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Why Can’t Hollywood Get Women Characters Done Well?

I left this comment in response to this post over at LIBERTAS: It’s All Over: Liberals Officially Take Over “24?

eforhan – I don’t watch much TV beyond sports (mainly NFL and NCAA football and March Madness and then the playoffs of the other major sports), but the network shows that I make time to watch now are Seinfeld reruns each night after work to relax and laugh after a long workday and Heroes, Chuck and Lost.

I used to do the same for “24?, but began to lose interest over the course of last season (as Dirty Harry mentioned, the show grew more liberal over the course of the season) when the storylines just got more and more annoying. The President’s sister’s ranting was grating on my nerves so much that I wanted Jack to put a bag over her head to shut her up as he did with his brother who was helping the terrorists.

The last episode of “24? that I watched was the one where he finally caught the terrorist who had the nuclear weapons and kicked his ass then strangled him with the chain from that factory or wheever they were. When I saw that his next task was to save poor whatever her name was, I rolled my eyes and decided that was that.

That was another thing I couldn’t stand about the show: the women in it were so damn annoying and were always effing things up and getting in Jack’s way. The whining of the women in his life about him having to actually, you know, do his duty and his job was just… UGH. It seems like TV/movies cannot make women both campassionate, romantic and sensitive as well as strong and independent all at the same time. They are either unrealistic badass feminists who think they are better than men or they are whiny, pathetic victims. Granted, that is one reason that I like Chuck, as Yvonne Strahovski comes across as that former type of women that I like with her character. She is a strong, intelligent badass, independent, focused and unapologetic about her job, but she is also not condescending and shows her human, emotional, romantic, sensitive, compassionate side with her feelings for Chuck. She’s the kind of woman that I wish would exist in real life, so that’s why I grew to become attached to the show. It’s also why I so like Drew Barrymore’s character in the movie Ever After. Same type of woman. Appreciates the small things in life and hard work, yet is intelligent, strong, independent, yet also compassionate, loving, sensitive and romantic all at the same time. Why Hollywood cannot depict women like this more in their work, I don’t know. It seems that they can only have one or the other.

Now that I think about it, that was one reason why I liked the character of Chloe so much in “24?. She was that type of woman too. She was an intelligent badass, but also showed her softer side once in a while.

These are the types of women that I am attracted to: strong and independent, yet not raving man-hating feminists; sensitive and compassionate and romantic, yet not naive, annoying, whining superficial victims… and these women are in the shows that I like. No surprise.

Which makes me wonder about Hollywood and their character development with women. Why do we not see more women like Barrymore’s character in Ever After and Strahovski’s in Chuck? I’m guessing, because of the same out-of-touchness with Middle America that Hollywood has making them constantly stereotype the middle class characters… they also allow their opinions about women drive their character development of women.

By the way, prisoner105, that storyline is great. Simple, yet there can be so much done with that over the course of 24 hours. Perfect. You came up with it in 5 minutes, yet the “24? shlubs spent hours and hours over days and days and came up with nothing. Well, nothing good. Go figure. Hmmm, maybe if they had some, you know, DIVERSITY, in Hollywood, with thoughts and ideas coming from, oh I dunno… CONSERVATIVES, they could come up with more ideas.

Funny how there is always diversity of skin color and nationality and sex espoused by the left, but never diversity of thought and ideology.


February 2, 2008 , 11:25PM - Posted by | "24", Hollywood, Relationships

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