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Super Bowl XLII: New Yawk vs Bawston

Congrats to the Patriots and the Giants.

I think a Patriots-Packers matchup would have been better, but with the way the Giants have been playing this post-season, who knows now. They may put up a good fight against the Patriots’ attempt at perfection.

While I have come to admire Bret Favre, I am SO glad to see the Packers not go to the Super Bowl. heh

It’s also great to know that half the Packers’ losses this season were to the Chicago Bears. heheh

I just have one thing left to say to the Giants for beating those damn cheeseheads (and saving us all from 2 weeks of disgusting man-love gushing over Brett Favre):

January 20, 2008 , 11:24PM - Posted by | NFL, Sports

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