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Barack Obama’s Primary Win in Iowa = America is Colorblind??!?

Apprently this passes for political analysis nowadays, by the AP’s Sharon Cohen:

Ray Ballentine was waiting for a sign to throw his support to Barack Obama. And when Obama coasted to victory in Iowa’s caucuses, there it was — evidence that the senator had the broad racial appeal to get to the White House.

Umm, since when is gaining a small percentage of votes from Democrat voters in Iowa representative of “broad racial appeal”??? Can someone explain that please?

Since Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama are Christians, does this mean that their wins in Iowa are representative that America is a Christian nation which wants a President with a Christian message? By your logic, that would seem to be the case.

“I did have some reservations before, but he certainly got my vote now,” Ballentine said, eating a brisket and roast turkey salad with hush puppies at The Q Shack, a barbecue joint in Raleigh, N.C. “I was sort of undecided, but I feel like he can win the presidency.”

Ahhh, yes, he can just feeeeeeeel it. No talk of values, no talk of principles, no talk of issues, no talk of liberalism or conservatism. Nah, it’s all about feeeeeling and whether or not he can win the Presidency. All based on what a few Iowans who turned out to vote on one day in January 2008. All that now means that this nation is colorblind and Barack Obama has “broad racial appeal”.

Obama’s convincing win in Thursday’s caucuses in Iowa — a state with just a smattering of minority voters — demonstrated the Illinois senator’s support crosses racial lines and bolstered the notion that America is receptive to electing its first black president.

Again, what a few Iowa Democrat voters say seems to represent America? Hmm, so then why have they not gotten the Presidential nominees correct but once in history?

Whether Obama’s appeal stretches beyond the farm fields of Iowa will become clear over the next month as the freshman senator faces a series of tests on different political terrain — beginning with Tuesday’s primary in New Hampshire, another overwhelmingly white state.

But wait a minute! You just said that his win in Iowa means America is now colorblind. But now you say his appeal “may not stretch beyond the farm fields of Iowa”? Isn’t that contradictory to your meme?

But for Ballentine, who had been wavering between Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Obama, Iowa was a tipping point. Like many black voters, he says, he was looking for proof that Obama could garner white support. Yet he wonders if the rest of the nation is as willing as Iowa to embrace the idea of a black president.

Oh, I see. Since a few Iowa Democrats like Obama, that decides it for Ray, he likes Obama. I usually choose my candidate based on ideology, principles, values, their stances on the issues, that kind of thing. Ray? He chooses based on what Iowa Democrats decide. Also, guess what, Ray… The country is not racist. The country just does not like socialists or communists or empty suits, which is what Obama is. You give me the Black President from the TV show “24” or Thomas Sowell or Bill Cosby or Clarence Thomas running and my support is there. Put up race baiters like Al Sharpton or closet Black supremacists like Barack Obama and no, I won’t be supporting them. And it has nothing to do with the color of their skin, but everything to do with their ideology.

“I’m not really sure if they’re ready, you know,” he said. “I think it’s time. He’s speaking about change, and certainly that would be a change for this country. A change for the world.”

Again, no talk of issues, or values, or principles or morals or ideology. Just chaaaaaange. Yes, change is what we need. Change for the sake of change. Change from what??? Capitalism to socialism/communism? No thanks. Change from tax cuts to high taxes? No thanks. What ‘change’ are you talking about here, Ray or do you not even know yourself, you just like sounding good talking about chaaaaaange?

Polls have indicated the vast majority of Americans say they would support a black candidate seeking the White House. A Gallup survey conducted in early 2007 found only 6 percent of men and 5 percent of women said they would not vote for a black presidential candidate — a seismic political shift from 50 years ago when more than half those surveyed felt that way.

Wow, that’s supposed to be news? Guess what, mass media people, as much as you like to put forth that meme, the country is not racist. The only people pushing the meme that it is are YOU.

Though Obama’s win captured headlines and gave his campaign fresh credibility, he is not the first black candidate to triumph in a Democratic presidential contest.

Oh, you don’t say? By all the coverage, including this very article, you would think Obama was the first. Maybe people think that because YOU in the agenda-driven mass media have been shoving that lie down people’s throats. Nah, couldn’t be.

