling me he was trying to get his good friend Fred Thompson to run for president. I began to look at Sen. Thompson and his record. I got excited. Here was proven conservative with a proven track record. He was well known to people outside of the political geeks. Not mention the last time the Republicans nominated a proven conservative who was marginal actor we nominated one the greatest presidents of all time.

Then the waiting began. I was in the Ames area during the straw poll, but I did not go, because I was waiting for my candidate to get into the race. I rationalized his late entry the same way he did on Saturday, he was getting into the race when candidates use to get into the race. I kept telling my family and friends just wait until he gets into the race, it will be like a ground fire. Finally, he announced and then nothing. It was like running downstairs on Christmas morning, only to find underwear under the Christmas tree. The day arrived, but there was no excitement. To be honest, my interest waned.

A few months ago he came to Burlington. I arrived at the event site when the doors were to open and the place was packed. There was excitement. He walked into the room and spoke. He said what I wanted to hear. Finally here was my candidate. There was still something missing. He did not ask me to support him. He told me what he thought about the issues. He fielded questions from the audience. It did not feel like a campaign rally. It was more like a lecture from an outstanding political speaker. Then the questions really started to creep into my mind, does this man really want to be President? Is he running for President or Secretary of Homeland Security? We see that in Iowa. Candidates for “president” are really running for some other office. I wanted to ask him that night do you want to be my president. I found myself wanting to support Sen. Thompson, but not knowing if he wanted me to support him.

I continued to look at all the candidates, but I kept coming back to Sen. Thompson. I wanted the chance to hear him talk again and Saturday was my chance. My friend from D.C. was visiting town so we went together to hear Sen. Thompson. The room and crowd were smaller this time. The only seats left were next to a woman I know through my work with the Boy Scouts. We waited for Sen. Thompson to arrive. Rep. King of Iowa introduced him. He walked into the room and sat down at the table with one of our local radio personalities. Again his answers were refreshing. Instead of sound bite after sound bite, he gave long thought out answers. He was advocating the ideas I wanted to hear. Then the question and answer session arrived. I wanted to know does this man want to be my President? I got the last question in.

The answer was exactly what I hope it would. It was a great answer. At points during the answer I was ashamed I had asked the question. I knew the answer. Do I really want to support a candidate who lives to be President? Is that type of candidate really interested in serving the nation or serving his own self-interest? Sen. Thompson positioned himself as willing to serve, not for an enlarged ego, but out of a deep desire to serve his nation. He has desire to make our nation better for his children and grandchildren. Far from a slick Branson like presentation, he presented himself as a dedicated patriot willing to serve if we, the American people, were willing to have him do so. He refuses to be a President under false pretenses. He is not leading us into a shotgun relationship. He understands that under the founder’s concept of the social contract, both parties must be fully aware of the terms of the contract when entering into the agreement. If the American people do not want him to be President, he is not going to trick us into agreeing to him. As I said, the answer was refreshing. It was a great answer.

I went and saw Gov. Romney that night. Do not misunderstand me; if Gov. Romney is the Republican nominee for President, I will support him. His presentation was an event. His hair and teeth were perfect. He smiled. He pressed the flesh. His wife glowed as she stood next to him. Make no mistake; Gov. Romney wants to be President of the United States. Maybe that is why I do not trust him. In the end, Sen. Thompson was right, the next President should be someone who wants to serve the nation, not someone who wants to be President. Far from the press coverage that stated Sen. Thompson does not have the desire to be President, his desire is to serve the American people. He believes the best way to do that is to be President. If he is not elected President, he will not be disappointed. He will find some other way to serve the American people, just like he has throughout his career. After listening to Sen. Thompson and thinking about what he said, I can only conclude he is the best candidate for the job.

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Do This, Don’t Do That, Can’t You Read the Poll!!??

Enough with every god forsaken mass media outlet, political pundit and political blogger writing about POLLS!

For crying out loud, for a group of people – Republican political pundits and Republican political bloggers – who said that polls didn’t matter when we were talking about the The Long War (on terror) effort, they seem to be relying highly on polls now.

