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Help Make Sergeant Jill Stevens America’s Choice for Miss America 2008



Well, my two favorite hot military women are Lemae and Sivani, but since they are not up for any official Miss America or Miss Israel awards, I have to endorse Jill Stevens for Miss America. Blackfive has the details where you can go cast your vote for her in the 2008 Miss America pageant: Make Sergeant Jill Stevens “America’s Choice” for Miss America

She is more than well deserving of the honor and is definitely a woman who is representative of all that an American woman should aspire to be. Please go give her your vote. And go back every day, as you can cast one vote per day.

January 10, 2008 , 12:50AM - Posted by | Afghanistan, Jill Stevens, Military, Miss America 2008, National Guard, Operation Enduring Freedom, US Army

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