In 1988, civil rights leader Jesse Jackson, making his second bid for the White House, piled up Democratic primary wins in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Virginia and the District of Columbia along with caucus victories in South Carolina and Michigan.

But Obama’s roots and resume — as well as his campaign — are unlike other black candidates who’ve run for president. The son of a father from Kenya and a mother from Kansas, Obama was just a child during the dawn of the civil rights movement, grew up in Hawaii and Indonesia and has not made race the centerpiece of his candidacy.

HAHAHAHAHA! Are you kidding me? Talk about pushing a line of crap. By the way, I notice you were careful not to point out that his mother is white and his father is Black, meaning that Barack Obama is not actually Black, but half-Black, half-White. That is really what makes him different from every other Black candidate.

“Obama is running in a way that a lot of white voters feel very sympathetic,” said Merle Black, an Emory University political scientist. “He doesn’t make them feel guilty. He’s not running a Jesse Jackson campaign or an Al Sharpton campaign. He’s positioned himself to be a candidate who happens to be black, rather than a black candidate.”

Umm, white people don’t feel guilty. White LIBERALS feel guilty. Those of us who are conservatives don’t identify with black-white, we identify with ideology. The reason I don’t support Obama has nothing to do with him identifying as “a candidate who happens to be black”, but rather as him being a candidate who happens to be a leftist/socialist/Marxist. Oh, and again, he’s not Black, he’s half-Black, half-White.

In a far different way, the Republicans have their own presidential candidate with an unusual back story: Mike Huckabee, who won the GOP caucuses in Iowa with heavy support from Christian evangelicals, is an ordained Baptist preacher.

But it’s Huckabee’s years as an Arkansas governor, not his time in the pulpit that have taken him this far, said David Bositis, an analyst at the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, a black think tank. “If he had been a minister and never a governor, especially a governor who was re-elected … he wouldn’t be in this situation,” he says.

You have got to be kidding me. The only reason Mike Huckabee is even known nationwide is because he has used his Baptist Preacher background as a political weapon. If people actually stopped listening to him and started researching his background as governor, his support would drop considerably. But, hey, brilliant political analysis there David. No wonder the mass media is quoting your ignorant tripe.

For some voters watching Obama, his campaign — and his Iowa success — are simply reflections of changing times.

Ah yes, what happens in Iowa represents “changing times”!

“America’s becoming more open-minded,” said Mark Jambretz, a 36-year-old sales director at an Internet company in San Francisco. “I as a Republican can say that, and we need to open our eyes to people representing all ethnicities.”

Oooh, a guy from San Francisco claiming to be a Republican! And spouting liberal tripe. Another great job by the mass media pushing their agenda. Newsflash here Mark, Republicans have been voting in Black candidates, Hispanic candidates, etc for years now. Maybe YOU need to open YOUR eyes to that fact.

Still, he said he could envision some “radical groups” taking violent steps against a black candidate or president.

Oh yeah, project there much? Maybe you’re referring to the black-face tactics used by liberals in previous political campaigns. Sorry, to disappoint you, but the radical groups are all usually leftists smearing conservatives and especially Black conservatives. Condi Rice and Justice Clarence Thomas being the most obvious who have been smeared. It’s not race, but ideology.

That also worries Ballentine, the 53-year-old North Carolina electric utility field technician.

“I think he will certainly need to beef up his security, because I think there’s these wackos that will go to any extent to make sure he doesn’t win,” he said. “It’s sad to say that, but I think it’s a possibility. Some people just don’t want to see that happen.”

‘Some people’ huh? And who would those “some people” be?

Obama received Secret Service protection last spring — the earliest ever for any presidential candidate. He acknowledged at the time that some of the threats against him were racially motivated.

Of course he did, because he wanted to get sympathy from people about the race issue and deflect attention from the fact that he is an extreme liberal/socialist/Marxist.

Some voters, though, say Obama’s race may not even be that much of a factor in his campaign.

“I think that America wants a lot of change. I don’t necessarily know if it matters that he’s black or not — just that they want something different,” said John Beckner, while waiting for a table with his daughters outside Matt’s Big Breakfast, a diner in the shadow of downtown Phoenix.

Ahh, there we are with that wonderful word and meme again: CHAAAAAANGE. We all just want something different. We want change. We have no idea what the hell we want, we just know ‘something different’ and ‘change’. Absolutely brilliant. Idiots.