Amazing, coming from the same people who criticized the Bill Clinton Adminstration for governing the nation by listening to polls. But now, it seems Republican voters, save Ron Paul supporters, base their support for a candidate – which changes from day to day, based on the latest poll or agenda driven mass media hit piece – on… POLLS.

So much for principles and values leading you to your choice for your Presidential candidate. Nope, now the only things that matters are… POLLS!

Here is a comment I left at Flopping Aces related to this:

Curt – I disagree with basing the debates on polling numbers. The polls are nothing more than the media’s way of running the Primary campaigns. And stories on polls are nothing more than the mass media and political pundits not wanting to talk about substance and policy and instead saying “see, see! the people say X, so this candidate must be popular!”

I call BS.

I want an end to polls. Since that won’t happen, I want an end to those of us who take our country seriously taking polls seriously. We should have learned the lesson after the exit polls in the 2004 election were used to try to sway that election. The same thing is happening now. The mass media is putting out polls to try to sway the “we need to support the popular candidate, not the best candidate based on my principles” group of voters.

Just look at how the polls have gone back and forth the last couple months, based on the latest media pushed story about any one of the candidates. First Rudy was ahead, then Fred got a bounce, then they pushed Huckabee out of nowhere, then Mitt was ahead, etc etc etc. Anyone who has been paying attention to politics and is a principled person should not be shifting their allegiance so easily based on whatever story (whether of substance or whether of hats and fire in the belly nonsense) the media and certain political pundits want to push.

The only voters in this campaign I really have any respect for anymore are the Ron Paul supporters, because they, aside from all their looney tactics, have not allowed polls to dampen their support for their candidate.

Supporters of other candidates could learn a lot from Ron Paul supporters in that sense. Instead of seeing this ridiculous hyperventilating every single god forsaken day whenever the lastest poll comes out.

Are we the Party of Bill Clinton who make all our decisions based on polls? I know I am not. I make my decisions and vote based on principles and values. It is high time people started ignoring the polls and started writing about substance.

All of this poll watching by Republican voters is really starting to grate on me, because it is coming from the same Republican voters who said the polls on the war effort were meaningless and we should ignore them. How about those people take their own advice here as well.

Polls are meaningless. They are the mass media’s way of running the elections. Stop paying attention to them and take a lesson from the Ron Paul supporters and put your full support behind your candidate until the end.

Posted by Michael in MI | January 1, 2008 10:57 AM

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Brit Commandos Kick Taliban ASS in Afghanistan

Heheh, they were party crashers: Our Boys blitz Taliban bash

BRITISH commandos launched a devastating blitz on the Taliban – as the evil terrorists held a party to celebrate Benazir Bhutto’s murder.

The dawn raid was staged after messages were intercepted about the sick knees-up in Afghanistan’s Helmand province.

Royal Marines crept into position as the fanatics partied the night away just hours after Ms Bhutto was killed in Pakistan.

The bash was being held in ruined compounds a few hundred yards from Our Boys’ remote base in Kajaki.

Ragtag Taliban sentries tried to hit back with machine gun fire – but stood no chance against the heroes of 40 Commando’s Charlie Company.


The terrorists were pounded with mortars, rockets and heavy machine guns.

Two bloodthirsty revellers trying to creep towards Our Boys in a trench were spotted by thermal-imaging equipment – and targeted with a Javelin heat-seeking missile.

The £65,000 rocket – designed to stop Soviet tanks – locked on to their body heat and tore more than a kilometer across the desert in seconds.

Troop Sergeant Dominic Conway, 32 – who directed mortar rounds – grinned: “It must have had quite a detrimental effect on their morale.”

Sgt Conway, from Whitley Bay, Tyneside, said of the Taliban lair: “It used to be their backyard and now we’ve made it ours.”

Good on ya, mates. Keep up the great work.

Also, it is important to note this, as our British military friends hardly ever get any publicity, except when the American, British and International mass media wants to call them all a bunch of incompetent failures in southern Iraq (which, as Michael Yon pointed out, was completely NOT true).

Ignoring the incompetence of a few certain sailors in the British Royal Navy, our British military friends are doing just as kick-ass a job as the American military men and women and they deserve the recognition for a job well done.

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