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Behold: John McCain, the Conservative Savior from Hillary/Obama

Yeah, there’s a big difference between John McCain and the Democrats… or not.

John McCain – “He does not love this Party” ; “He is trying to build a personal movement with the Republican Party as its vehicle.”

Audio flashbacks: The great Kerry-McCain flirt of 2004

I will add one thing to Bryan’s statement below: John McCain flirted with joining a ticket with John Kerry against a sitting Republican President IN TIME OF WAR.

Yet, this man is supposed to be the one whom Conservatives say will stand up for our troops? Hmmm…

Maverick. Political switch hitter. Flirted with joining a ticket with John Kerry against a sitting Republican president back in 2004? This is old ground, but it’s worth going over as a reminder of who we’re dealing with in John McCain.

Here’s a 2007 clip of John Kerry on how John McCain’s people approached Kerry about a possible 2004 fusion ticket.

[ … ]

So in March 2004, McCain says he would entertain the unlikely Kerry offer if it came, and in July 2004 he says he was never offered the slot, but that’s after Edwards was already on the ticket. “It was never offered” does not equal “I never sought it or sent out feelers.” So did he? In April 2007 John Weaver flatly denied that McCain ever sought to be on the Kerry ticket, and McCain chief of staff Mark Salter called it a “fantasy” and said that Kerry approached McCain as early as 2003. But in that Snow interview, McCain himself seemed to leave the possibility open that he approached Kerry by how carefully he worded his answers. Someone here isn’t telling the truth. Maybe all involved aren’t. There is history of both Kerry and McCain dissembling, with McCain as recently as this week baldly mischaracterizing Mitt Romney’s position on Iraq.

As the saying goes, where there’s smoke there’s fire, so obviously there was some discussion between Kerry and McCain of creating a fusion ticket against Bush. How far those talks got is hard to say: Kerry says there were feelers, McCain doesn’t answer the question, but the man Kerry named as McCain’s agent in 2004 flatly denies the whole thing. It seems possible to me that Kerry approached McCain in 2003 but it was too early, so McCain put Kerry off. But in 2004 once Kerry became the Democrat front-runner, McCain may have very quietly sought intel on whether Kerry’s 2003 overture was still on the table. It wasn’t. But that’s conjecture. If McCain did approach Kerry and Kerry rejected him, then Maverick is a turncoat and Kerry is a fool, because Edwards brought nothing to that ticket and McCain probably would have made enough of a difference to give us a President Kerry now. One thing we do know that McCain went on in that Snow interview to declare support for President Bush, and that McCain became an energetic campaigner for Bush throughout the rest of that year. But we also know that McCain has been a thorn to Republicans on most other issues ever since he lost to Bush in 2000.

Whatever did happen in 2004, it’s not quite the end of the story. Here’s former House Speaker Dennis Hastert on the Mark Levin Show Friday night. Hastert endorses Mitt Romney and describes what it was like working with the Straight Talkin’ Maverick in Congress. Hastert makes many of the same anti-McCain points that the conservative pundits stress: McCain-Feingold, McCain-Kennedy, etc. But coming from a fellow Republican member of Congress, Hastert’s obvious annoyance at McCain packs a little bit more of a punch.

[ … ]

That’s how hard it was for conservatives to work with Senator McCain. Imagine them having to work with President McCain.

I have been told to be “practical” and “realistic” and to bag my idealism, because it is foolish and some have flat out stated that anyone who doesn’t support whomever is the Republican nominee against the Democrats has lost their minds.

Well, I will repeat what I said to Clay in my previous blog. Summary: the REALITY is that John McCain will lose in a landslide to whomever is the Democrat nominee, because he is a liberal Democrat in the Republican Party and the nation is tired of Republican Presidents. Unless America has a choice between a Conservative and a Liberal, they will vote Democrat. That is the reality we have to face.

Clay – If you want me to speak pragmatically and realistically and bag my idealism for a moment, here you go…

While there are some differences between John McCain and Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama to the true conservative eye, when I go around my circle of friends, family and coworkers, the sentiment is that they are sick of Republicans in the White House and are ready for a “change”. The differences between the two parties, to them, is not very drastic, as it is to you and me and other true conservatives. So, based on that, I realize that unless the GOP gives America a true choice between liberalism/socialism and conservatism, America is going to vote for the Democrat liberal/socialist over keeping a Republican Administration in the White House for another 4 years.

Now, is Mitt Romney really a stark difference from Hillary/Obama? Not really, since most people don’t believe Romney to be a true convert to Conservatism. The knock on him is that he is a flip-flopper and also, too many people hold his Mormonism against him. Thus, he really doesn’t have much of a shot against Hillary/Obama either.

Thus, the reality that I see is that the GOP is going to lose and lose big.

And it is going to lose for two reasons:

(1) Because it has now morphed into Democrat-lite
(2) Because Conservatives, instead of defending conservative principles, have failed to support the conservatives in the primary and instead took the attitude of “electability” and “BEAT HILLARY/OBAMA!” over conservatism.

Thus, the Republican Party and Conservatives have lost all credibility. You don’t see liberals and progressives giving up on their principles to beat Republicans and Conservatives. No, they are as strong as ever and fighting as hard as ever for liberalism, socialism and Marxism and transforming America into a Socialist/Communist country. Meanwhile, Conservatives, instead of fighting for conservatism, are moving Left to try to win elections.

Clay, we disagree and that is fine. But, I am warning you now to not be surprised when some of my blog posts are expressions of my anger and frustration. Especially when I see people telling me I have lost my mind or am a nutjob, such as people are doing with Ann Coulter.

My main point is that We, the People, make up America, not Hillary Clinton, not John McCain, not any political parties. We, the People, make this country work. If We, the People, give up on our principles, then this country will fall.

And when I see people focused on “electability” instead of educating and informing and inspiring others to become engaged about conservatism, I begin to feel that this country is already doomed. But I am not going to give in to despair and go down without a fight.

Also, as I said before, take a stroll through the News and Politics blogs and see what people are talking about. See the blogs especially from the “right” side of the blogopshere, the so-called proud conservatives and read the substance of the posts. The last one I saw had a picture of Hillary having sex with Barack Obama. Explain to me how that is helping America, Clay. Explain to me how that “supports the troops”. Explain to me how that is serious intelligent debate. Explain to me why I should take someone seriously about the fate of the nation depending on me voting for a Republican when that it their idea of fighting for Conservatism and this nation.

I don’t see it.

I respect you Clay and I know you agree with my idealism. That is why you are one of only a few blogs to which I am still subscribed here on MySpace. But, as I said, I am not backing down from my position. I hope to inspire people to my position, but I also know that I am not Rush Limbaugh, I am not Newt Gingrich, I am not Ronald Reagan or any other inspirational figure of our time. I am simply a common man who is not very good at expressing myself most times and also tends to let my emotions get the best of me when I write, instead of giving well, thought-out dissertations of my ideas and values and principles.

Much of this is because I get so frustrated when I see people whom I thought believed in the same things as me, end up giving up. It ends up depressing me and angering me and I go from being down to being angry to being down and then having to work myself up to not give up again. I go through this cycle so many times during the week, sometimes just during a day. I’m young, I’m idealistic and I want to believe in this nation. But when I see my fellow Americans giving up, it wears on me.

My generation will carry this nation into the future Clay. We need isnpiration and support from others so as to not get cynical and depressed and apathetic, since our inspiration is based on idealism without much experience.

But I believe that hard work pays off. I believe that America allows us to achieve anything we set our mind to do. I don’t want to lose that belief, based on others spreading their cynicism and apathy.


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