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Are Mike Huckabee’s Supporters Ignorant of his Policy Positions?

I came across Laura’s blog, Pursuing Holiness, after I read a comment of hers left at HotAir, and I am glad that I did.  She has one of the best posts I have seen deconstructing Mike Huckabee and explaining the base of his support.  From the way she lays it out, his base seems to be very ignorant about his policy positions.

Mike Huckabee is getting support despite the fact that he is not a fiscal conservative, supports illegal immigration, is completely ignorant on foreign policy, is weak on the war effort based on his flip flopping on Gitmo and waterboarding, has taken donations from embryonic stem cell research companies and also has a history of commuting criminals, including some who have donated to his Party in Arkansas, only to go on to commit more crimes once they were allowed to go free by Mike Huckabee. 

Knowing all this, why on earth does he have any support whatsoever?  From what Laura explains, it seems that the sad reality is that most of his supporters are simply completely ignorant about his policies and are just supporting him based on his slick talking and his Christianity.

[ … ]  But I have been following the Republican side of the race, and I think this is a good description of how Huckabee won. Rather than look closely at his record and policies, people looked at his faith and personality. He’s the “Christian leader” so his record and policies must be okay, right? After all, he’s a Christian. A former pastor, even. And it’s about time one of our own got some recognition. The GOP is OUR party, and it’s time people accepted that fact. Well, that’s the mindset of an awful lot of people. So they “feel” a certain way about Huckabee and voted accordingly.

I’ve had email exchanges with a friend who I believe is representative of Huckabee supporters. She’s a long-time Christian conservative who homeschooled her daughter. What follows is a summary of those exchanges.

My friend knew about the commutation issue, but thought it was overblown by the drive-bys. After all, wasn’t one about a kid with a BB gun when he was five? I said that wasn’t exactly representative of the controversy, which has actually been going on for some time. Here’s what Arkansans were saying in 2004 about the situation. For example, beyond the BB gun, there was a serial drunk driver whose wife donated $10,000 to Arkansas Republicans just before he got out – and who later re-offended.

Well, the big money is behind Rudy and Romney, right? I said maybe so, but how is that relevant to Huckabee’s merits as a candidate? I understand the desire to root for the underdog, but the underdog isn’t necessarily right.

Still, he’s good on the war, isn’t he? My friend didn’t know that Huckabee flip-flopped on Gitmo. He wanted to keep GITMO open in June 2007, but after hearing from a few ex-Generals a few months later, wanted to shut it down and move the prisoners to Leavenworth. The only benefit to that is the very nebulous “world opinion” – and let’s face it, most of the rest of the world really only likes us when we’re victims. 9/12 syndrome. Moving them to Leavenworth would end up giving them full access to US courts, but these aren’t really prosecutable criminal cases, so many would be set free. Huckabee took the alleged “moral high ground” right alongside the Democratic party on this issue, and to the detriment of our national security. There have been numerous cases of released detainees showing right back up on the battlefield, including Abdullah Mehsood, featured in the Gitmo Cookbook. Speaking of flip-flops on Gitmo, he also flip-flopped on the Cuban embargo.

And don’t even get me started on his “arrogant bunker mentality” Foreign Affairs article, which was fisked here. He’s also clueless about what breeds terrorism – it’s not poverty. Other than staying in a Holiday Inn Express, what conservative foreign policy qualifications does Governor Huckabee have?

But Huckabee is fiscally conservative. Didn’t he cut taxes umpteen million times? Sure, but he raised them fewer times, in higher amounts, for a $500 million increase.

My friend is against illegal immigration. She didn’t know – or forgot – that Huckabee’s soul requires him to spend our tax dollars on incentives to increase it.

“Some people want me to be a lot harsher [on immigration policy],” Huckabee explains. “When I realized that there are kids [children of illegal immigrants] out there who are as good as me and they didn’t have a choice where they were born; they didn’t have a choice to whom they were born; then I have to ask myself do I really want to put my heel in their face no matter how hard they work? My soul won’t let me pander that issue any further than that and I’m not going to,” he says with determination.

Children in Darfur are as good as me, and they didn’t have a choice where they were born. What do we owe them? I have sympathy for children of illegals, but they are the problem of the country they were born in. Rewarding the families of illegal aliens only encourages more people to break our laws. But Huckabee says that my position on this is “un-Christian, un-American, irresponsible and anti-life.” What bible verse or accepted Christian doctrine mandates income redistribution by government? Taxes have no part of Christian charity. Charity is voluntary. Still, Huckabee’s soul evidently had a change of heart, because he cribbed a much stricter illegal immigration policy.

I think what will really impact people like my friend’s support of Huckabee is Rush Limbaugh’s opinion of him. Rush has specifically said that Huckabee is not a conservative, and that’s the kind of thing my friend would take seriously. Rush has also said that Fred Thompson is the “one candidate who did not display any moderateness or liberalism.”

As for me, I truly believe that the GOP is the frog in the pot. We’ve been gradually moving further and further left. At this point, I will even vote Hillary before I vote Huckabee. I’d rather turn the heat up with an unabashed leftist that Congressional Republicans will fight than continue simmering. It’s time to adjust our feelings to the facts. The fact is that people who call themselves conservatives (as opposed to Republicans, which includes a much broader spectrum of people) should not be voting for Huckabee. The question is, how many conservatives are left in the Republican party?

I am wondering that myself.  I am also wondering how many informed, educated people are among the Republican voters out there.  Are people actually informed about the candidates and are simply rejecting Conservatism or are people simply completely uninformed and ignorant on the policy positions and are voting and putting their support behind candidates based on style over substance?

Hopefully it is just a matter of ignorance and being uninformed and not that people are starting to reject conservatism and accept socialism and populism.


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