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After You Sell Your Conservative Soul and Then Lose at the Polls, Then What?

It is February 2nd, 2008, not even 10% of the nation has voted in the Presidential Primaries and the vaunted Conservative base is already waving the white flag of surrender. Yes, the same brave, strong Americans who have spent the last 6 years calling Democrats and Liberals and Progressives traitors and “surrender-monkeys” have given up the fight for Conservatism. These so-called conservatives had real Conservative choices in the Presidential Primary of 2008, but rallied behind none of them. Why?

Because a large portion of them sold their souls for the sake of an electoral victory.

For 6 years since 9/11/2001, I closely followed politics and read blogs of Conservatives and read them proclaim loudly and proudly how principled they were and how they would die defending their conservative principles and values and morals. They called the opposition traitors and libtards and fascists and immoral. They talked boldly and badly and proudly about being true Patriots and true Americans.

Yet, when the time came to walk the walk, these people were no where to be found.

Tom Tancredo, Duncan Hunter, Fred Thompson. All Conservatives, all gone from the Presidential Primary. The bold, loud and proud conservatives of the last 6 years failed them. They said that the principles and morals and values of these candidates were not good enough, because they were “boring” or lacked “fire in the belly” or were “lazy”. And then of course the mantra that we heard the most from the self-proclaimed most principled of Americans: they’re not “electable”.

From early 2005 until now, conservatives have not been talking about issues and values and morals and working to explain to the American populace why conservatism is better for America and working to educate and inform and inspire their fellow Americans to become engaged in politics. No, the effort has been focused on selling their souls for whatever the price, so long as they could be assured of a Republican win in 2008. The conservative soul was for sale for any price, in exchange for keeping Hillary Clinton (and more recently, Barack Obama) out of the White House.

Well, you know what happens when you sell your soul: you cannot get it back.

So, when Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama end up winning the 2008 Presidential Election in a landslide victory over these sellouts’ savior of choice, John McCain, I am interested in what these people are going to do. They say they are selling their souls in order to save America, in order to save the war effort, in order to “support the troops”. Yet, they don’t seem to have a plan for when the GOP loses the election and then they are faced with the reality that they have lost all credibility for the conservative movement.

Do they really think that anyone is going to buy their talk about being principled when they sold those so-called principles for an electoral victory?


What the John McCain conservatives seem to be telling me is that they have no plan and no strength and no courage and no spine to fight for the country and their conservative principles if Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama win the Presidency. They have told me that liberals and Democrats and progressives are not the only ones who believe in “the end justifies the means”. They have also told me that they do not believe in conservatism. If they did, then they would believe that we could nominate a conservative and that conservative would inspire the country to elect him/her to the White House.

But, soon after 2004, the deals were already being made to sell the conservative soul for an election victory. First Rudy Giuliani and now John McCain.

That tells me one thing: John McCain conservatives don’t believe in conservatism. They do not believe conservatism will inspire America and can win elections.

These John McCain conservatives tell me that those of us who oppose John McCain must rally behind him, otherwise America will fall, because of a Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama Administration. It is “our only choice”.

Well, I have news for them, if our only choice now is between a liberal and two socialists, then America has already fallen.

The difference is some of us are preparing to fight on after the Democrats take the White House. Fight on for our troops, fight on for our nation, fight on for Conservatism. Because we believe in the power and the rightness of these principles and ideals and do not believe that any one man or woman or any one political party can destroy them.

Sadly, this election season has shown me that not everyone believes the same. And some are willing to sell their souls, instead of fight for what is right.

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