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The Choice: 4 Years of Liberalism Now or 8 Years of Liberalism Later

Many pundits defending John McCain are now taking “he’s at least better than Obama/Clinton” line. While I disagree with that and see not much difference between John McCain and Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, I also think this argument is completely short-sighted and completely unfocused on all of John McCain’s liberal policy positions that will destroy this country much more than any terrorist attack ever could.

Here is my response to Uncle Jimbo at Blackfive in his call for Conservatives to get over their criticism of John McCain and support him solely to keep Obama or Clinton out of the White House: President McCain or President Obama?

Not voting for McCain. Ever.

‘Be careful what you wish for”, folks. I see a reverse Jimmy Carter scenario coming.

Jimmy Carter wrecked the country for 4 years and ushered in arguably the nation’s most conservative President in history and 12 years of Republican rule in the White House. I see the same thing happening in reverse if John McCain wins the Presidency. 4 years of his liberal policies messing up this country, from his anti-free speech laws to his big government global warming crap to his big government destroy the nation amensty nonsense to his calling any Republican/Conservative who disagrees with his policies “bigots”, “racists” or “foolish” (and continuing to stick his finger in our eyes and giving us a nice big FU and STFU for 4 years) thereby pissing off the conservative movement/base even more than he has over the past 7 years all the while cozying up to his fellow liberals in the Democrat Party and the mass media.

Not to mention not giving us good Justices, since he will never nominate (1) anyone who will declare McCain-Feingold un-Constitutional and (2) anyone the liberals in the Senate deem unworthy (remember Gang of 14 which McCain led, based on his reasoning that the Constitution stated that the President needed to consult with Congress before nominating a Justice in order to gain their approval first, when it says nothing of the sort). This should be of considerable interest to you, Uncle Jimbo, considering that McCain-Feingold was going to affect bloggers with regards to the F.E.C. You are a part of Pajamas Media, are you not? How do you like the prospect of getting the permission from the FEC before you can talk about anything political on a blog? Sound like fun?

Or how about the Fairness Doctrine? You really think John McCain would be against that? The liberal Congress will be working to bring that back and you can bet your straight talkin’ ass that McCain would be all in favor of that to shut up all his detractors in talk radio. He would absolutely looooooove to stick it to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and the rest who have called him out on his liberal policies and especially his Amnesty bill.

So, let’s recap… what do we get with a McCain Presidency.

* Big government program with global warming legislation. The global warming programs serve to continue to destroy the auto industry in which I work with more ridiculous environmental regulations and taxes. The global warming programs also serve to increase government control over our lives, like the government controlled theromstat program they have in California and the banning of flourescent light bulbs. Then we have higher taxes to pay for all this big government nonsense.

* No good justices to the Supreme Court, since he will not appoint anyone who disagrees with McCain-Feingold

* Probable expansion of McCain-Feingold to include political bloggers in the efforts to shut them up in their criticism of government

* Likely efforts to bring back the Fairness Doctrine to shut up all his opposition, since liberals do not like the free exchange of ideas

* And last, but not least, the biggest big government economic program in history with amnesty for illegal aliens, with no border enforcement and no enforcement of any laws that have been on the books since at least 1986, which haven’t been enforced since then and never will, because the government establishment wants it that way.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget that if you disagree with any of these things by McCain, he’ll call you a racist or a bigot or foolish or tell you to f— off, a–hole.

Yeah, that sounds wonderful to me. Not.

I will be hoping for Romney/Thompson and then writing in Thompson, if McCain gets the nomination. Period.

Again, be careful what you wish for. I see a McCain presidency ending up being the reverse Jimmy Carter effect: 4 years of McCain will wreck the country and then lead to 8 years of the most liberal President and policies in our history. Personally, I’d rather have 4 years of Clinton or Obama now and then see them wreck the country and have the American people wake up and get a conservative back in the White House to fix everything. But hey, if you would rather have 4 years of McCain and then a decade of extreme liberalism after that, go right ahead.

UPDATE at 23:50 EST on 30 JAN 2008: I’m adding some responses I left at Blackfive and my MySpace blog in reply to some commentors:

I am fairly new to politics (started paying attention on 9/12/2001), so I am still hold fast to my convictions and idealism. I became inspired by fellow conservatives over the course of the years following 9/11/2001 and in the 2004 campaign, but have become completely disillusioned with conservatives and politics over the course of the past year+ and during this primary campaign. I am seeing the same people who made fun of Democrat voters in 2004 for running John Kerry based on “electability” and “Anybody But Bush!” now throw their conservative principles and convictions to the wayside to exact the same strategies: “electability” and “Anybody But Hillary/Obama!” It disgusts me.

Personally, from my limited time following politics, I feel that the problem with government is not the politicians, but the American people. Sure the politicians are 99% power hungry scumbags who care nothing for the country, but simply for their own power and fortune. BUT… BUT… why are they allowed to get away with being this way? Because of WE, THE PEOPLE. WE, THE PEOPLE, with our “oh fuck it, they all suck, I’ll just vote for the lesser of two evils” attitude.


If We, the People, would actually stand on conviction and hold to account our elected officials, and stop our bitching and moaning and complaining about government and politicians and actually DO SOMETHING to put an end to it, things would be better. BUT… We, the People, continue on with the “lesser of two evils” attitude and, guess what? The politicians take full advantage of that cynicism, apathy and ignorance.

This is OUR country. If we want things to be different, the Founding Fathers gave us the power to do so. If we don’t see things the way we like it, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

The only way to get our government to behave how it should is to become more active and to actually stand on our convictions. And to inspire others to do so as well. Inspire others to get informed, get educated and get engaged in the political process.

