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Fredmentum? Fred Thompson SURGING in South Carolina

The more people get to know Fred Thompson, the more they like him.

Curt at Flopping Aces notes the “surge” of support for Fred Thompson in South Carolina: Fredmentum! Catch the Fevah!

THE NEW YORK TIMES reports that Fred Thompson is surging in South Carolina. And I just got an email from a journalist who says that crowds at Thompson events are suddenly over-capacity. Is it a tipping point for Thompson, or just a blip? Stay tuned.

As Curt notes, one of the best ways to support Fred Thompson, outside of getting out the word about him and his policies, is to donate to his campaign. He has had great success in raising money over the past week and continues to see his donations come in.

One last thing… I remain true to my point that people should not vote for someone based on “momentum” or “popularity” or “electability”. Research the candidates and vote for them based on whether or not you agree with their positions on policies. However, for those of you who have already stated that you want to vote for Fred Thompson, but have reservations based on “momentum”, “popularity” and “electability”, this post is for you.

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