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Another brilliant example of why I enjoy listening to Rush Limbaugh:


[ … ]CALLER: Number two, you used a term “mystified” a couple of times today, and I’d like to say that Thomas Paine wrote that without an informed electorate, democracy would surely fail — and if you substitute “uninformed” with “misinformed” with the way the mass media is giving out all this information, that’s the reason we’re so confused.

RUSH: Well, there’s no question, but look here. I will admit that I am among those of you who are frustrated and angry over a bunch of ridiculous things happening that are not needed. We don’t need Republicans traveling off the conservative reservation to win. We don’t need people who are willing to abandon conservative principles for whatever reason, in order to win. But it’s happened. Okay, so it is what it is. Things are cyclical. I read a piece today. I forget who wrote it. I’m not intentionally forgetting this. It’s in the American Spectator on their website, and it’s about how maybe conservatism does need to go through some changes here. A lot of people on our side are starting to say this. The premise here is that the Reagan era is over. We’ve got a bunch of young people who are coming of age now in the political spectrum, who weren’t alive during the cold war. They have no idea. The Berlin Wall falling? Yip, yip, yahoo. “They didn’t live through it — just like you, Limbaugh, didn’t live through the Great Depression, you know, so you don’t care about another depression happening. You don’t care what the politics were back then.”

Au contraire, by the way, but have people telling me this. So these young people couldn’t care less, just like young people today are not imbued with any sort of romance over the Clinton era, because they don’t really remember it. They’re 18 and 20 now, but back then it wasn’t any big deal. I profoundly disagree with this notion that conservatism is somehow fading away. It can’t. It’s immutable; it is a set of principles. It survives. It’s not a scheme, as I keep saying. There are people who are constantly… Look de Toqueville, 149, 120 years ago, spelled out the basic challenge between liberalism and conservatism. Conservatism was present at the founding of the country. Liberalism has been around forever, and it’s not going away. Conservatism isn’t going away. These are ideas, these are battles of ideas — and nobody’s going to be able to erase conservatism as an idea. It isn’t going to happen. One of the things that’s happening, you talk about young people? Nobody talks about it because, of course, the Drive-Bys and people outside this universe are not even aware of it, but it’s the phenomenon known as Rush Babies. Look at all the conservative Republican clubs at major institutions of higher learning. Look at Berkeley. More Republicans enrolled than liberal Democrats at the University of California at Berkeley.

Now, these things are cyclical, and it may well — There are consequences, by the way, to actions, and if the Republican Party is going to end up nominating somebody who is going to try to steal voters from moderates, independents, and Democrats and liberals, and gets elected or loses that way, okay. We’re gonna get either Mrs. Clinton or Obama. The odds are, if they do what they promise, we’re going to get another four years of malaise at some point. We’re going to get another Jimmy Carter-type administration — and that, guess who, is going to awaken a whole lot of people, particularly young people who are now inspired by conservatism, forming clubs, going to universities, and living their lives based on these principles. So it’s unfortunate, but sometimes it takes a Jimmy Carter to get a Ronald Reagan. There’s another reason for it. (sigh) As you know, I love President Bush, but he’s not been leading a movement. Had there been a genuine conservative movement being led these last eight years, we wouldn’t be in this situation. But, again, that’s what it is.

He never said he was going to, so you can’t really sit here and blame him. He’s a Republican. He’s conservative on certain things, but he’s not “a” conservative — and we haven’t had one of those, you know, since the Republicans took over the House in 1994. But it’s there for the asking, if somebody just wants to assume the mantle of leader in a forceful and powerful way. It’s going to be tough because the Drive-Bys and Democrats will line up. You see the Drive-Bys. You can see who they’re propping up on our side. You can identify who the conservatives are if you’re questioning it, if you’re confused, by looking at who the Drive-Bys tear down on our side and who they support. I guarantee you the people they support –the Drive-By Media, the people they support on our side — are not conservative. The Democrat Party, the liberals in this country, the media would love nothing better than for the conservative movement to be made defunct, a nonfactor. They would love for the Republican Party to go back to being dominated by a minority of country club blue bloods, who didn’t have to suffer the embarrassment of being in the same party with people who are pro-life.



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