Beckner, a 34-year-old systems engineer who is white and married to a black woman, said he knows not all Americans will be able to look beyond Obama’s race. “I’m sure he’s going to alienate some people that just aren’t ready for that, or think he has special interests or a minority agenda,” he said. “… But the thirst for change is so strong … that would probably be enough to get him elected.”

Change again! Hmm, are we detecting a talking point here. Anyone here notice any talk of issues or policies or ideology? Nope, neither did I. Just chaaaaange.

Oh yeah and do you know about Mr. Obama’s church, Mr. Beckner? Maybe some people look to that and believe he has special interests and a minority agenda, since his church focuses on that. If Mike Huckabee chose to preach at the Westboro Baptist Church that would raise some eyebrows, dontcha think? So aren’t you wondering, out of alllllll the churches in the Chicago area, Senator Obama chooses to go to a Black Supremacist church? I know I am. But I guess all you care about is chaaaaange.

Standing nearby with her husband and son, Nancy Bergkamp said it’s experience that counts and Obama doesn’t have it.

“He’s out there, `Oh yeah, let’s change, let’s do something different and all that.’ But I think he’s kind of a flash in the pan at this point. I think he’s very unproven,” said Bergkamp, 51, a registered Republican. “The fact that he’s black is somewhat of an afterthought. Maybe I’m naive, but I would like to think we’re beyond that.”

BINGO! Bless your heart, Nancy. It took how many paragraphs to actually get to someone talking some sense in this article?

Maxine Siegler, a 54-year-old flight attendant from Miami, also said while Obama’s victory is a good sign that the nation is ready to elect a black president, “I don’t think this particular African-American is up for the job. I think we have a mess, somebody has got to fix it but I don’t think he’s the right person.”

Again, we have to wait until the bottom of the article to get to people actually talking some sense. But thank you Maxine. Also, interesting that the good sense is coming from the women.

Collette Lease, 32, an education assistant from Minneapolis, has reservations, too. While she said she’s excited a black candidate has the chance to take the White House, she’s not sold on Obama.

“He gives a great speech, but just because you can give a great speech doesn’t mean you can run the country,” she said.

YES! YES! YES! Collette, I love you! That has to be the best quote in this entire article. You nailed it! Marry me? Again, the women are on a roll here, this is fantastic.

Others, though, say Obama’s candidacy is groundbreaking and a sign that America is changing — even in the South.

“We can all go back to our history books and a couple of years ago something like this would never have happened,” said JaQuinda Harkness, a 20-year-old College of Charleston student strolling during lunch hour in the South Carolina city’s historic district. “For this to be happening this year, this century and for me to living in it is amazing.”

Uh, hey JaQuinda, where the hell have you been the last however many years. We have had Blacks in positions of political power for years. Not to mention, Obama’s candidacy is NOT groundbreaking. Were you not paying attention earlier in the article about Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? Apparently not. Apparently your history books didn’t tell you that either.

Sivi Bobbitt, a 35-year-old graduate student at Clark Atlanta University, is enthused too and believes Obama “wants the country to be the melting pot it’s supposed to be.”

She also thinks Obama’s biracial background may make him more palatable to white voters — especially younger ones who tend to be more open-minded.

Hmm, going to a Black Supremacist church doesn’t show me he wants the country to be a melting pot.

Oooh! Oooh! The first mention that Obama is from a biracial background.

But again, somehow this means that, as a white person, I should like Obama more. Ummm, I thought the premise of this article was that America was colorblind? Newsflash Ms. Bobbitt, it’s the ideology stupid, not the race. Apparently you are not learning that in graduate school. Pity.

“How our society is now, the younger generation doesn’t see color anymore,” she said. “It’s not a white thing. It’s not a black thing. We don’t think like that anymore.”

Really? You really must not follow politics. Or the news. Duke LaCrosse or Michael Vick or Jena 6 ring any bells? That was all about race.

The fact is that this article is all about focusing on race and chaaaaaange, and speaks nothiing to policies, ideology, issues or anything relevant. Great job, AP.

But now they have a meme out there so that when Obama loses based on his inexperience, naivety, ignorance and ideology, they can simply blame it all on how America is still racist.

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