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Would John McCain Abandon and/or Betray the U.S. Military?

I am reading many people reason that the main reason to support John McCain, above all else, is that he will not turn his back on our military, while the Democrats will. In addition, they will probably slice and dice the military as Bill Clinton did in the 1990s.

Fair enough point. However, I read a response to this reasoning which asked “what did John McCain do to stand up to Bill Clinton and his Administration and his Secretary of Defense during the 1990s to stop him from decimating our military and intelligence agencies?” John McCain brags about going after Donald Rumsfeld, yet what did he do in the 1990s to stand up to Clinton and his SecDef, if he cares so much about our military?

I think this is a valid question. I don’t look at John McCain as some kind of leader, I see him as doing everything over the course of the past 7 years to align himself with Democrats and liberals and to get in the good graces of the mass media. I simply do not trust him. Will he lead an effort to decimate our military and intelligence agencies as a Democrat Administration would do? Probably not. Would he adamantly defend the military against calls from a Democrat Congress and the mass media and liberals across America to decimate the military and our intelligence agencies? I honestly do not know. He has shown me no reason to believe he will stand up to the Left and the mass media. He seems more energized and excited to stand up to Conservatives and Republicans. He has sided with the Left in their attack on the administration with regards to “torture” and granting American civil liberties and rights to terrorists and with the demonizing and closing of GTMO. That worries me.

Not to mention that illegal immigration is just as big a part of our national security as the war effort in The Long War abroad. You cannot divide the two. The only reason 9/11 was able to succeed is because of our lax immigration policies. And yet, people say that John McCain is strong on national defense?

I don’t buy it.

And again, what did John McCain, war hero and lover of all things military, do to stop the Clinton Administration from decimating our military and intelligence agencies in the 1990s? Did he fight as strongly for the military back then as he fought and ridiculed former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld?

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Hey Marines – You Are UnInvited, UnWelcome Intruders!

Click on the image for the story about the outrageous conduct of the treasonous jackasses in Berkeley, CA towards our United States Marines.


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John McCain’s Record on Gun Rights: Abysmal, Wretched and Pathetic

So says, via military veteran Chuck Z. at TCOverride, who has these words to say about Senator asshat extraordinaire McCain:

Oh yeah, the asshat extrodinaire. I will vote (I SWEAR) for Hillary before I vote for him. If you’ve read the post from the Mrs., and you still think he’s not the absolute worst choice for a president, let alone a shitty human being, then fuck you. Stop reading . Go away. Eat my shit. Plus, he’s a RINO, weak on immigration, weak on foreign policy, and he looks like he’s got a perpetual case of the mumps. I give a rat’s ass about his service in Vietnam, or his time as a POW. Neither made him noble, or honorable. I bet the NVA thought he was an asshole too. McCain-Feingold showed that he was unable to understand the 1st amendment to our constitution, and as far as the second amendment goes, here’s his record.

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Your Handy Candidate Comparison Chart

Keep this in mind when you go to vote in your Primary.

[Via Gateway Pundit: Sean Hannity Endorses Mitt Romney! (AUDIO)]


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