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Identity Politics vs Ideology Politics vs Issue Politics

I left this comment at this post by Mike at Flopping Aces: Fred’s Revenge!

Nice analysis, Mike, but I really wish the blogs and the mass media would stop with the identity politics and ideology politics and get to ‘issue politics’. I don’t care how self-described churchgoers or conservatives or independents voted. I am more interested in seeing how people voted on the issues. Because then we can all get to work on educating these voters on the issues.

For example, let’s say that 40% of people who wanted a tough policy on illegal immigration voted for John McCain. To me, that makes no sense and I would question whether or not those voters know all about John McCain’s stance on illegal immigration. I would take from that, that they do not and then would know that voters do not seem to know about the illegal immigration issue and would work to get that info out.

Another example would be say 40% of voters whose first priority is the economy voted for Mike Huckabee. This also makes no sense to me, from what I know of Mike Huckabee’s big government, high taxing stance. So I would take that info and then work to get out the facts about Mike Huckabee’s economic policies.

The only thing I get out of “evangelicals voted this way” or “conservatives voted that way” is a way for us to all say “man, evengelicals are idiots for voting for X”. And someone who identifies as a “conservative” tells me nothing. On what issues are they conservative? Fiscal? Social? Foreign Policy? Are they “neo-cons” or Ron Paul foreign policy conservatives?

See what I mean, Mike?

I don’t necessarily blame the blogs as much, since I figure that you are just working with the data you have from the mass media.

BUT, even so, you are still pushing that mantra, which, I believe, is intended to divide people, instead of focus on the issues. I see this happening on a lot of political blogs or blogs which are just covering this Primary campaign. Instead of talking about issues, people are ripping into States, groups of people and religions based on these “exit polls” focusing not on issues, but on identity politics.

I believe this is hurting us and splitting the Party apart. And I believe that is exactly the intention of the mass media in focusing on identity politics instead of issues.

January 21, 2008 , 7:18PM - Posted by | 2008 Presidential Election, Identity Politics

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