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Do This, Don’t Do That, Can’t You Read the Poll!!??

Enough with every god forsaken mass media outlet, political pundit and political blogger writing about POLLS!

For crying out loud, for a group of people – Republican political pundits and Republican political bloggers – who said that polls didn’t matter when we were talking about the The Long War (on terror) effort, they seem to be relying highly on polls now.

Amazing, coming from the same people who criticized the Bill Clinton Adminstration for governing the nation by listening to polls. But now, it seems Republican voters, save Ron Paul supporters, base their support for a candidate – which changes from day to day, based on the latest poll or agenda driven mass media hit piece – on… POLLS.

So much for principles and values leading you to your choice for your Presidential candidate. Nope, now the only things that matters are… POLLS!

Here is a comment I left at Flopping Aces related to this:

Curt – I disagree with basing the debates on polling numbers. The polls are nothing more than the media’s way of running the Primary campaigns. And stories on polls are nothing more than the mass media and political pundits not wanting to talk about substance and policy and instead saying “see, see! the people say X, so this candidate must be popular!”

I call BS.

I want an end to polls. Since that won’t happen, I want an end to those of us who take our country seriously taking polls seriously. We should have learned the lesson after the exit polls in the 2004 election were used to try to sway that election. The same thing is happening now. The mass media is putting out polls to try to sway the “we need to support the popular candidate, not the best candidate based on my principles” group of voters.

Just look at how the polls have gone back and forth the last couple months, based on the latest media pushed story about any one of the candidates. First Rudy was ahead, then Fred got a bounce, then they pushed Huckabee out of nowhere, then Mitt was ahead, etc etc etc. Anyone who has been paying attention to politics and is a principled person should not be shifting their allegiance so easily based on whatever story (whether of substance or whether of hats and fire in the belly nonsense) the media and certain political pundits want to push.

The only voters in this campaign I really have any respect for anymore are the Ron Paul supporters, because they, aside from all their looney tactics, have not allowed polls to dampen their support for their candidate.

Supporters of other candidates could learn a lot from Ron Paul supporters in that sense. Instead of seeing this ridiculous hyperventilating every single god forsaken day whenever the lastest poll comes out.

Are we the Party of Bill Clinton who make all our decisions based on polls? I know I am not. I make my decisions and vote based on principles and values. It is high time people started ignoring the polls and started writing about substance.

All of this poll watching by Republican voters is really starting to grate on me, because it is coming from the same Republican voters who said the polls on the war effort were meaningless and we should ignore them. How about those people take their own advice here as well.

Polls are meaningless. They are the mass media’s way of running the elections. Stop paying attention to them and take a lesson from the Ron Paul supporters and put your full support behind your candidate until the end.

Posted by Michael in MI | January 1, 2008 10:57 AM


January 1, 2008 , 2:08PM - Posted by | 2008 Presidential Election, Republicans

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