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John McCain’s Record on Gun Rights: Abysmal, Wretched and Pathetic

So says, via military veteran Chuck Z. at TCOverride, who has these words to say about Senator asshat extraordinaire McCain:

Oh yeah, the asshat extrodinaire. I will vote (I SWEAR) for Hillary before I vote for him. If you’ve read the post from the Mrs., and you still think he’s not the absolute worst choice for a president, let alone a shitty human being, then fuck you. Stop reading . Go away. Eat my shit. Plus, he’s a RINO, weak on immigration, weak on foreign policy, and he looks like he’s got a perpetual case of the mumps. I give a rat’s ass about his service in Vietnam, or his time as a POW. Neither made him noble, or honorable. I bet the NVA thought he was an asshole too. McCain-Feingold showed that he was unable to understand the 1st amendment to our constitution, and as far as the second amendment goes, here’s his record.


February 1, 2008 , 12:21AM - Posted by | 2008 Presidential Election, Gun Control, John McCain

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