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More Speculation on Mike Huckabee’s Support

Some great comments left this morning at this HotAir post. First, a general assessment of the CINOs (Conservatives in Name Only) in the GOP race:

Imagine that the Conservative Coalition is a table with five legs. Each leg is a group within the tent: the Social Cons, the Fiscal Cons, the Foreign Policy Cons, the Law and Order Cons, and the Small Government Cons. Sure there’s some overlap, but go with it for now.

Now, most people can see that if (insert candidate) is nominated, he will saw off one or more of those table legs. The question now is who will saw off a leg or two, but still leave the table standing?

If Mitt takes the nomination, he might saw off the Social leg (Mormon/Abortions) and/or the Small Government leg (Health Care). If McCain gets the win, he saws off the Fiscal leg (Bush Tax cuts) and the Law and Order leg (Immigration). If Rudy gets the win, he saws off the Social leg (abortion, gay marriage), and some amount of the Law and Order leg (gun-grabbing and plummeting crime balance in some manner).

If Huckabee gets the win, he preserves the Social leg… and he saws off the Fiscal leg (taxes and spending), the Foreign Policy leg (let’s hug Iran like it’s Thanksgiving dinner), the Law and Order leg (let’s free 1300 criminals who “found Jesus”), and the Small Government leg (Let’s ban smoking, for the children).

For every candidate besides Huck, we at least have a table that can stand. Huck saws off every leg but one.

Lehosh on January 5, 2008 at 9:22 AM

I agree with this assessment to a point. In my opinion, John McCain is just as dangerous as Mike Huckabee. I don’t like John McCain’s foreign policy (weak on the torture argument and I don’t believe he has the will to fight the war. I believe he would be another Bill Clinton and be more interested in good press and following polls rather than leading.) nor his disdain for social conservatives, which he expressed in the 2000 campaign. Thus, John McCain, in my view, would end up cutting off 4 legs of the table, same as Mike Huckabee.

In addition to that, Rudy Giuliani ran a sanctuary city in New York. So the “Law and Order” leg is more than just his gun grabbing.

I thought that “csdeven” and “MT” had some insightful comments as well, regarding Mike Huckabee’s support and where it comes from. By his analysis, it seems that people who are now supporting Huckabee were first supporters of Fred Thompson. But they only jumped to Mike Huckabee based on Christianity and likeability, while completely ignoring the fact that Mike Huckabee is a liberal:

I hear the same kind of thing here in VA… evangelical Christians (I wish we could just say ‘Christians’, but it seems to have gotten to the point where that’s not specific enough) that are frustrated by the apparent lack of Fredmentum and are now excited about Huckabee. If you listen to the guy, he’s astonishingly convincing that he’s not a tax-raiser, that he’s pro-gun, that he’s prepared to defend this country against jihad, etc… I hope that Fred somehow finds some traction, but Mike is resonating and people are buying his message over his record.

MT on January 5, 2008 at 9:04 AM


Fred is not a Jesus candidate like Huck is. He did not, does not pander to a specific group. He speaks conservatism only. These same folks who were really excited about Fred and his conservative positions, have now moved over to a guy who is the antithesis of that? AND the SOB is LYING to them about his record as governor?!

What is the connection? IMO it’s the likability factor. Fred’s likable and so is Huck. Fred became less than likable by making the mistake of speaking seriously about conservative issues after he announced.

This coming from Christians. Christians who have been admonished through scripture to avoid “familiar spirits”. Well, this likability stuff is the epitome of “familiar spirits”.

I don’t want to minimize the abortion issue. But IMO, that issue is the one they use to justify being beguiled by Huck’s familiar spirit. But is he really that pro-life? Didn’t he take money from the stem cell lobby? [ed by Michael in MI — YES, he definitely did] How is that any different than what other candidates have done?

So, the evangelicals that are voting for Huck are serious misguided and cannot be considered true conservatives. Their vetting process boils down to abortion and likability. I think they are easily manipulated by someone who knows what makes them tick.

BUT, there is hope. Less than half of the evangelicals voted for Huck. That means the rest split between Mitt, McCain, and Fred. One of these guys needs to pull that majority together to vote for one of them. If that candidate can do that, the Huckabubble will burst and he will go back to where ever he came from.

csdeven on January 5, 2008 at 9:48 AM

I hate to keep trashing on Mike Huckabee and his supporters, but I don’t like when I see someone whose record is not getting proper scrutiny and that it seems people are only supporting him based on “likeability”. I have heard him and seen him speak and I admit that he is a very likeable fellow. But I have plenty of friends whom I like who are borderline socialists/communists. Just because you like someone and admire how they speak does not make them fit to be President of the United States.

I certainly hope that people do their research on all the candidates and stop getting swayed by media coverage, polls and the “likeability” factor. Turn off your radios and TVs and turn on your computers and do your research on them. Read their statements on the issues, instead of listening to their slick talking about them.

If “csdeven” is correct, it is very disheartening to know that people who say they are conservatives abandoned a conservative Fred Thompson, because he was “boring”, had no “fire in the belly” and was “lazy” only to go support Mike Huckabee, because he was a slick-talking Baptist preacher who lies about his policy stances and covers up his other failings with empty rhetoric and “likeability”.  Barack Obama is a likeable guy too and very good in public speaking as far as giving empty rhetoric and being a populist.  Mike Huckabee actually compared himself in a favorable way to Barack Obama after the Iowa primary.  That should tell people something.


January 5, 2008 , 4:44PM - Posted by | 2008 Presidential Election, Mike Huckabee

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