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My Thoughts on Polls

I left this comment in response to Jake’s blog post: 65% of the American People support having Troops in Iraq.

All polls are simply a way for the mass media to push their agenda by pointing you to poll results. The polling questions are deliberately asked in a certain way so as to obtain a specific result. The mass media can then run a story and say “See, see, the American people say ___!” But what this really is all about is the mass media trying to get their agenda into their “reporting”.

The mass media believes X, but they cannot say that in their “reporting”, because they are supposed to be objective and just report the facts. So the way around this is to “report” the “fact” that “America says ___ about X”.

But really, stories on polls are just lazy and stupid “reporting”. When I want to know about X, I want to know the facts, history and proper context of X. I don’t really care what percentages of 1,000 polled Americans feel/think/believe about X. But the mass media doesn’t want you or me or Joe Schmoe American to know the facts, history and proper context of X so they can make up their own minds. No, they want them to be swayed by the opinions of 1,000 of their fellow Americans on the topic of X.

When it comes down to it, the only polls that matter are on election day. I ignore all other polls, because they don’t matter.

The other ‘polls’ that matter are when Americans contact their elected officials and express their support or displeasure with what their elected officials are doing in a general or specific sense.

But otherwise, whenever you see an article talking about a poll, that is simply the media trying to sway people into taking a certain position on that issue, nothing more.

UPDATE at 15:01 EST on 13 JAN 2008: And here we are, right on cue, with people writing more and more articles based on polls. Just more, lazy advocacy “reporting”.  And what is their goal here?  To get people to either vote for Mitt Romney, since he is in the lead or… to get John McCain supporters riled up so they come out to support their man, since he seems to be ‘losing’ in these meaningless polls.

Will it change my vote?  No.  You know why?  Because I could care less what anyone else thinks about the candidates.  I have researched their records, researched their political history and researched their statements they have made in their careers and, imagine this, have made up my own mind for whom to vote based on those facts. 


January 12, 2008 , 4:32PM - Posted by | 2008 Presidential Election, Media Bias

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