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Fred Thompson Stands Alone on This Issue

After reading this headline over at HotAir about Mitt Romney talking about how he can defeat Barack Obama, the current national Democrat frontrunner in all the polls, it hit me how different and unique Fred Thompson’s campaign is from every other candidate in the Presidential race.

First, it’s interesting how we have gone from having the GOP candidates puff themselves up as “the only candidate who can beat Hillary!” to now having them proclaim their bonafides by saying they can beat Barack Obama.

But if you watched Fred Thompson’s 17 minute message to Iowa voters last week, there was a part of that message where he talked about bringing back the once great Democrat Party from the clutches of the radical left leadership. He talked about wanting to earn the vote of moderate Democrats who are frustrated with their leadership and want to vote for moderate or conservative values and principles. He talked about how the Democrat Party leadership had left the Conservative Democrat voters without a party. I thought this was a stunning highlight of how unique a campaign Fred Thompson is running from all the rest of the candidates.

Rudy Giuliani runs as an honest liberal. For that I admire him, even if he will not earn my vote, since I am a conservative. But he also has run mostly on being “the only candidate who can defeat Hillary”.

Mitt Romney suffers from flip-flopping on issues. People can’t really trust him, because he seems to be a political opportunist, changing his stance on issues for political gain. Someone called it “ambition without principle”. He is basically a moderate, but is trying to appeal to people as a conservative, even though he used to be liberal on issues. He’s basically running as a faux conservative. And now also is running on a “I can beat the Democrat nominee” campaign.

Mike Huckabee and John McCain are running on populism and trying to redefine conservatism. John McCain also tries to appeal to “independents”.

Duncan Hunter is the only other candidate running on a conservative message.

And now back to Fred Thompson. While the others (save Duncan Hunter) are using one of three campaign tactics:

(1) Redefine Conservatism and run as a populist
(2) Run as a liberal/moderate, but state they can beat the Democrat nominee
(3) Some combination of (1) & (2)

Fred Thompson runs on conservatism and appeals to conservative Democrats. While John McCain tries to redefine conservatism and appeal to “independents”, Fred Thompson stays true to his conservative principles and tries to appeal to Democrats who believe in conservative principles and are tired of their radical left Party leadership.

I just think that is something that is really getting overlooked in this campaign. Fred Thompson is really running a great campaign message. He is appealing to independents and Democrats, but not with populism or redefining conservatism, but with the belief that the base of America is made up of true conservatives who want conservative government. It is just a shame that people focus so much on his style, instead of his substance. Because his message is one of the best, if not the best, ones out there.

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