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New York Times Smears OEF and OIF Military Veterans

I posted this at the end of my post about the story of Debbie Lee and Move America Forward’s trip to Iraq, but I thought it deserved its own post.


In case you were wondering what the mass media decided to put on the front pages of their papers across the country this morning, Curt at Flopping Aces and Charlie at Op-For have the details. Here is the summary intro from Curt:

The NYT’s continues in their long storied tradition of complete and utter bias by running a front page story that portrays our war veterans as a bunch of psychotic murderers…

Yeah. They ‘support the troops’. No media bias whatsoever. Say nothing of their successes and then write stories saying that they are all psychotic murderers of which all American civialians should be wary.

Nothing has changed with the Left. They still hate the military and find different ways of showing it every day.

Here are some comments from Charlie at Op-For, who has just returned from a deployment:

When I returned from deployment, troops were given multiple options for veteran support networks, counseling, and outreach. The whole demobilization process that units currently undergo is designed to evaluate and treat any post-combat stress that soldiers may have. Back in WWII, the demob process consisted of 4 weeks on a troop transport ship back stateside. That long time period gave troops an opportunity to decompress, and gain an understanding of the challenges that they went through together. This greatly assisted them in understanding their experience. In Vietnam, individual deployments, the draft, and other factors contributed to troops returning home with no network of support there to greet them. This has dramatically changed. Now whole units, not individual soldiers rotate back to the states. This assists in the re-integration process, and gives soldiers ways to communicate their problems to others.

The furtherance of this “Rambo syndrome” needs to be stopped before it starts, because 2008 is not 1972. The Vietnam era’s problems do not translate to our current conflicts, and the military has done a much better job at reintegrating soldiers. Despite the may problems facing the force today, I think that the efforts at getting troops back to civilian life have been very good, and I can speak to this as a soldier who has just returned from deployment.

Also, in the comments section at Flopping Aces, “JustADude” notes that the NYT piece is an outright smear of the members of the United States military, since the murder rate is much, MUCH lower than the population of the United States. But the intention of the piece is to make the reader believe that members of the US military coming back from OEF and OIF have much, much GREATER rates of committing murder.


There is a major point here that was missed.

The civilian figure is an ANNUAL rate.

The military count is for the duration of the entire Iraq/Afghanistan war so lets for argument say its 6 years to pick a number.

That means the military rate is 1/6 per year of what ArmedLiberal calculated making the comparison even more telling.


But no matter how you cut it with the 6 year example I proposed that would move the military related murders to 20 per year annual rate for the entire age span of the military as a whole.

Leaving out any sort of scale of comparison by the NYT in their story is a sin of omission that relegates the determination of the severity of the issue to the reader and does little to inform and in fact leads to a potential conclusion that mis informs the reader.

And Curt posts this bit by Armed Liberal at Winds of Change, who dissects the NYT smear piece:

From the October 1, 2001 start of the Afghanistan war, that’s about 26,000 troops/month. To date (Jan 2008) that would give about 1.99 million.

That means that the NY Times 121 murders represent about a 7.08/100,000 rate.

Now the numbers on deployed troops are probably high – fewer troops from 2001 – 2003; I’d love a better number if someone has it.

But for initial purposes, let’s call the rate 10/100,000, about 40% higher than the calculated one.

Now, how does that compare with the population as a whole?

Turning to the DoJ statistics, we see that the US offender rate for homicide in the 18 – 24 yo range is 26.5/100,000. For 25 – 34, it’s 13.5/100,000.

See the problem?

For those who are not following, here is it put simply:

18-24 year-old’s Homicide Rate: 26.5
25-34 year-old’s Homicide Rate: 13.5
Returning OEF/OIF Homicide Rate: 10.0

From that, the NYT is trying to say that returning OEF/OIF military members are a threat to society… because their homicide rate is much, much LOWER than that of the average civilian who has NOT gone to war?

Now do you see the problem? This was nothing, but a complete smear of the members of the US military. Luckily, they cannot get away with it anymore, since the milblogs are on the case to set the record straight.

Granted, maybe they are getting away with it on the Left. I haven’t checked any Lefty blogs to see if they are gloating about this article.

Either way, instead of running a front page story about Debbie Lee and her trip with Moving America Forward to Iraq and talking about how it is the first time a mother of a soldier who died in Iraq has visited the place where her son was killed, they run a hit piece to smear the entire United States military.

As Selwyn Duke said, we are losing the race for the American mind. Unless you work to pass on stories like this…


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