If we do that, our country will be much better off. But the first thing that must be dealt with is this cynical, do nothing “lesser of two evils” bitching and complaining attitude most Americans have.

Posted by Michael in MI on 30 Jan 08 Wednesday at 11:26 PM


My reasoning that McCain will be there for 4 years is based on my reverse Jimmy Carter scenario. With a McCain Presidency, we will have had 12 straight years of Republican rule in the White House. In addition to that I see McCain wrecking the country as much as Jimmy Carter did, if not worse. What that happens, the attitude of the American people will be “enough of this failed Republican rule, we need liberal Democrats in office” and we then usher in 8+ years of extreme liberal policies that continue the downward spiral of policies from a McCain Administration.

So that’s where I get my reasoning that McCain would only last 4 years.

If I had the choice between McCain and Ron Paul, I’d write in Thompson.

You know what would throw the political world for a loop? McCain taking on Ron Paul as a VP candidate.

Posted by Michael in MI on 30 Jan 08 Wednesday at 11:30 PM


Rich – I’m not calling into question John McCain’s military record, I am simply saying that what he did 30 years ago really does not matter to me. I can honor someone’s military record and also state that it has absolutely no bearing on their politics. Look at John Kerry, Jack Murtha, Jim Webb or any other partisan Lefty military veteran.Or look at President George W Bush. Was his military career of any value to his political judgement? I would say no. I didn’t vote for him based on his service to his country in the 1970s, I voted for him based on his understanding of the current situation in which we find ourselves today.We are not in the era of Vietnam or WWII. We are in an entirely different era of war and military strategy. Someone with a 1970’s thought process is not going to help in understanding a modern day reality of war and terrorism.In my opinion, military service says nothing more than an individual person had the integrity and honor to see the importance of serving our country at a young age. Something that I did not have and am ashamed about to this day. I honor, respect, admire and envy any and all military veterans and current members for their decision to serve and sacrifice for this great nation.BUT, when it comes to politics, military service does nothing for me. There are plenty of great soldiers and patriots who are complete and utter a–holes in their personal lives. And who are socialists and Marxists and Islamists and racists and Christian-hating atheists, etc etc etc.So I don’t take too kindly to someone saying “vote for me because I served in the military and that makes me an expert on military matters”. That’s just not so. And just because I say that does not mean that I honor, respect, admire and envy military members any less for their service and sacrifice to this nation. It simply means that military service does not automatically equal qualification for political office or understanding of military matters and the big picture of wars.
“While I can not and will not put John McCain anywhere near the pit of disdain Murtha has dug for himself … shouldn’t we use the same standard to evaluate the good Senator?”
RICH – Also, I don’t consider him a “good Senator”, I consider him an a–hole. Just as he considers me a bigot, racist, foolish and a–hole for disagreeing with him on Amnesty and campaign finance and global warming. When he gives the American people, whom he is supposed to be serving in office, the respect that we deserve, then I will grant him that same respect. Until then, he can take his “straight talk” and shove it.

Posted by: MICHAEL in MI | January 30, 2008 at 10:42 PM


Cincinnati_Bob – My attitude is that we need to stop the identity politics, stop the politics of “f— it, just vote the lesser of two evils”, stop the attitude of giving up on principles and values and issues for the sake of winning elections. After we stop that, we need to start with educating, informing and getting our fellow citizens enthusiastically engaged in the political process. That is the main reason we have the government and elitist politicians that we have today, because most Americans are apathetic, ignorant and lazy… and politicians know they only have to work to that low standard.We, the People, are the problem. The good thing is… We, the People, are also the solution. But it is going to take a lot of hard work on behalf of people working to engage in political debate of ideas on issues and values and principles and stopping this petty political debate we have now where everything is dumbed down and focuses on the tabloidization of politics. People need to turn off their TVs, stop with the Olbermann’s and the Hannity-and-Colmeses and what passes for “political discussion” in our mass media and certain political blogs and start picking up books and reading and educating themselves on history and military matters and ideological matters and economic matters throughout history. That will improve our nation. And we will all benefit going forward.Continuing the “f— it, just vote the lesser of two evils” and focusing on identity politics and such will only have us regress further and further. And that is exactly what our power-hungry elitist scumbags in office want. They want us dumb and apathetic so they can do whatever they want and have as much control over us as they want.It is up to We, the People, to stop this.

[ … ] McCain is a bonafide hero and a great man but he’s too damned dumb about economics and the environment to make a good president. Sure, he’s better than Obama or Hillary but that’s setting the benchmarks pretty low. I’d vote for McCain rather than either one of them but then I’d vote for Zippy the Pinhead rather than them.

Marine Major General Smedley Butler was one of nineteen men who won the Medal of Honor twice. However, he spent his retirement as a lefty conspiracy nut spouting nonsense. Great courage is a desirable trait in a president but not a sufficient condition. Butler would have made a poor president and so would McCain. Yet, both are great men.

McCain believes a bunch of nutty things and doesn’t believe some important things. He believes that humans are boiling the planet and that we can cool it down. He believes that capitalists on Wall Street caused the current problem with subprime mortgages rather than stupid borrowers taking doomed loans. He wants to throw those imaginary capitalist criminals in prison.

At the same time, McCain is indifferent to the problems with illegal immigration. His point man for immigration believes the seventh generation of Mexican immigrants to America should be thinking Mexico first. WTF? That’s a deal-breaker for me right there.

Romney lacks the heroism of McCain but he has the successful executive experience, the unflappable temperament, the economic literacy, the intelligence, the articulateness to be a very good president. He’s the best choice of the whole field.

Posted by: Tantor | January 30, 2008 at 11:14 PM


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