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While I wanted to see a rematch of the Colts-Patriots game in the AFC Championship Game, I was glad to see the San Diego Chargers beat the Colts. First, I have been fed up with the Colts-love since they beat my Bears in the Super Bowl last year. Second, I have been fed up with annoying Colts fans, who (1) have an annoying, immature hatred of the New England Patriots and (2) have been annoying for the past few years either whining about losing in the playoffs or bragging about how they have been the best team in the league, but just seem to choke in the playoffs. Newsflash, Colts fans: if you don’t win in the playoffs, you are not the best team, plain and simple.

But the point in the game where I started rooting big time for the Chargers was after the referees took 7 points away from the Chargers right before halftime. After Antonio Cromartie had an amazing return of his tipped pass interception of Peyton Manning, when the Colts looked to be going in for a TD right before Halftime, the referees called some bogus holding penalty during the return that negated the touchdown. After seeing the replay, anyone looking at that objectively could see that was a bogus call. In fact, the Colts’ player actually threw the Chargers player to the ground!

After that play, I turned into a huge Chargers fan for the game. So I’m very glad they won.

On top of which, I thought it was hilarious that the Chargers beat the Colts without having LaDanian Tomlinson for the entire 2nd half, and then didn’t have their QB Phillip Rivers for the key part of the 4th QTR. The Colts got beat by the Chargers 2nd team QB and 2nd team RB. BWAHAHAHAHAHA


Next week, however, I am back to rooting for New England to go 19-0.


January 13, 2008 , 5:20PM - Posted by | NFL, Sports

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