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NFL Super Bowl Should be Patriots-Cowboys

So LSU has won the NCAA Football National Championship and are now 2007 National Champions. Congratulations to them.

However, despite the fact that LSU has been crowned National Champion, the debate across the nation is anything but settled about who is the best team of the 2007 collegiate football season. Many people have stated that the best teams did not play in the National Championship game. Arguments can be made for USC or Georgia being better teams than either Ohio State or LSU or both. And USC and Georgia certainly made their cases for that argument in their whoopings of their opponents in their bowl games.

Because of that, the debate rages on over the current system in college football for crowning a National Champion, the Bowl Championship Series system. There has been a lot of talk about a playoff system in order to have this finally settled on the field by the players, instead of left up to a bunch of pollers’ opinions and computer program polls. I completely agree with those people who want a playoff and have felt this polling system was ridiculous, well before they even thought about the BCS system. I have never understood why college football is the only sport which doesn’t settle its National Champion on the field, but leaves it up to pollsters to determine.

However, on the way home from work this evening, a couple of sports talk radio personalities on the local station here were in favor of keeping the system as it is, not even really in favor of a “Plus One” playoff system (in which the top 4 ranked teams at the end of the season would be put into a playoff system). They seemed to think that the way college football does things is just fantastic.


Well, how about we apply the college football system to the NFL shall we? That would mean that instead of the playoff system we have, we would have the top ranked teams automatically go to the Championship Game, in this case the Super Bowl. So that means that this year, the Super Bowl would already be set as Patriots-Cowboys. While it is arguable that those two teams are the best in the NFL, an argument can also be made that the Colts and Jaguars and maybe even the Chargers are better than the Cowboys. Or maybe Packers fans would argue that the Packers are better than the Cowboys, even though they have one more loss.

The beauty of the playoff system is that it allows all the debate and trash talking leading up to the games and then allows the players to settle the debates on the field.

Also, if the NFL were setup as college football, the Colts would not have been the Super Bowl Champs right now. The Super Bowl would have been the Chargers vs the Bears. And the Steelers would not have had a chance to win the Super Bowl prior to that either, since, at the end of the 2005-2006 season, the Colts and Seahawks were the top two teams who would have been in the Super Bowl.

So I don’t understand why anyone would want to keep the current system in college. My suggestion is for an 8-team playoff. Right now they have the BCS bowls split among 4 days anyway, with the National Championship game a week after New Year’s Day, on Jan 7th. So why not have the 8 teams in 4 bowls a week before Jan 1st, then have the Final 4 on Jan 1st and then the National Championship Game on Jan 7th?

Just think, these were the Top 8 teams in the BCS this year:

Ohio State, LSU, Virgnia Tech, Oklahoma, Georgia, Missouri, USC, Kansas

This would have given us:

1 Ohio State vs 8 Kansas
2 LSU vs 7 USC
3 Virginia Tech vs 6 Missouri
4 Oklahoma vs 5 Georgia

I would definitely look forward to those games and that playoff!

Unfortunately, this is still not perfect as some great teams are still left out, such as 9 West Virginia and 12 Florida.

But, still, this is MUCH better than what we had this year. I would much rather have that playoff and only hear complaints from West Virginia and Florida, than to have arguably the two best teams in the nation at the end of the season, USC and Georgia, left out in the cold.

Hey NCAA, let’s have a playoff, shall we?


January 8, 2008 , 11:15PM - Posted by | NCAA, Sports


  1. The end of that round up would be LSU VS UGA, and what a game it would be 🙂
    SEC! baby

    Comment by lsutiger | January 15, 2008 , 8:04PM

  2. Well, I am a Big 10 guy myself, but I have to agree with you that a LSU-Georgia matchup would be the best.

    Actually, any matchup having LSU/Georgia/USC in it at the end would be the best. Those 3 teams were the strongest at the end of the season. And arguably West Virginia as well. Though their defense isn’t anywhere near as good as the other 3.

    Comment by michaelinmi | January 15, 2008 , 11:48PM

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